Why do we bother?

It’s the eternal question for us Martial Artists – why do we bother?

What’s the point of training?

It’s just a load of people in Pyjamas pretending to fight and acting tough….

Sometimes those sort of sayings are a bit too close for comfort!

However, there is so much more to what we do than the above…. or should be!

We develop a multitude of skills along the way – or at least we should.

Respect, loyalty, honesty and integrity spring to mind.

Not only to others but to ourselves as well.

Deep down we know if the technique we are practicing will work for us if the proverbial hits the fan.

Deep down, we know if we are training for fun or being serious.

Deep down, we know if we have put in enough effort.

Deep down, we know if we are truly worthy of that next Dan Grade.

I have seen, all too often, people who are lying to themselves about their training.

An example is that Knife Defense against the one armed attacker who stands there and lets the Instructor do his thing…. I even saw one demo where the attacker whispered “Sensei, is this the part where I drop the knife?”

Once you begin to believe your own lies, then it is all too easy to tell them to others.

Let’s always question ourselves FIRST and then when we are honest to ourselves, we can start to question others.

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