When is a counter punch not a counter punch

There is a distinct if not subtle difference between counter punching and punching when your opponent is in the right place.

When we see Boxer 1 punch and miss and get “countered” by Boxer 2 – then we automatically assume that Boxer 2 “Counter Punched” Boxer 1.

However, what if Boxer 2 KNEW that Boxer 1 was not in range to land and then allowed him to throw his shot… Boxer 2 KNEW that HE WAS in range to strike and threw his shot just as Boxer 1 was missing.

It MAY look like a counter punch, but at high levels, it is not. It is punching at the EXACT right time.

This is a very high level principle, that few understand or can actually do.

It is well worth investing the time to learn this principle well.

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