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takedowns and groundfighting

Before you do anything else you need to understand what to do when you need to get someone down or if you end up on the ground when defending yourself and your loved ones.

Overlooked Area Of Self Defense

As an Instructor to people of all abilities and specialities and with over 20 years experience of Security work – I can tell you with all certainty that there are a few areas of Self Defense that are massively overlooked.

These areas are even overlooked by many Police Departments.

Those areas being:

  • Takedowns
  • Ground Fighting

Now I know with advent of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the UFC, of which I am a big fan, people often mistake ground fighting for what they see in one of these sporting contests.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

True groundfighting is nothing like a MMA bout.

Of course, a seasoned MMA Fighter or Black Belt Grappler is going to know what they are doing on the ground.

They may well be VERY skilled at the sporting aspect.

BUT… I can tell you from experience that when it comes to Self Defense, those skills diminish VERY quickly.

I have witnessed HIGH RANKING BJJ Black Belts get mauled in a street fight by someone with ZERO skills by comparison. They simply understood the difference between a “roll” and a FIGHT!

They were fighting for their lives and the BJJ guy somehow thought he was rolling… and ended up getting himself smashed up.


First of all, we need to understand what we mean by the term “Takedown”.

You are NOT going to learn how to throw – that takes a huge amount of skill and endless hours of practice – and even then, the odds of being able to throw an aggressive attacker are VERY low indeed.

A Takedown is getting someone from wherever they are now – onto the ground.

That can be done slowly and safely for Fat Uncle Joe at the Family BBQ – who had had a bit much to drink and needs calming down a bit.

Or it can done viciously fast and with the meanest of intent for that scumbag that just tried to attack you or your loved ones.

I like to keep things very simple when it comes to fighting – especially when it means grabbing hold of someone for a Takedown.

That means I will have a few techniques with the highest percentage of success that I will use each and every time.

All I need to do is to adjust the ferocity for the situation. (Maybe Uncle Joe does deserve a nasty takedown now and then!)

When done with full force, the Takedown will usually end the fight, right then and there.

The bad guy is either unconscious, broken in too much pain or any mixture of the three.

HOWEVER…. We still need to know what to do if it goes wrong… don’t worry we got you covered.

Ground Fighting

Now, we also need to understand what I mean by the term Ground Fighting.

I am not talking about a Ju Jitsu match on the floor.

I am not talking about trying to do the latest fancy arm lock.

I am not talking about getting someone to tap out and give up.

I am talking about completely obliterating what is in front of you, on top of you or underneath you.

So many times, especially with good Ju Jitsu players, they completely mis-understand the difference between a sports fight and the real thing.

Getting someone to tap MEANS NOTHING in a real fight.

Let me tell you a little story from several years ago….

Some friends of mine were working Security one night in this bar / club.

They asked me to come along for a few beers – not to work…. so I thought why not, about time I went out and had a few drinks.

As the booze flowed and the evening wore on…I noticed a group arguing with my Security friends.

There were 5 or 6 guys arguing and just the 2 Security guys… anyway, before you know it a fight starts and I jump in to help.

My friend got jumped from behind and put in a choke hold… he instinctively “tapped out”… and thank the stars… the moron let go.

This was in the middle of a huge dust up by the way – so, without further adieu he promptly put him to sleep with a rather well placed slap and proceeded to help quell the rest of the problem so as to speak.

It turns out, that all the guys that “started” the trouble were a Ju Jitsu team celebrating their latest wins.

They were all soundly beaten stood up and on the ground.

In the above case the Ju Jitsu Sports Fighter made the most basic of errors… allowing someone out of a hold till it’s over.

His sports mentality kicked in.

My friends FIGHT mentality kicked in and he won the day.

With my material you will never make the Ju Jitsu guy mistake!

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