What Every Martial Artist Wants To Know About Pressure Point Fighting

Pressure Point Secrets Revealed


You are about to learn 16 of the secret methods that I have used to become the World Leader – Pressure Point Fighting.

These secrets have made me the most respected and successful Pressure Point Coach on the Web.


Get It Right From The Beginning


1. Start the Right Way. The most important aspect is to get the right Teacher from the very beginning.

The fact that you are here now, means that you have completed the most essential task already!


2. Learn In Bite-size Chunks. To absorb information in the quickest way, you should learn one little bit at a time.

My system has already broken down all the information you need into ??mini-lessons??.

These are also laid out in the EXACT ORDER you need.


Accelerate The Learning Process


3. Accelerated Learning. This is achieved by feeding you the information in the EXACT order required.

Each piece of information builds logically on the previous piece.

Everything is 100% practical in its reasoning and MORE IMPORTANTLY in its required result.


4. Generic Terminology. It is important to use terms that can be understood in each and every Art.

I always use the generic terms for techniques.

That way, you can ALWAYS understand EXACTLY what I mean.


5. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. If something is super important, then it will be repeated.

EVERY single lesson I give you is Super Important.

You will simply keep repeating exactly what I show you. Then you will absorb and understand the material extremely quickly.


Learn in a Logical Sequence


6. Structured Learning. It is imperative that the learning process is structured to provide the information as and when needed to enhance each and every technique.

My system builds in a clear, concise and logical sequence.

Cementing the learning process as you progress.

Ensuring that each and every technique is made much more efficient and effective.


7. Ease of Learning. It is vitally important to understand exactly how and why you are learning each aspect of your Art.

My system is designed logically and with ease of learning in mind.

This ensures that you learn in the most effective manner possible.


8. Logical Sequence. To learn any Art it should be taught in a clear and logical sequence. Unfortunately it is rare that this is the case.

My system is totally logical in every aspect.

This massively accelerates your skills.


Be Balanced


9. Your Balance. You must understand exactly how and why your body is balanced and that of your opponent. This will help in so many ways.

My system addresses this aspect immediately.

Just think: If you are totally in balance and your opponent is almost falling over. You can hit him as hard as you want in the right place.

Your opponent will be almost unable to defend.

It?s a free shot!


Generate Massive Power


10. It?s all about Impact! Being able to generate massive power in your techniques is vital.

My system teaches you EXACTLY how and why the body needs to work in order to generate the MAXIMUM Impact in every strike.

My system teaches you EXACTLY how to use this knowledge to gain MAXIMUM effect in your throws, takedowns, locks and strangles.


How Techniques Really Work


11. Breaking down techniques. How many systems are really able to explain how and why a technique works? Not many ? and I know that for sure!

Of course, every system has some very effective techniques. But they do not teach WHY it is effective or even HOW to make it more effective.

My system addresses this issue.

I teach you the principles upon which each and every technique is built.

This gives you the ??blueprint?? to understanding the complexities in a real simple way.

These principles I will give you are probably the most significant advance in Martial Arts Development ever!

They are that important to your advancement of skills as a Martial Artist.

With my system you WILL understand how and why every technique actually works.

Not only that, but also you will understand exactly how to IMPROVE each and every technique.

Making locks tighter, strikes more powerful, throws more body crunching, takedowns more devastating.

And all of this before we even get to the Pressure Points!


Adding Pressure Points


12. Learning Pressure Points. This is where almost every other PP Instructor goes wrong. They teach Pressure Points as an art all of its own.

This is inherently flawed in its approach.

My system is the ONLY system to address this issue.

In my system Pressure Points are just one aspect of the whole process.

Just like we have learnt about Balance, Power and techniques in a clear and logical sequence.

At this juncture it is now time to add the knowledge of Pressure Points to everything that we are doing.

By learning in this fashion, we already have a MUCH more effective Art than we previously did.

Now, we can make it ULTRA-EFFECIVE by adding Pressure Points to it.

We NEED this prior knowledge in order to make Pressure Points work correctly.

This is where EVERYONE ELSE gets it wrong!

Learning with MY System you will NEVER BE WRONG.


I have no supporting statistics (though I could make some up on the spot) but I can assure you that after 17 years of being recognized as the No.1 Expert in Pressure Point Fighting NO-ONE and I mean NO-ONE is teaching this material as effectively as my system.


Making Pressure Points Work On Anybody


13. Deep Understanding. With my system you will have a deep understanding of how to apply your new found knowledge.

You will understand from practical training, not from theory.

By utilizing the lesson plans shown, in the order shown. You will be able to make Pressure Points work on anybody.


14. Location, Location, location. Much is made about the location of Pressure Points, their size and how difficult they must be to hit in a real fight.

That is 100% true the way everyone else teaches this subject.

In my system you get the foundation first and the Points last.

Learning with my methods you will find that the Points are ??almost appearing?? for you.

With correct technique and application, it is almost impossible not to be using Points.

With my system the Point Location is suddenly not so important.


Because you will be ??activating?? the Point anyway during the course of the technique.

The exact location is the ??fine-tuning??.

It is the last piece of the jigsaw.

Only when taught in this manner will you truly be able to make Points ?? come alive?? and get the results you have always hoped for.


Teach This Subject Locally, Nationally Or Even Internationally.


15. Learn To Teach. One of the best ways to help your learning is to actively teach what you are doing to others.

Only My System utilizes this approach for Pressure Point fighting.

With my system, everyone is a teacher and everyone is a student.

This has many great side-effects.

You learn faster.

You train with various body types, sizes and abilities.

You develop a much deeper understanding of your subject when you are ??forced?? to explain it!

Once you qualify in My System you will be Certified to Teach this material locally.


16. Constant Development. To further increase your skills and abilities, you are actively encouraged to further your training in my system.

Our Family of Coaches around the World are always there, ready to help, advise, train with and support you.

We all want you to succeed.

We want you to advance your career.

Eventually you could become certified to teach Nationally and one day, Internationally.

These are only a few broad stroke hints at how to massively increase your effectiveness as a Martial Artist.


Naturally you will want to investigate all my claims further.

It is for this very reason that we have developed and released so much information for free.


That is why you can take up a FREE Trial of my system today.

And receive the following immediately after sign up:


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Look No Further. Get Started Today

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