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A true pioneer in the correct application of Pressure Points for Martial Arts, Sports Combat and more importantly for Self Defense.

Through his online courses, Digital DVDs,Seminars and personal Mentoring he has empowered thousands of Martial Artists and Self Defense enthusiasts, worldwide.

A lifelong Martial Artist with an infectious passion for correct teachings and technique, he still trains at an arduous pace in his mid 50’s.

  • World Leader – Pressure Point Fighting
  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Combat Hall of Fame
  • Instructor of the year (MAHOF)
  • OCFM International Coach
  • PPDT International Instructor
  • Black Belts in Shotokan, Ryukyu Kempo, Ju Jitsu, Kick Boxing
  • Fight Trainer

Russell Stutely will show you EXACTLY how to take your techniques to new levels of effectiveness. You will DOUBLE or even treble your existing strikes and learn the CORRECT places to hit for the maximum effect. His methods are delivered in a clear, concise, easy to understand way that delivers immediate results.

His systems are required learning at over 100 Police Academies and hundreds of Security Companies with over 20,000 Officers being certified each year.

Russell's revolutionary teaching methods and unique online courses have helped thousands of people across the Globe achieve incredible success.


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what people are saying

Devastating Effectiveness

As an Instructor of multiple Martial Arts of many years experience, and as a former CEO of a Security Firm, I can attest to the absolute effectiveness of Russell Stutely’s OCFM technology. It has at least doubled the effectiveness and power of EVERYTHING I do. As a practising Emergency Physician and Instructor in the Management of trauma, I can attest to the DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES of these techniques to the body of any would be assailant.
Dr Eddie Emmanuel
OCFM County Coach

The Best Self Defense

If I was allowed to use the Self Defense techniques that Russell teaches, I would have destroyed Joshua.
If you truly want to learn the VERY BEST in Self Defense, then Russell is the man.
Listen... I have done hundreds of rounds of sparring with Russell... he is the real deal.
Nothing else out there matches what Russell teaches - it is SO EASY to use and apply. You NEED to learn this material - TODAY!
Paul Butlin
Former Pro Heavyweight - Area Champ

Learn From The Man

I first met up with Russell in the late 90's, when I went to his gym to see what all the Pressure Point Fighting fuss was about.
It was there that I found someone who TRULY understands about ALL the aspects of fighting.
He is the BEST Martial Arts Coach I have ever met.
Since that time we have taught together, trained together and done hundreds of rounds of sparring together.
Herol "Bomber" Graham
Former 3 time, 3 weight Champ

Everything Just Works!

After buying all of Russells DVDs and joining his famous Platinum Program - I decided to actually go and train with him personally for one week.
What a week that was - the amount of truly great information given was mind-blowing.
The way Russell teaches - it is so simple to pick up.
Since that week I have trained with Russell many times and have gone on to produce a Defensive Tactics program for Australia and OCFM Int. Coach status.
Paul Mracek
OCFM International Coach

Featured Courses

Our online Pressure Point Fighting courses have taken online learning to a completely new level. You will have immediate 24/7 access to the best quality training available on the Planet.

For those new or fairly new to Pressure Points and want fast results and the chance to ecome an Instructor at our basic level.

This has raised the bar when it comes to online training. Hundreds of lessons in Hi Definition covering all areas of training.

The EXACT Course that is now required learning at over 100 Police Academies. You could become an Internationally recognised and Certified Instructor.

Want to be led step by step through the process to be come totally “unfuckwithable”? Then this course is for you. Full interraction with the other members and with Russell himself on a daily basis.

Featured DVD Sets

These DVD Sets are the pinnacle of Pressure Point Training.

Quite simply, they are the very best on the subject of Pressure Point training anywhere, period.

Total Destruction 9 DVD Set (Special Offer)

There is not a day goes by without more violent attacks making the news… and this is a drop in the ocean compared to the actual numbers. Never before have good people like us been so at risk.

Pressure point training with russell stutely 12 DVD Set
(Special Offer)

Today you are about to start a journey that will transform everything you do within the Martial Arts. I am going to take you on a step-by-step training regime in order to make you an unstoppable force!


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