how to win on the ground in a real street fight

Never Fear The Ground Again

In a Real Defense Situation You Have One Job: WIN AT ALL COSTS!

How many times have you heard the phrase: ”90+% of all fights end up on the ground”?

A bunch of times…. right?

Well, that actually is not the case.

BUT, it does mean that you need to know what to do, when Murphys Law springs into action!

You need to know what to do when things have gone wrong – and suddenly … BAM … You are on the ground in a fight for your life.

I am not talking about learning how to grapple in a sporting contest.

I am talking about surviving the most dangerous scenario – I am talking about making sure that YOU WIN On The Ground.

That is EXACTLY what this BRAND NEW 4 DVD Set is all about. Keeping YOU safe when you hit the ground and ensuring that you walk away safe and the bad guy is the one left in a heap on the floor.

This information is CRUCIAL to your Self Defense Training.

As you know, I am a great believer in rendering the bad guy unconscious as quickly as possible – BUT – Sometimes, for whatever reason, things go wrong and you are now fighting.

finish the fight fast

It is absolutely CRUCIAL that when you are on the ground, that you finish that fight IMMEDIATELY.

You can’t afford the time or the luxury of rolling around looking for a great submission attempt or a choke.

Try Doing That: And even an old Granny walking past will stab you with her walking stick and run over your ankles with her trolley.

You NEED To Know How To Win On The Ground

This does not mean you have to spend years learning BJJ or Judo – Although that experience will always come in handy.

This material is not about sports fighting.

It is not about getting the tap.

It is not about trying to gain a dominant position and win on points.

It is about winning – At All Costs. 

It is about knowing how to survive one of the most dangerous places in a street fight.

That means it MUST be low down and dirty and ULTRA EFFECTIVE.

It HAS to be – Your life may depend on it!


How Horriffic Was That?

In this DVD Set you will discover how to win from the most common positions in a street fight and to use some incredibly simple principles to ensure that you are in the position that you need to be, in order to either finish the fight, or get up and get out of there.

let's have a look at some of the subjects that are covered:

  • Crippling Breaks. What is the point of applying a lock when your life is on the line? You need to know how to completely destroy the joint. Learn how to destroy Shoulders, Elbows, Neck and Hips INSTANTLY.
  • Make your Ground Strikes MASSIVELY Impactive. You must have seen so many times, even with ''top-level'' fighters, people struggling to create power when on the ground? Learn these simple principles in just a few minutes to still have DEVASTATING Impact on the ground.
  • Applying Pressure. Learn how to make yourself so heavy that you will BREAK RIBS just by being there. Apply this same principle to your strikes and breaks and this just gets scary!
  • The Wrong Positions. Why some of the ''standard'' BJJ Positions will just get you hurt in a real fight.
  • How To Get Up Correctly. You will be amazed at how many people get this wrong. You MUST ensure that you protect yourself as much as possible when simply getting up when you have hit the ground.
"I'm a 3 Time European Grappling Champion - And This IS THE MATERIAL I would use.”

It is pretty safe to say that I know exactly what I am doing on the ground. After 3 European titles, it is hard to disagree with that statement. However, in a real street fight, if I end up on the Ground, it is Russell's material that I would use in an instant. It is simple, quick, brutal and will keep you safe.
John Andrews
John Andrews
3 Time European Grappling Champion
Low down dirty tricks and violence win a street fight, this DVD Set has it all"

I have known Russell for many years and can vouch for the FACT that his material is damned effective. Sports Grappling is VERY different from street fight grappling - and Russell shows this superbly. These methods and techniques will make you safe and at the same time, destroy your attacker!
Tony Cecchine
Tony Cecchine
Catch Wrestling Legend
Russell Stutely Guard

Russell Stutely

Russell is The Worlds Leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach.

His material for Self Defense is required learning at Police Academies all over the World.

This material serves only to enhance that which Russell has already produced.

Ignore the ground at your peril.

win on the ground 4 DVD set

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NEVER fear the ground again in a real street fight.​

Have the confidence to know you will walk away intact and safe.​

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  • Immediate access to the BADY GUY BEATDOWN Double DVD Set for Digital Download - Value $97


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Russell is the Worlds Leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach.

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