When is a shock not a shock

We just had the recent Whyte vs Povetkin fight.

All week leading up to this fight, it was going to be tough for Whyte, but was not much more than a step towards bigger and better things.

Somebody forgot to tell Povetkin that – as won by stunning 5th round K.O.

All the pundits and all the hype afterwards were full of how much of a shock this is…. it was not.

Povetkin was a highly decorated Amateur, Olympic Champ and former World Champ – the only question mark was his age.

They said it was a shock that punch landed – he tried the same the round before and missed – so no shock there.

Think of this in your own training – have you been told that things must be a certain and then got shocked when you found out it was wrong?

Don’t be shocked – question everything.


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