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I do not teach anything that does not work

Russell Stutely is not your typical martial arts instructor; he’s a relentless advocate for the real-world effectiveness of self-defense techniques. 

With a background as a National Boxing Coach and an active presence in the boxing ring, Russell can discern authenticity from a distance. 

He’s a no-nonsense coach, committed to ensuring that you become the most efficient and safest version of yourself, whether you’re training for sports combat or self-defense.

The Science Behind the Art

Russell’s coaching goes beyond the surface level of techniques. 

He delves deep into the intricacies of combat, dissecting Body Mechanics, Body Dynamics, Body Physics, Balance, Distancing, and Timing, among other facets of the fight. 

This thorough analysis provides you with a profound understanding of techniques and the reasons behind their functionality.

Knowledge Amplified for Success

Once you grasp these fundamentals, Russell takes it a step further by incorporating knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, applying Traditional Chinese Medicine principles (specifically as they relate to fighting), and integrating various other elements to enhance the effectiveness of your techniques. 

It’s about equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to make the right choices in the heat of the moment—knowing what has the highest probability of success, much like avoiding a spinning hook kick on icy ground!

Proven in the Toughest Arenas

Russell’s methods aren’t just theoretical; they’re tried, tested, and proven. 

Over 100 Police Academies worldwide and more than 20,000 Security Officers each year trust his systems. 

Add in the countless martial artists who’ve benefited from his coaching, and you have an impressive track record that speaks for itself. 

The reason is simple: his systems work, and they work fast.

Greatness in Coaching

As the saying goes, “Great coaches are not cheap; cheap coaches are not great.” 

Russell Stutely embodies this truth. 

He possesses a rare and invaluable combination of knowledge, experience, and leadership skills. 

His coaching isn’t limited to technical knowledge; it extends to the art of positioning, understanding opponents, and mastering mental toughness.

Experience Excellence

When you choose Russell Stutely as your mentor, you’re choosing excellence. 

He’s dedicated to taking your skills to the next level. 

If you want to experience his teaching style and the incredible value he brings to martial arts and self-defense, there’s no better way than to start with his FREE DVD.

2024 Coach the Coaches Course
Cambodia Boxing Federation

January 15th to January 18th I was invited to teach an advanced Boxing Training Course, for the National Coaches, Area Coaches and Local Coaches.

It is an honour and privilige to be the National Coach & Coach of Coaches for Cambodia.

A huge thank you to Mr Secretary, Mr President, The Federation and of course to all those who took part.

And a special thank you to Theodore, for assisting and translating throughout.

Mr Secretary, Mr President, Russell Stutely

What My Clients Say

I can personally vouch as to the effectiveness of every one of Russell's techniques. His knowledge of Martial Arts is vast - I call him the "Encyclopedia".
Chann Seyha
Professional Fighter and Trainer
After purchasing all of Russells' DVD's, I went to train with him personally. Within one week I had learned more than the last 25 years of being a Black Belt.
Paul Mracek
OCFM International Coach

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