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I'm Russell Stutely, Your Martial Arts & Self Defense Mentor

Learn Pressure Point Fighting from the Worlds Leading expert and turn yourself into a living weapon.

A true pioneer in the correct application of Pressure Points for Martial Arts, Sports Combat and more importantly for Self Defense.

Through his online courses, Digital DVDs,Seminars and personal Mentoring he has empowered thousands of Martial Artists and Self Defense enthusiasts, worldwide.

A lifelong Martial Artist with an infectious passion for correct teachings and technique, he still trains at an arduous pace in his late 50’s.

Russell Stutely will show you EXACTLY how to take your techniques to new levels of effectiveness. 

You will DOUBLE or even treble your existing strikes and learn the CORRECT places to hit for the maximum effect. 

His methods are delivered in a clear, concise, easy to understand way that delivers immediate results.

His systems are required learning at over 100 Police Academies and hundreds of Security Companies with over 20,000 Officers being certified each year.

The Rosetta Stone

What I will teach you is like the Rosetta Stone of Martial Arts and Self Defense.
The Rosetta Stone enabled the translation of Egyptian Hieroglyphics - which to that point, nobody understood.
It is similar in Martial Arts and Self Defense - as there are so many moves that seem to make no sense and a ton of weird and wonderful names and styles.
My method of teaching cuts through all of that mess and gets you to the top of your game and able to understand and translate everything you see - instantaneously.

Russell Stutely

Russell's credentials and awards

It really is this simple.

I only teach what works and has been proven to work under the most stressful conditions.

As a National Boxing Coach and someone who still spars regularly in Boxing, I can smell BS a mile away.

As your Coach it is my job to make sure that you are as efficient as possible in all aspects of your Art, whether that be for the Martial Art, Sports Combat or for Self Defense.

I have to ensure that you remain as safe possible when you are attacking, defending and transitioning, in all areas of the fight.

My systems are in use with over 100 Police Academies around the World, the reason being is that my systems work!

You owe it to yourself to get started right now and begin your journey to become the best that you can possibly be!

As an Instructor of multiple Martial Arts of many years experience, and as a former CEO of a Security Firm, I can attest to the absolute effectiveness of Russell Stutely’s OCFM technology.

It has at least doubled the effectiveness and power of EVERYTHING I do.

As a practising Emergency Physician and Instructor in the Management of trauma, I can attest to the DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES of these techniques to the body of any would be assailant.
Dr Eddie Emmanuel
OCFM County Coach

What people say

Russell Stutely

How you can learn

Here is a brief description of the various tools that are available for you.

Our online training courses are universally recognised to be the very best available in their Niche on the internet. Plain and simple.

Filmed in full Hi-Definition, with multiple camera angles – along with the finest instruction.

This is your quickest route to learning as much as possible, in the shortest possible timeframe.

Course Titles:

  • Pressure Point Defensive Tactics – Law Enforcement & Security
  • Pressure Point Black Belt Course – Martial Artists
  • Pressure Point Academy – Martial Artists and Self Defense enthusiasts

We have a large number of DVD Sets for Digital Download, covering an array of topics.

This would be the ultimate method of learning. Unfortunately, due to all the Covid restrictions, the chances of personal training are very limited.

We can, though, offer you Virtual private training via Video chat.

Our Defensive Tactics programs are required learning at over 100 Police Academies, with over 20,000 Security Officers trained each year.

Become an Instructor or simply learn the material.

Train up to be one of our Internationally recognised and fully certified Instructors on one of our incredible online training programs.

Russell is also the National Boxing Coach for Cambodia.

As such, he is also ideally placed to take your boxing skills to new heights.

They say

Russell Stutely

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