What is Pressure Point Fighting?

The reality of the situation is that Pressure Point Fighting per se does not exist.

However, the USE of Pressure Points within a fight is THE BEST way to massively increase your chances of success.

I teach that Pressure Points and the surrounding areas of knowledge are to be used as an ADDITION to your existing fighting / Self Defense skills.

Utilising Pressure Points in this manner will guarantee an increase in your ability.

My Pressure Point Black Belt Course, DVDs and Seminars have proven this for the best part of the last 20 years.

It really is this simple, If I do not teach it, then you do not need it.

There should be zero hocus pocus when it comes to learning how and why Pressure Points work.

I show you EXACTLY how to use them in the MOST effective way possible.

Pressure Point Fighting is a generic term that is used and often very much mis-understood.

For me, Pressure Point Fighting is ADDING the CORRECT use of pressure points to your own system / skill set / knowledgebase.

I have yet to see an Instructor out there who adopts this method when it comes to Pressure Points.

For some strange reason, everyone I have seen is teaching this as a stand-a-lone subject.

This is why they get mixed results. This is why it does not stand up to pressure testing.

If your technique is correct, then you ADD my knowledge to that technique to make it even better.

If your technique is bad, then we need to analyse your technique and make it better… and ONLY then do we add the pressure point knowledge.

The best way to get to understand how I teach and what you can learn is to take a 100% FREE Trial of one of my Courses. No card required and no obligation.

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