Power Black 6 DVD Digital Download Super Special Offer

Power Black 6 DVD Digital Download Super Special Offer
Power Black 6 Digital DVD

The Ultimate in Power Generation

Power Black 6 Digital DVD Set

Message from Ian G of NAP:

What's on this DVD Set?

It all starts with the initial, foundational grounding DVD, called Russell Stutely's Weapons of Mass Power And Destruction.

This foundational DVD will show you and illustrate live the core principles Russell will use to infuse you with super-heavyweight like power.

Best part: these black power moves are almost so powerful that it doesn't matter WHERE you hit someone. Frankly, there's so much power-generated that, well, it doesn't matter!

And that's why this material is so good you can be immediately disadvantaged, you can be in practically ANY situation and you get one of these power strikes on and BINGO.

The attacker is gone and you walk away clean.

DVD 1 Power Secrets

All the principles required for Power Generation on one DVD

DVD 2 Power Joint Break and Passouts

Need I say more? Some seriously bad stuff here

DVD 3 Power Slams

Master Andrews explains how and demos the use of the Waveform for Slams and throws do NOT do this on your training partner

DVD 4 Power Black Takeouts

Master Andrews and Russell Stutely take it in turns to show tried and trusted takeouts.These lethal finishes are EXTREME in Nature. Russell had a helluva job getting us at NAP to agree to putting these in the DVD Set. In the end, we agreed as long as each DVD had two Disclaimers plus each person has to sign them!

DVD 5 From Zero to Power Generating Hero

Watch live as volunteers for filming, with various levels of experience have their power levels transformed. Due to the fact, there was a cross section from absolute beginner to advanced MA and Champion Boxer and that each person saw MASSIVE increases in Power, then you can be sure, that by following this DVD and learning step by step, that YOU TOO will be able to transform your striking power. Not just once, but at each and every stage of your development.

DVD 6 Bonus DVD

Again, watch live as the volunteers are given an extra lesson from Russell in how to make PP's work. Watch time and time again, as a MASSIVE amount of information is given out.

Here's what else you'll learn throughout this foundational material:

  • How to adjust to the pitch of your opponents body to get in "tune with them" this will totally accelerate your power, yet this technique is basically unknown to martial artists.

  • How getting uncomfortably close to your attacker will immediately accelerate your power.
  • How simple and secret changes in BREATHING can dramatically alter the power you generate.

  • Proper alignments and adjustments to your hips which will pump up the power to extreme levels.

  • How to create so much power that if you don't do what Russell tells you - you can actually end up detaching your own elbow!

  • How just simple shifts in footwork can translate into massive power changes. Knock someone clean off their feet with these simple methods!

  • Why rotation in the wrist (common in normal martial arts) usually is NOT the way you want to approach punching for incredible power (the metacarpals and other parts are in line)

  • How accelerating the hip along with some other simple changes can almost DOUBLE your power overnight!

  • Why most martial artists are losing power when they punch without consciously realising it. And how to immediately correct this.

  • How Russell's methods SHAKE your opponents body to the CORE, almost like sending a lighting bolt through your body.

  • Why DISTANCE is an important component of massive power generation and what to do about it

  • The relationship between a nurse and her needle and getting ultimate PRECISION with your power strikes

  • How to demolish a leg bone with incredibly powerful kicks (in the live practical examples of this, you'll see the kicking pad flying all over the place from the raw, piston-like power)

    There is enough information on this DVD Set to TRANSFORM your Martial Arts. Buy it now - you will never regret it!

    Bob Sykes
    Martial Arts Illustrated Editor


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