PPDT System - International Instructor level

PPDT System - International Instructor level


Learn The Hand-To-Hand Fighting System Which Is Currently Being Taught To Law Enforcement Officers In 4 Continents In Their Own Training Bases.

You will be learning the EXACT system that is taught to Law Enforcement, all over the World.

This is our BRAND NEW updated PPDT International Instructor Certification.

This training is, quite simply, the best of its kind, anywhere!

Ideal for:

  • Law Enforcement Officers

  • Defensive Tactics Instructors

  • Security Officers

  • Martial Arts Instructors

  • Self Defense Enthusiasts

  • Doormen

The only way (until now) to learn this ground-breaking ‘system’ I’m writing to you about today would be to have qualified as an accredited individual…

In short, unless you were an American or UK law enforcement or other ‘operative’, you wouldn’t have been able to access this hand-to-hand fighting system.

In fact, that’s why I’m writing to you today – with news of a ground-breaking new ‘system’ that’s being used right now by Law Enforcement officers and other operatives, all over the World.

And if I’m right about you – if you’re the kind of person I think you are – then you too will want to learn all about what this ‘system’ can do for you – how it can give you some of the most effective street-skills on the planet…and how you can start using it within just days from now.

So grab yourself a hot drink…sit down a while…and let me fill you in on exactly what’s been happening….

Some time ago I was asked by some of the UK/USA operations to devise for them a powerful, quick-and-easy-to-learn hand-to-hand fighting system… …something that they could train their own operatives with – and quickly to boot.

The ‘conditions’ if you like were simple: it had to be easy to use.

That was rule ‘numero uno’ if you like.

It also had to be something they could pick up in a few days or even a few hours!

And it had to be something which was more powerful than any other fighting system out there today.

For the last 25 Years or so, this ‘system’ that I have been teaching to the UK & USA’s best has been kept a near secret.

It’s ONLY been available to the appropriate and correctly identified ‘individuals’ who would use it correctly and responsibly.

Everyone else (i.e. the public) has NOT been allowed any kind of access.

Simply called PPDT this ‘system’ has only been available to forces or other qualified individuals.

Now, before we carry on here, it’s important that I give you some PROOF that this ‘system’ is real…that it IS actually being used by current operatives in the States.

Yeah…I’m aware there’s a whole heap of crapola on the Web, being trotted out as the ‘next-big-thing’ when it comes to fighting, and that it’s used by some sort of ‘force’.

Well, as you may know yourself, most of that is frankly pure hogwash. So it’s important that I show you that this material that I have been teaching is THE REAL DEAL.

Now, let me tell you the KEY point about this fighting system that I have designed for the American operatives: they intentionally asked for it to be designed to be used under THE most stressful conditions.

And that’s exactly how it’s being used currently – under highly-stressful conditions.

Top-tier officers are using it right now under these ‘conditions’ and if it’s good enough for them – then I’m sure you’ll agree that you’ll be able to use it very effectively under the relatively ‘normal’ conditions we all have to face when up against street thugs and bullies on the proverbial ‘mean streets’.

OK, so let me tell you exactly what this ‘hand to hand’ system being taught to these top guys is all about…

I have been teaching these ‘operatives’ three key modules. I start with module one and slowly and surely take my ‘clients’ through every step of the training process, leaving nothing out.

No stone is left un-turned.

Even rank beginners are catered for.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in, if you’ve had previous training, or whether you’re strong and flexible.

We all know about the cliche of Donut eating out of shape Cops right?

Well, even the most unfit Officer / Operative / Individual is catered for.

By the way – The Cops I have met are not donut eating fatties – they are courageous and CONTINUOUSLY risking their own lives to make this a safer and better World.

See, the beauty of this new training system is that anyone can start applying and using it.

Regardless of size or strength, it will enable you to take out big, burly street attackers at will (I suppose that’s why the ‘big boys’ are just loving this and why I am teaching it to their best men).

Now, as I’ve mentioned, the whole time this ‘system’ has only been taught ‘live’ to pre-qualified and selected candidates.

But here’s what I have done…
I got in the Studio and filmed EVERY last drop of information that is being taught at these ”closed door training sessions”.

I have filmed for you, EVERY Module, technique by technique, with a full and detailed explanation of EXACTLY how to apply it.

This is the same DETAILED information as all the Cops, Security and Military Operatives receive.

The content will blow you away.

You’ll see everything fully integrated into a step-by-step ‘system’.

Get ready to have your self-defense World rocked forever!

Ideal For Security Officers

The techniques in the PPDT International Instructor Course are ideal for Security Officers.

Gain the knowledge that will keep you and your partners safe.

Learn the MOST EFFECTIVE and easy to apply techniques.

Learn the very best Control and Restraint techniques that actually work in a non compliant situation.

Plus the incredible INSTANT Pressure Point Knockouts for when that is not required.

Ideal For Law Enforcement

Learn the best, tried and trusted ways to get to the point of cuffing the suspect.

It does not matter if they are passively or actively resisting, they will have no choice in the matter.

Each and every technique has been proven to work with NO BACK UP.

Add in our weapon retention and the specialised Non-Operational techniques to the operational techniques and you will be a true force to be reckoned with.

Ideal For Door Supervisors

We have about 20,000 Door Supervisors go through our PPDT Training each year.

It has saved lives, saved injuries, kept Door staff and patrons MUCH safer.

When required, it has enabled extremely SWIFT resolutions to potentially violent situations.

CCTV Friendly, Witness Friendly and more importantly it is Courtroom Friendly!

Ideal For Self Defense

The PPDT Course is your fastest and most direct route to instant self defense.

You will DOUBLE or even TREBLE your impact – guaranteed!

In nearly 30 years of teaching these Impact methods – I have never failed to generate HUGE increases for everyone that has utilised them.

Add to the above with the knowledge of the weak areas of the Body and the correct application of Pressure Points – and you are the weapon.

Keep yourself, your partner, your loved ones and your Family safe, with these tried and trusted methods.

You will learn how and when to react and react properly.

You will learn what to do when it has gone wrong and you are suddenly on the defensive like the guy in the photo, or worse!

You WILL LEARN how to take out that street bully / thug / mugger with one massively powerful strike.

And because it is a fight – you can hit them again and again till the threat is over.

Ideal For Martial Artists

It does not matter what style of Martial Arts that you are currently doing.

This system will benefit you in so many ways.

It can be used just for your own use. You could create a new Class at your School / Dojo.

Once qualified, you could even start to teach the system in your local area, Nationally and even Internationally.


There are 3 levels to the PPDT System, Local, National and International.

Today you are going to receive the PPDT International System for less than the price of the Local version.

You get immediate access to:

  • Full PPDT Local System
  • Full PPDT Local System Paperwork
  • Full PPDT Local Online Course (34 Full HI-DEF Lessons)


  • Full PPDT National System
  • Full PPDT National System Paperwork
  • Full PPDT National Online Course (Additional 36 Full HI-DEF Lessons)


  • Full PPDT International System
  • Full PPDT International System Paperwork
  • Full PPDT International System Online Course (Additional 23 Full HI-DEF Lessons)
  • Full PPDT International System 7 Digital DVD Download
  • Full PPDT International System 7 DVD / USB Hard Copy (FREE International Shipping)


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