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Russell is able to transform your life along with your Martial Arts, Self Defence and sport skills and principles….he is probably-with his mentors Rick Moneymaker and Tom Muncy- one of the most innovative martial artists of all time…..want instant self defence?
Get the BAR dvd….and how to use black against the ten most common street attacks…..advanced martial artist?
Get players to the game dvds…….better still- train with him on the Protege or Platinum programme…..the Martial Art science he will expose you to is PRICELESS.
Most of all he is a top coach and a good man with a bright sense of humour…try a session….no pain, no gain…

Tony Dear

Having practiced Martial Arts for 40 years and studied self defence as a Police Officer, Door Supervisor and Close Protection Officer, I believe that Russell Stutely is the most knowledgeable and competent instructor that I have had the pleasure of training with.
His techniques are effective, based on sound principles and taught with a degree of humility and humour that is rarely encountered within the Martial Arts community.
Track him down and train with him; I recently attended a ‘Pressure Point Instructor’ weekend course and I am looking forward to further training in the New Year.

David Court

If you want to understand Pressure Points and their application, go to the best source in Europe….Master Russell Stutely. I have trained with Russell on many occasions and can tell you from my own experiences…He is the real deal. Those who doubt him, his ability and his knowledge…just go train with the guy on one occasion, I believe you will then understand my testimonial. Russell IS a World class Instructor and Martial Artist.

John Burke

Russell is a true expert in martial arts he talks the talk BUT unlike others he walks the walk. He is a proper gentleman in every sense of the word.I hold this man in the highest of respect

Billy Clark

Since I met Russell I enjoy my martial arts training again – he opened doors which have truly shown there is a lifetime of learning and practice ahead of me. I recommend Russell’s approach to any martial artist, citizen looking for self defence or to law enforcement professionals

Richard Peace

I have many of Russell’s dvds and they offer the best training aids I have found in 25 years! I have trained with Russell and qualified as one of his pressure point instructors. I highly recommend his seminars and courses if you want to learn cutting-edge fighting principles… fast! Also, I have been studying Aikido for 25+ years and his centre lock (nikyo/nikajo) is the best I have felt!

Tony Wilden

I had the good fortune to train at HQ once,amazing day that really opened my eyes,what a total professional in every way,,hope to see and learn alot more,,deserves all the recognition he gets,thank you Russel!

Andy Shaw

Russell does a great job of breaking down the hard to understand concepts of pressure points and how the body works into an easy to understand syllabus that anyone can learn. A+! Keep it up Russell.

Shaun Simpson

I have bought almost every one of Russell’s dvds and I have had the privelege of training with him several times. I have never been disappointed. He is a brilliant teacher, an incredible martial artist, and a real gentleman. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Bernard De Beer

Russell has a way of simplifying information and offering a level of understanding and training that achieves rapid understanding and clarity – without all the bullshit!

John Whittington

I tried a DVD. Then a Course. And then trained with Russell directly.
I have never looked back. I learnt more in 2 hours with Russell than the last 25 years in Karate.

Dave Faber

What can I say that hasnt been said already?? Russell Stutlely is without doubt the most knowledgeable martial artist I have had the pleasure of training with. I qualified as one of his pressure point instructors earlier this year and now have most of his dvds. After 26 years of karate it all makes sense thanks to Russell. Brilliantly simple applications of technique that will work everytime. He will totally transform your martial arts whatever you practice. If its realistic street based self defence your after – look no further. Whatever your experience in martial arts you have’nt seen anything until you have trained with Russell. Whats makes it even easier to grasp is the way its all broken down and explained no mysteries just pain and more pain. He is approchable and friendly and his sense of humour combined with his amazing skills make training with him an absolute pleasure. Get on one of his courses and buy some DVDs.

Stephen Nelson

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