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Are you ready to transform yourself into a living weapon? Look no further, because you’re about to learn Pressure Point Fighting from the world’s leading expert, Russell Stutely.

As a true pioneer in the application of Pressure Points for Martial Arts, Sports Combat, and, most importantly, Self Defense, Russell Stutely has empowered thousands of Martial Artists and Self Defense enthusiasts worldwide. 

With a lifelong dedication to Martial Arts, he brings an infectious passion for correct teachings and technique to every training session, even in his late 50s.

Why Choose Russell Stutely as Your Mentor?

Russell will take your techniques to unprecedented levels of effectiveness. You’ll discover how to double or even triple the power of your strikes and precisely target the pressure points for maximum impact. His teaching methods are crystal clear, concise, and immediately effective.

Russell’s systems are not just popular; they’re essential training at over 100 Police Academies and hundreds of Security Companies, certifying over 20,000 Officers each year. He only teaches what has been proven to work under the most stressful conditions.

As a National Boxing Coach and an active sparring enthusiast, Russell can spot inauthentic techniques from a mile away. Your safety and efficiency in all aspects of your art, whether Martial, Sports Combat, or Self Defense, are his top priorities.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to become the best version of yourself. Russell Stutely is here to elevate your skills to the next level.

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