What a week!

What a week I have had.

It has been an honour and a privilige to work with the Cambodia Boxing Federation and conduct a Boxing Coaching Course at Basic Level, for their Coaches.

Intense heat and training was the order of the day and everyone in attendance performed incredibly well.

They took on board the information given and were keen to get it working right from the off.

A huge thank you to all those in attendance and who helped behind the scenes and a special thanks to:

  • President Dr Chhoeung Yavyen
  • General Secretary Sophoan Buy
  • Chann Seyha (Theodore)


Russell, Mr President, Theo, Mr Gen Secretary.


I am looking forward to working together in the future, especially with the SEAsia Games in 2023 being hosted in Cambodia.

The Cambodia Boxing Federation is dedicated to the development of the sport of boxing and I am confident that their leadership will push forward with the same strength and determination they have always shown.

Their desire and commitment to the sport and to their team is 2nd to none.

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