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Meet Your Instructor on this DVD Set - Russell Stutely

Prepare to be led by an esteemed authority in the world of self-defense and martial arts: Russell Stutely. 

With an illustrious career spanning decades and an influence that resonates globally, Russell Stutely is the driving force behind the transformative techniques and principles found in this DVD set.

A Legacy of Expertise:

Russell’s journey through the martial arts landscape commenced early, setting him on a trajectory that culminated in extraordinary expertise. A 7th-degree black belt in karate, his dedication to his craft propelled him to attain profound proficiency across various disciplines, including pressure point fighting, advanced striking techniques, and the intricacies of self-defense.

A World Leader in Pressure Point Fighting:

Russell Stutely stands as a pinnacle in the realm of pressure point fighting, a reputation well-earned through years of tireless dedication. As a world leader, his mastery of pressure point techniques has led him to instruct military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and martial artists around the world. His profound understanding of leveraging the human body’s vulnerabilities for self-defense has solidified his status as an unequivocal authority in this domain.

A Catalyst for Cambodian Boxing:

Russell’s influence isn’t confined to pressure points; he’s also a key figure in the realm of boxing. Serving as the National Boxing Coach for Cambodia, his guidance and expertise have steered Cambodian boxing to new heights. His commitment to enhancing the nation’s boxing prowess underscores his dedication to elevating martial arts in all its forms.

A Conduit of Pressure Point Defensive Tactics:

Russell’s reach extends internationally as an instructor in Pressure Point Defensive Tactics. His expertise in these tactics enriches practitioners’ understanding of self-defense, equipping them with the tools to navigate even the most challenging scenarios.

A Maestro of Cop Tactics:

Russell Stutely’s mastery isn’t limited to the martial arts community; it’s embraced by law enforcement agencies as well. His standing as a Master Instructor in Cop Tactics showcases his commitment to empowering those who dedicate themselves to safeguarding their communities.

An Honored Legacy in Martial Arts:

Russell’s credentials are punctuated by accolades, including recognition in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Instructor of the Year in 2000. His profound contributions have been celebrated with induction into the Combat Hall of Fame in 2001, solidifying his lasting impact on the martial arts landscape.

A Tapestry of Expertise:

Russell Stutely’s tapestry of expertise is woven with remarkable accomplishments, including ranks of 7th Dan in Karate Jutsu, 6th Dan in Shotokan Karate, 4th Dan in Ryukyu Kempo Karate, 3rd Dan in Torite Jutsu, and 2nd Dan in Ju Jitsu. These ranks reflect not just his proficiency, but his dedication to honing his craft across diverse disciplines.

As you step into this self-defense journey under the guidance of Russell Stutely, you’re embracing the tutelage of a true luminary. 

His influence spans continents, disciplines, and expertise. 

You’re not just learning techniques; you’re imbibing principles that empower. 

Prepare to absorb the essence of mastery from an instructor whose legacy is etched in every technique and principle presented in this DVD set.

Ignite the latent power within and rekindle your sense of security through the revolutionary journey offered by our groundbreaking 8 DVD collection, “Old Man’s Revenge”! 

Fatigued by the perpetual vulnerability in today’s capricious world? 

Longing to reshape the narrative and confront those youthful brutes who erroneously deem themselves invincible? 

The moment has arrived to unveil the depths of resilience inherent in a seasoned individual! In the pages that follow, we embark on an expedition into the realm of self-defense tailored for mature gentlemen. 

Together, we shall unravel the mystique surrounding karate, the art of pressure point manipulation, and the finesse of boxing techniques. 

Prepare to metamorphose your grasp, turning it into an instrument of excruciating persuasion, while concurrently embracing the ability to administer knockout blows that will crumple even the most formidable opponent. 

So, without further ado, let’s plunge into this captivating odyssey over a steaming cup of tea or coffee, forging a path brimming with revelation and empowerment!

A Comprehensive 8 DVD Set: A Cornucopia of Pressure Point Wisdom for the Discerning Gentleman

Welcome to the realm where age is an asset, and experience an unrivaled advantage! 

Our meticulously crafted 8 DVD anthology is meticulously designed to empower mature gentlemen with a repertoire of potent pressure point methodologies. 

We empathize with the evolving nature of the human body as the years amass, recognizing that the strength and agility of yesteryears may not persist. 

Yet, worry not! 

Armed with astute knowledge and strategic training, you shall defy limitations as never before.

Russell Stutely – World Leader, Pressure Point Fighting

Within this all-encompassing assemblage, you shall be schooled by none other than the illustrious Russell Stutely, a venerated luminary in the field of pressure point combat. 

Under his sagacious tutelage, the panorama of striking acquires a new dimension, centered around precision and calibrated accuracy. 

You’ll be initiated into the art of discerning and targeting specific junctures on your adversary’s body—a symphony of calculated impact that defies the conventional paradigm. These methodologies empower you to optimize force while conserving energy, a paradigm particularly suited for seasoned individuals who wield sagacity as their greatest asset in self-defense.

But the trove of wisdom does not culminate here! 

These DVDs unravel the art of executing immobilizing locks, engineered to elicit excruciating discomfort while accommodating the physical nuances of a mature practitioner. 

The discourse extends to the domain of joint manipulation techniques, a repertoire that swiftly nullifies the most robust of assailants.

And what of rendering adversaries inert? 

Within these DVDs, you shall uncover time-tested strategies for dispensing knockout blows with the elegance of a maestro, unburdened by the constraints of age or physical disposition. 

Envision a reality where a solitary, impeccably executed strike propels any adversary into oblivion.

Therefore, should you be resolute in reclaiming dominion over your personal safety and resurrecting confidence in every scenario, our 8 DVD treasure trove becomes an indispensable arsenal. 

Prepare to unleash your dormant warrior essence, sowing apprehension among youthful aggressors who stand on the precipice of underestimating the magnitude of an old man’s vendetta.

The art of self-defense isn’t circumscribed by age; it burgeons through experience.

Empowering Self-Defense Strategies Tailored for the Mature Gentleman

As the years gracefully bestow their wisdom upon us, our physical agility and strength might undergo a subtle transformation. 

Yet, within this evolution lies the potential to harness self-defense techniques that are not only effective but tailored to the nuances of the mature physique. 

In the realm where personal security is paramount, a cloak of age should never be mistaken for vulnerability.

Stepping into the arena of self defense, pressure point fighting emerges as a beacon of reverence for its unwavering dedication to precision and technique. 

A symphony of strikes, blocks, and movements choreographed in harmony with the body’s innate strengths, pressure point fighting lays a solid groundwork for the art of self-defense—especially when sculpted to fit the contours of the mature practitioner.

Within this tapestry of defense, the principles that Russell imbues into pressure point fighting emerges as an invaluable gem in the arsenal. 

The essence lies in pinpointing specific junctures on an assailant’s body, rendering them powerless with calculated precision. This finesse, contrary to relying solely on brute force, levels the field against adversaries who boast youth and brawn.

Yet, let us not dismiss the realm of boxing, under the auspicious tutelage of Russell Stutely—a realm where speed, footwork, and potent blows coalesce to unleash formidable force upon an opponent. Age might have ushered in changes, but mastering the craft of proper punching technique transcends these shifts, facilitating impact and precision that belie the passage of time.

Within this transformative discourse, it would be remiss not to invoke the name of Russell Stutely—a luminary reigning over the domain of pressure point fighting. In the treasure trove of an 8 DVD set, his expertise metamorphoses into your mentor, a guide into the intricacies of pressure point combat. 

Through these meticulously curated lessons, the mature gentleman is bestowed with wisdom that promises to amplify his self-defense prowess manifold.

Let it be known, age is never an adversary in the realm of self-preservation. With unyielding dedication and steadfast practice of these time-honored self-defense methodologies—karate, pressure point fighting, and boxing—every seasoned gentleman possesses the potential to elegantly subvert the script, emerging triumphant against any would-be aggressor.

What People Say

I took the plunge and just went to train with Russell for a week. That changed everything, since then I have all of Russells DVDs and Course and have become an International Coach in his system. It's the best.
Paul Mracek
OCFM International Coach
I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of all of Russells techniques. The waveform striking alone will transform your self defense. Buy his DVDs now or deny the opportunity of a lifetime.
Peter Consterdine
Self Protection Legend

Reclaim Your Empowerment: Turning the Tide Against Young Adversaries

Have you ever been seized by a sense of vulnerability? 

Perhaps you’ve walked down a dimly lit street, your wary glances casting furtive shadows, as the specter of potential threats loomed. It’s an unfortunate reality in our world, where uncertainty takes residence around every corner.

But envision this: an avenue to reverse the dynamic, to transform the equation when confronted with the audacity of young aggressors who aim to intimidate or inflict harm. 

Yes, it’s true – armed with the right knowledge and honed skills, even the seasoned gentleman can metamorphose into a formidable defender.

Contained within this compendium of knowledge, an 8 DVD collection emerges, an arsenal tailored exclusively for the mature practitioner. No longer shall you feel the grip of helplessness or impotence against those who harbor malicious intent. These DVDs unveil a realm where you can amass skills, equipping yourself to retaliate with the impact and precision that truly counts.

Guiding you through this transformative journey is Russell Stutely, an eminent luminary in the realm of pressure point fighting and self-defense. With a masterful stroke, he dissects each technique, expounding upon its intricate facets. In these tutorials, your strikes assume an elevated potency, capable of rendering an adversary as pliable as a crumpled garment.

Yet, the wealth of wisdom doesn’t end there. These DVDs serve as an academy for not just impactful strikes, but also the meticulous application of locks, a symphony of agony and immobilization executed with the finesse of a seasoned maestro. Envision the prowess of subduing an aggressor, devoid of relying solely on physical strength or agility, a testament to strategy over sheer might.

And let us not disregard the quintessence of self-defense – the art of incapacitating an assailant with expedient efficacy. These DVDs unfurl the realm of delivering knockout blows with precision, granting you the potency to nullify threats quickly and unerringly.

Thus, permit not age to stand as a barricade between you and personal safety. Reclaim the mantle of protection, learning from the titan of pressure point fighting and self-defense. 

With this compendium of enlightenment, turning the tide against youthful aggressors transcends the realm of aspiration, nestling firmly within the grasp of any mature gentleman yearning for efficacious means of safeguarding his well-being.

Knowledge is the cornerstone of empowerment, and in this instance, it’s the might to safeguard your existence.

Unlock Your Self-Defense Potential: Embrace Wisdom from the Pinnacle, Russell Stutely

Russell Stutely – National Boxing Coach, Cambodia

Are you a distinguished gentleman navigating the passage of time, seeking to fortify your self-defense acumen? 

The quest concludes here, as we present the quintessential solution – the tutelage of the paragon himself, Russell Stutely! 

Armed with unparalleled expertise in pressure point combat and a reservoir of experience spanning karate, boxing, and beyond, Russell Stutely assumes the role of the consummate mentor for those aspiring to defy the audacity of youthful aggressors.

Within the confines of Russell’s DVD set, a comprehensive education unfurls, encapsulating the entirety of self-defense essentials. From wielding strikes imbued with unparalleled impact and precision to seamlessly administering excruciating locks, this program stands as a testament to unbounded proficiency. 

A hallmark that beckons your attention is the art of rendering your opponents inert with ease, where your blows orchestrate their collapse akin to a cheaply tailored ensemble.

What sets Russell Stutely in a league of his own is his capability to disseminate techniques meticulously tailored for the elder statesmen. He comprehends their unique challenges, crafting each maneuver to harness their physical prowess while artfully mitigating any inherent vulnerabilities.

Procrastination finds no foothold here. Seize dominion over your personal security today by enrolling under the aegis of the industry’s zenith. 

Invest in the edification proffered by Russell Stutely’s 8 DVD compendium, a bespoke trove of pressure point revelations curated with discernment for the mature gentleman. Equip yourself to confront any adversary with unwavering confidence, deftly neutralizing the spectrum of threats that dare to cross your path.

Precise Strikes: Forging an Unyielding Advantage

In the realm of self-defense, a pivotal facet that can tip the scales lies in the ability to orchestrate strikes infused with unparalleled impact and precision. For the mature gentlemen, this prowess stands as an instrumental asset, especially given the potential limitations in raw physical strength.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom imparted by the 8 DVD compilation, a veritable trove of pressure point enlightenment designed for the elder practitioner. Within its immersive content, an array of techniques awaits, poised to empower you to wield strikes that resonate with devastating accuracy.

By directing your efforts toward specific pressure points on your adversary’s form, you engineer a cascade of incapacitation, availing windows of escape or counteraction.

Enter Russell Stutely, a virtuoso in the realm of pressure point combat, a name that reverberates with authority. With his guidance, these DVDs unveil an assortment of striking techniques that weave together efficacy and efficiency in harmonious synergy.

As you master these techniques, envision the transformation – you emerge as the orchestrator, the virtuoso, seamlessly channeling the essence of self-defense. 

Dismiss the notion that age could quell your capacity for defense. Seize the opportunity latent within this expansive DVD set and unfurl a tapestry of impactful strikes. 

Emanate an aura of intimidation that dissuades potential attackers, a testament that age merely embellishes your potential for forceful resilience.

Elevate Your Self-Defense Arsenal: Elevate the Agony, Simplify the Application

Locks, in the realm of self-defense, emerge as potent instruments capable of controlling opponents and quashing their aggressive advances. For the distinguished gentlemen, the efficacy of locks rests not merely in their potency but also in their ease of execution. Herein lies the raison d’être for the Old Man’s Revenge DVD set.

Within this expansive compilation of 8 DVDs, the pinnacle of self-defense enlightenment awaits. Mastery in crafting locks that administer excruciating pain becomes your prerogative.

Guided by none other than Russell Stutely, the authority in pressure point fighting, you shall traverse a spectrum of techniques, each calibrated with surgical precision to target specific anatomical zones.

Gone are the epochs when age dictated vulnerability. With these meticulously articulated lock methodologies, you reclaim dominion over confrontations with adversaries. The prospect of rendering a larger attacker utterly immobilized ceases to be a distant reverie, instead, it is an accessible reality waiting to be harnessed.

The brilliance of these locks does not solely reside in their capacity to inflict excruciating pain upon an assailant; their elegance lies in their seamless application. Russell Stutely’s pedagogical acumen shines through, facilitating your grasp of these techniques irrespective of your physical prowess. The step-by-step guidance ensures that proficiency prevails over physicality.

So why settle for mere defense when mastery beckons? 

Within the realm of the Old Man’s Revenge DVD set, the power to induce the collapse of adversaries akin to a disheveled ensemble rests within your reach. 

Age is not a deterrent; it’s an asset to be harnessed. Unleash the potency of pressure point fighting, and let the world acknowledge the formidable capability inherent in the seasoned gentleman.

Unleash Devastation with Precision: Unlock the Power to KO

Have you ever harbored the desire to incapacitate adversaries with a single, impeccably executed strike? 

This aspiration, once confined to the realm of action heroics, can now be realized! Our remarkable DVD set unveils a realm where knocking out opponents becomes a tangible skill, attainable with ease.

Envision the transformation: defying age and stature, you stand poised to turn the tide against an assailant even twice your size, felling them to their knees effortlessly. 

The prospect may appear daunting, but rest assured, armed with the right knowledge and training, it’s a capability within your grasp.

The canvas of this 8 DVD set extends to encompass the tapestry of pressure point combat and precision strikes. Guided by the virtuoso himself, Russell Stutely, an epoch-defining figure in martial arts and self-defense, you shall be initiated into a realm that culminates in the mastery of knockout techniques.

Under Russell’s tutelage, the enigmatic terrain of pressure points unravels before you. Each strike is imbued with surgical accuracy, targeting pressure points that amplify impact and potency. The anatomical demarcations for these points, intricately explained, become the compass guiding your actions.

Through these techniques, not only will you be equipped to fend off assailants, but you shall also orchestrate their collapse with the precision of a maestro. The raw force of youth bows before the symphony of technique, manifesting a spectacle where the adversary crumples, a manifestation of your mastery.

Do not concede to the notion that age is synonymous with frailty. 

Seize the opportunity that resides within this comprehensive DVD set, a compendium that envelops you in the mantle of true empowerment. 

Embark on this journey, amass the knowledge, and watch your strikes resonate with a force that echoes beyond the immediate. Empower yourself and emerge as an indomitable force when confronted with perilous scenarios.

Defy Expectations: Evoke Collapse with Elegance

Have you ever yearned for the ability to incapacitate an adversary with a touch of finesse, reducing them to a mere shadow of their former self? 

The endeavor might seem fantastical, but within the realm of pressure point fighting, this aspiration transmutes into a viable reality.

As you direct your focus towards specific junctures on your adversary’s form, equilibrium falters, and searing pain takes residence. 

This artistry is especially potent for the older gentlemen, for whom raw physical might may not be the ultimate weapon. Embracing pressure point fighting isn’t just a defense strategy; it’s a triumphant assertion of age as an asset, not an impediment.

Conjure a scenario wherein you repel an assailant of superior stature. Through mastery of these techniques, the thug who believed age would entail vulnerability becomes an astonished witness to their own incapacitation. This is the realm of Russell Stutely, an exemplar in pressure point combat.

Within this treasury, you shall uncover the art of striking with astonishing precision and impact, all facilitated through the prism of pressure points. Moreover, the application of locks, seemingly intricate, is rendered accessible through step-by-step elucidation, a testament to Russell Stutely’s didactic prowess.

However, the pinnacle of mastery unveiled within these DVDs resides in the art of rendering an adversary unconscious with one calculated strike. The power to incapacitate becomes a prized skill, an embodiment of technique and strategy prevailing over mere force. Through these techniques, the mature gentleman transcends expectations, nurturing an invaluable asset – the ability to dictate the narrative when confronted with aggression.

Permit not age to obscure your potential. 

Enroll in the curriculum offered by this comprehensive DVD set, where the philosophy is one of finesse over ferocity. Elevate yourself beyond the realm of defense, seize the mantle of mastery, and orchestrate a reality where your adversaries crumple before your artistry.

What Is On Each DVD

Unveiling the Anatomy of Effective Techniques: DVD 1 – How Techniques Work

In the intricate tapestry of self-defense techniques, there exists a hidden alchemy – a synthesis of individual components that, when harmoniously woven, magnifies their potency exponentially. This foundational DVD, “How Techniques Work,” unfurls before you, deciphering the enigmatic code that underpins technique efficacy.

Embark on a voyage through the anatomical terrain, as the lessons ingeniously disclose the vulnerability, resilience, equilibrium, and intricacies of the human form. This profound exploration equips you with the discernment to discern where the body’s strengths and weaknesses converge, laying bare the roadmap to wielding techniques with unparalleled precision.

Imagine, understanding the very essence of balance, force, and leverage – attributes that, when harnessed collectively, elevate techniques into an art form that transcends the mere physical. The wisdom shared in this DVD redefines your perspective on self-defense, allowing you to craft a symphony of movements that defy expectation.

The quest for mastery commences with this foundational understanding. As you navigate through the nuanced intricacies, you unearth the key to transforming basic techniques into a dance of strategic brilliance. Immerse yourself in this revelation, the cornerstone upon which the edifice of formidable self-defense acumen is erected.

Unlocking the Alchemy of Pressure Points: DVD 2 – Pressure Point Principles

Venture beyond the realm of mere techniques and step into a realm where principles reign supreme. Welcome to the realm of DVD 2 – Pressure Point Principles, where the transformational power of principles is unveiled, reshaping your perception of self-defense.

Within this enlightening DVD, the curtain is drawn to reveal a revelation: principles eclipse individual techniques. A principle, akin to a universal formula, is a key that opens doors to a spectrum of answers. At the heart of pressure point combat lies this essence – a set of principles that illuminate the path to efficacy.

Imagine possessing a blueprint that orchestrates the symphony of pressure points with a precision that defies opposition. Russell Stutely’s teachings serve as the beacon, guiding you through the labyrinthine principles that wield the power to transcend technique limitations. These principles form the bedrock upon which your prowess in pressure point combat flourishes.

The beauty lies in the universality of these principles; they are the constellations guiding your navigation through an ocean of potential techniques. Regardless of your adversary’s constitution, the application of these principles becomes the fulcrum, tilting the balance of power in your favor.

Embrace this journey into the heart of pressure point principles. As you grasp the transformative essence of these principles, you attain mastery not just in techniques but in the orchestration of combat itself. This DVD becomes your compass, steering you towards an understanding that transcends mere mechanics and unveils the quintessence of pressure point prowess.

Mastering the Dance of Close Combat: DVD 3 – Standing Grappling Principles 1

Enter the realm where physical confrontation becomes a symphony of movement, where the art of standing grappling transforms into a dance of leverage, precision, and strategy. In DVD 3 – Standing Grappling Principles 1, the curtain rises to unveil the foundational principles that orchestrate close-quarters combat.

Delve into the anatomy of leverage, where physics melds with technique to render even the strongest opponent vulnerable. Understand the significance of balance, where shifts in weight can disrupt the adversary’s equilibrium, becoming your avenue to advantage.

Angle of attack emerges as the maestro, dictating the trajectory of your strikes, locks, and throws. The concept of misalignment of limbs is unveiled, offering insights into creating chasms of vulnerability within your opponent’s defense.

Foot positioning takes center stage, as you uncover the secrets of its impact on power, balance, and agility. Every strike, lock, takedown, or throw becomes an instrument, resonating with maximum potency.

DVD 4 – Standing Grappling Principles 2: Elevating the Symphony of Combat

The saga continues, as DVD 4 – Standing Grappling Principles 2 seamlessly builds upon its predecessor’s foundation. The intricate tapestry of close-quarters combat unfolds, woven with threads of footwork, angles, and precise positioning.

Peer through the lens of maximizing power with every move, an art that breathes life into every strike and immobilizing technique. Takedowns and throws assume an elevated potency, transforming the battlefield into a realm of calculated supremacy.

Venture into the domain where proximity becomes an asset, where gaining the upper hand hinges on understanding how to navigate the intimate space of combat. The intricacies of positioning find a renewed significance, as you grasp the key to unlocking unparalleled advantage.

As you unravel the wisdom encapsulated within these DVDs, you metamorphose into a practitioner capable of orchestrating combat with unparalleled finesse. Each principle, each technique, becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of close-quarters combat, forging a masterpiece that defies expectation.

Dominating the Ground Battlefield: DVD 5 – Ground Fighting

Step into the realm where the battlefield shifts to the ground, where the principles of combat are translated into a symphony of dominance from beneath. DVD 5 – Ground Fighting unveils the art of applying principles to ground combat, transforming you into an architect of incapacitation.

As you weave the principles you’ve honed into the fabric of ground combat, an array of transformative techniques emerges. Strikes executed with the potency of knockout power become your arsenal even when you’re positioned on your back, defying convention and subduing adversaries with every calculated blow.

The application of crippling locks and bone-breaking techniques assumes a mastery that transcends mere mechanics. These techniques are more than physical maneuvers; they become a testament to your command over your adversary’s vulnerabilities.

Venture into the realm of massive weight-bearing pressure, where every inch of your form translates into excruciating discomfort for your opponent. As they struggle beneath your calculated weight, each breath becomes a testament to their compromised state.

Immerse yourself in the power of pain, where each movement you execute becomes a conductor of agony. A mere shift of your form, a calculated gesture, unleashes torment that shackles your adversary’s ability to retaliate effectively.

With DVD 5 – Ground Fighting, you become a force to be reckoned with, mastering the nuances of ground combat through the lens of principles. The ground beneath you transforms into a canvas of calculated devastation, where your mastery ensures that dominance knows no constraints.

Unleash Devastation with Every Move: DVD 6 – Strikes and Striking

Prepare to transcend the boundaries of striking prowess as you delve into the advanced domain of DVD 6 – Strikes and Striking. Building upon the foundation laid before, the principles that once guided your basic strikes now evolve into a symphony of devastation, unmatched in its power and efficiency.

From the ABC to the DEF and beyond, the evolution of your striking technique is nothing short of astounding. Embark on this journey of empowerment, where your every movement becomes a conduit of raw, calculated force, leaving a trail of awe in its wake.

But this is not just about strikes; it’s about unlocking a realm where the same movements cascade into locks, takedowns, and throws. The unity of principles is revealed in its full splendor – the seamless transformation from one technique to another, each motion becoming a multifold expression of mastery.

Effortlessness is your hallmark. The same movement that was once a strike now becomes a lock, rendering your adversary powerless with the precision of your technique. Takedowns and throws assume a new dimension – the culmination of principles harnessed to optimize effect.

DVD 6 – Strikes and Striking catapults you into a realm where your every move is a calculated blow, an embodiment of mastery. As the principles thread through each technique, you become a practitioner of unparalleled versatility. The battlefield, whether in a strike, lock, takedown, or throw, becomes your canvas for orchestrated supremacy, where every action resonates with a symphony of power and precision.

Deconstructing Mastery: DVD 7 – Striking Self Analysis

Step into the realm where the art of striking transforms into a science of self-analysis. In DVD 7 – Striking Self Analysis, you embark on a journey that dissects every nuance of your striking technique, illuminating the path to formidable prowess.

This chapter isn’t merely about striking; it’s about comprehending every minuscule facet that constitutes its brilliance. Enter a space of acute awareness, where you unravel the intricacies that culminate in each strike’s power. This understanding becomes your arsenal, transcending technique into an art of calculated dominance.

Delve into the anatomy of a strike, each movement a testament to the symphony of force, leverage, and precision. Every angle, every kinetic energy transfer becomes a note in this symphony, and you wield the conductor’s baton.

But this journey goes further – it’s about understanding not just how a technique works, but why it works. The mechanics fuse with strategy as you grasp the profound significance of each element. This comprehension becomes the foundation upon which your mastery rests.

Equally crucial is the art of self-analysis. As you unravel the layers of each technique, you understand not just what you’re doing, but the precise why and how. This self-awareness becomes your compass, guiding your progress and evolution as a practitioner.

DVD 7 – Striking Self Analysis elevates your artistry beyond the superficial. It empowers you to gaze into the core of your technique, dissecting its components with surgical precision. Every strike becomes a canvas for mastery, every movement a brushstroke that paints a masterpiece of calculated dominance.

Navigating Vulnerability: DVD 8 – Guided Tour of Weakness

Embark on an expedition into the realm of vulnerability, where the human form becomes a map of pressure points and weak spots. In DVD 8 – Guided Tour of Weakness, you’re invited to decode the anatomy of vulnerability, honing your understanding of pressure points, their potency, and your capacity to wield them.

Russell Stutely’s treasure trove of favorite pressure points unfolds before you, an array of knowledge that transforms your approach to self-defense. As each point is unveiled, you’ll grasp not only its location but its significance – an understanding that transforms these points into instruments of incapacitation.

The journey doesn’t halt at pressure points; it extends to the realm of knockout mastery. With the insights gleaned, you’ll unravel the art of rendering an opponent unconscious with ease, harnessing the knowledge to incapacitate with precision.

But this journey isn’t just about knowing where to strike; it’s also about understanding where not to strike. Mastery resides in control, and this understanding provides the key. You’ll emerge not just as a practitioner of lethal potential but as a guardian of the boundaries between defense and lethality.

DVD 8 – Guided Tour of Weakness becomes your atlas of self-defense, each page a revelation that empowers you with the knowledge to navigate vulnerability. 

The symphony of pressure points and the art of rendering an opponent incapacitated unfold before you, their mastery bestowed upon the adept. As you grasp the intricacies of pressure points and their artistry, you ascend to the pinnacle of self-defense mastery, a practitioner whose knowledge wields the power of protection and control.

Plus these FREE Super Bonus Digital DVD Downloads

Super Bonus DVD 1: Mastery Through Drills

Welcome to the world of mastery, where precision is honed through deliberate practice. I’m thrilled to introduce you to the first super bonus DVD, designed to elevate your skills further by amplifying the lessons you’ve learned on each and every previous DVD.

Let’s delve into the drills that will refine your techniques and empower you with unmatched proficiency:

Up and Down Footwork Drill: Footwork is the foundation of fluid movement. This drill focuses on mastering your footwork transitions, ensuring you’re always in the optimal position to strike or defend.

Pendulum Drill: Pendulum drill enhances your balance, agility, and coordination. By simulating pendulum-like movements, you’ll develop the ability to seamlessly shift between offensive and defensive positions.

Around the Square: This drill encompasses a complete array of movements. From sidestepping to pivoting, it trains your adaptability and helps you control your distance while engaging an opponent.

Proper Padwork: Padwork isn’t just about striking; it’s about precision and timing. This drill ensures you’re effectively using pads as targets, allowing you to fine-tune your accuracy and power.

Hook the Pads: Hooks can be devastating if executed right. This drill focuses on hooking techniques, teaching you how to deliver hooks with optimal force and form.

Bodyshield Hooks: The bodyshield is your partner in power. This drill hones your ability to strike with maximum impact against a target that simulates a real opponent’s body.

Your Distance Drill: Mastering distance is vital. This drill enhances your awareness of optimal striking distance and helps you adjust swiftly according to your opponent’s movements.

These drills are meticulously designed to reinforce the concepts and techniques from every DVD. They’ll not only solidify your skills but also instill muscle memory, making your responses instinctual and your movements seamless.

Remember, true mastery isn’t achieved through occasional practice; it’s forged through consistent and focused drills. With this super bonus DVD, you’re not just practicing – you’re sculpting yourself into a martial artist of unparalleled finesse. Each drill is a stepping stone toward self-defense mastery, further enhancing your Old Man’s Revenge arsenal.

Prepare to feel the difference in your movements, strikes, and overall performance. The journey to becoming an expert isn’t a sprint; it’s a meticulous process that transforms every practice into artistry. Dive into these drills, absorb the techniques, and witness your skills ascend to new heights.

It’s time to refine your technique, amplify your power, and solidify your mastery. With Super Bonus DVD 1, the journey to excellence has just taken a dynamic turn. Embrace the drills, embrace the process, and become the embodiment of your own martial art evolution.

Super Bonus DVD 2: Advanced Tactics Unleashed

Welcome back to the second super bonus DVD, where we continue our journey into the realm of advanced tactics. Prepare to witness your skills soar to unprecedented heights as we delve into a world of combat finesse and strategic mastery.

Jab and Reach Drill: The jab is a cornerstone of striking. In this lesson, we delve deeper, exploring how to execute the jab with precision while extending your reach to control the distance and keep your opponent at bay.

Shoeshine Drill: Quick, relentless strikes can overwhelm any adversary. The shoeshine drill teaches you how to deliver a rapid series of strikes that not only disrupt your opponent’s defense but also create opportunities for more powerful attacks.

Defending Drill: Defense is as crucial as offense. This lesson focuses on advanced defensive tactics that go beyond blocking, teaching you how to parry, slip, and roll with punches effectively.

Punch Fast Drill: Speed can be a game-changer. In this lesson, you’ll discover techniques to enhance your punching speed, enabling you to catch your opponent off-guard with rapid, accurate strikes.

Duck Under Drill: Movement is your ally. The duck under drill teaches you how to smoothly maneuver under your opponent’s strikes, creating angles for counterattacks and positioning yourself advantageously.

Head Offline Drill: Control the line of attack. This lesson focuses on taking your head offline – moving it off the centerline – to reduce your opponent’s chances of landing effective strikes and setting up your own attacks.

Punch Flow Drill: Fluidity breeds success. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to seamlessly transition between different punches, creating unpredictable combinations that keep your opponent guessing and off-balance.

Each lesson on this DVD is a valuable piece of the puzzle that is advanced combat. As you absorb and practice these techniques, you’ll find your arsenal expanding, your understanding deepening, and your confidence soaring.

Advanced tactics aren’t about brute force; they’re about finesse, strategy, and the ability to read and manipulate the flow of combat. Super Bonus DVD 2 equips you with these skills, transforming you into a martial artist who can navigate the intricacies of battle with poise and precision.

Get ready to wield tactics that go beyond the basics, that make you a formidable force in any confrontation. Super Bonus DVD 2 isn’t just a collection of techniques; it’s a gateway to becoming a true tactician, an artist of combat who understands how to adapt, anticipate, and dominate.

Embrace this opportunity to elevate your skills. Super Bonus DVD 2 is your bridge to the realm of advanced tactics – where every move is calculated, every strike is strategic, and every encounter is an opportunity to shine.

The path to mastery continues, and Super Bonus DVD 2 is your guide to ascending the ranks of combat excellence. Embrace the challenge, embrace the knowledge, and become the embodiment of advanced tactics.

Plus These FREE Digital DVD Downloads

Ignite the Fury Within: Bonus DVD – Hit Like a Mule 1

Unleash a force that defies convention, as you delve into the transformative realm of “Hit Like a Mule 1.” In this digital bonus, the curtain rises on the secrets of waveform striking, a phenomenon that has become synonymous with Russell Stutely’s legacy.

Journey into a dimension where power is multiplied with every strike, where the potency of your blows transcends the ordinary. As you immerse yourself in the intricacies of waveform striking, your strikes evolve into calculated explosions of force that reverberate with unprecedented impact.

This digital gem holds the keys to unlocking the foundational principles of waveform striking – principles that breathe life into the basic maneuvers that underpin advanced striking skills. From understanding the nuances of timing and alignment to harnessing the hidden potential of kinetic energy, “Hit Like a Mule 1” becomes your gateway to a new realm of striking prowess.

Amplify your strikes in a matter of hours, transforming your power into a force that defies expectation. The legacy of waveform striking beckons, and you’re invited to wield it as your own, setting the stage for a journey of mastery that culminates in the advanced striking skills of “Old Man’s Revenge.”

Forging the Powerhouse: Bonus DVD – Hit Like a Mule 2

The saga continues, as you delve deeper into the mysteries of waveform striking in “Hit Like a Mule 2.” This digital bonus unfurls before you, revealing the next layer of mastery in the art of power generation.

Building upon the foundation laid in the first installment, “Hit Like a Mule 2” amplifies your understanding of waveform striking’s intricacies. Explore the fusion of physics and technique that culminates in power that knows no bounds.

As you dissect the mechanics of your movements, a revelation emerges – a revelation that empowers you to transform your basic strikes into devastating blows. The precision of alignment, the orchestration of kinetic energy, and the mastery of timing converge, creating a symphony of power that astounds even the most seasoned practitioners.

But this is more than just power; it’s a journey towards mastery. Every principle unveiled in “Hit Like a Mule 2” serves as a stepping stone towards the advanced striking skills that await in “Old Man’s Revenge.” With each technique perfected, you inch closer to the apex of self-defense acumen.

Embark on this digital odyssey, where waveform striking transforms from a technique into an art form. “Hit Like a Mule 2” becomes your vessel, carrying you towards a realm of striking mastery that resonates through your every move, setting the stage for the pinnacle of advanced self-defense skills in “Old Man’s Revenge.”

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Hard Copy 8 DVD Set, including Digital Downloads and ALL Digital Bonuses

Dive headfirst into a transformative journey of empowerment with our comprehensive package – the Old Mans Revenge 8 DVD Set. Immerse yourself in a world of self-defense mastery, as we unravel the intricacies of pressure point principles, guide you through advanced striking techniques, and equip you with the tools to confidently protect yourself. With the added advantage of digital downloads, access to these invaluable lessons becomes seamless, whether you’re relaxing in front of your television or on the move with your smartphone.

But that’s just the beginning – brace yourself for an even deeper dive with the inclusion of the “Hit Like a Mule 1 & 2” Bonus DVDs. These gems disclose the closely guarded secrets of waveform striking, a revolutionary technique capable of doubling your striking power in under an hour. Elevate your skills to new heights, giving you a formidable edge in any self-defense situation.

As if that’s not enough, we’re thrilled to introduce two more layers of enhancement – the Super Bonus DVDs. Super Bonus DVD 1: Mastery Through Drills guides you through carefully designed drills, crafted to absorb, refine, and effectively apply the teachings from each of the DVDs. Super Bonus DVD 2: Advanced Tactics Unleashed takes your skills to a level you never imagined, unveiling tactical insights that can decisively shift the outcome in your favor.

For a limited time, this extraordinary package, which originally held a $595 value, is now available at an exclusive special offer price of only $295

Equip yourself with an arsenal of knowledge and skills that can empower you in any self-defense scenario. Your journey towards self-mastery begins now – seize this opportunity and redefine your ability to protect yourself.

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8 Digital DVD Set, including ALL Digital Bonuses

Embark on an odyssey of self-defense mastery with our exclusive Digital Download Version, enriched by the enlightening Bonus DVDs “Hit Like a Mule 1 & 2” and augmented by the phenomenal Super Bonus DVDs – “Mastery Through Drills” and “Advanced Tactics Unleashed.”

This digital treasure chest provides you with an all-access pass to unravel the intricacies of self-defense techniques, literally at your fingertips.

The Digital Download Version opens the gateway to your self-defense journey, granting you the flexibility to explore these transformative lessons on your preferred device. Immerse yourself in the world of self-defense prowess on your terms, and at your own pace.

Embrace this unique opportunity to equip yourself with invaluable knowledge and skills, poised to empower you in any self-defense scenario. 

Don’t let this chance pass you by. Your journey towards self-mastery and unparalleled protection starts here.

Old Mans Revenge 8 DVD Set

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Old Mans Revenge 8 DVD Set

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  • Full 8 DVD Set for immediate Digital Download
  • Bonus DVDs for immediate Digital Download
  • Super Bonus DVDs for immediate Digital Download
  • Full 8 DVD Set Hi Def Streaming Service

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