What has happened to striking?

A few weeks ago I watched the UFC Light Heavyweight fight between Daniel Cormier and Alexander Gustaffson.

Whilst I appreciate their abilities and spirit I was astounded at the lack of striking skills and indeed power – especially at short range.

Far too often I hear how MMA / UFC Champs are called great fighters… well … I am not arguing that point… But I would argue their ability to strike properly… especially with their hands.

There is far more to this than simply throwing punches and hoping for the best.

DC threw a ton of uppercuts directly to the chin of Gusto during this fight… seemingly with little effect other than facial damage.

Think of Boxers like Tyson, Duran, Hagler and of course Lewis and what they did with uppercuts.

Here is a clip of Lennox demolishing a few fighters – watch to the end to see an uppercut delivered from a similar position to the DC Fight. This is how uppercuts should be delivered:


Now.. the next part is the in-fighting.

Before you say that MMA Fighters have more things to be aware of.. I KNOW THAT!

I am talking about striking ability and knowledge of angles etc

Watch this study of the LEGEND that is ROBERTO DURAN!

Duran is my No.1 all time fighter.

I put him as the best Boxer of all time.

This analysis is worth watching all the way through. It is superb.

Everyone can learn a TON from this clip.

If it does not inspire you to go and train….. then nothing will!

Enjoy and let me know what you think



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