We need some good old fashioned common sense!

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a bit fed up with all the information, mis-information, news, fake news etc etc that is going on around the World it seems.

There is mass hysteria about this Coronavirus. Flights cancelled, schools closed, mass panic in the UK for example.

And for what?

A couple of people have died (which is awful of course) but let’s get some perspective here.

How many have died through drink driving in the last few weeks? How many from a drug overdose? How many murdered?

How many children have been attacked, abused, killed, gone missing?

Where is the mass hysteria and the media for these victims?

On average 2 women a week a killed by domestic abuse in England alone – where is the media? Where is the help?

3234 CHILDREN DIED in the UK last year – IN THE UK. Read that again. That is nearly 10 per day.

Where is the media? Where is the mass hysteria to put an end to this?

There are 165,000 Cancer deaths per year in the UK alone…that is 452 DEATHS PER DAY!

Where is the mass hysteria and media and Governments? Where is the help and medication for these people?

Flu kills about 17,000 in the UK each year… NO PRESS, NO OUTCRY.

272000 CHILDREN died of Malaria in 2018 ( That is 745 a DAY!!!)  – AND THAT IS TREATABLE. Where is the media, where is the outcry?

Meanwhile – For this Coronavirus the media talk about how the number of CASES has SOARED by 39!

The Government are making plans to spend ONE BILLION STERLING to battle this disaster! That is enough to cover the ANNUAL COST of a large major NHS Trust.

Hold on a moment – say that again!! Yes… the money they want to spend on (currently 39 people) is the same as the TOTAL COST of a major NHS Trust – which includes several hospitals, all the staff etc. I mean the TOTAL cost.

They are also calling it a MASS EPIDEMIC…. Now I have been accused of a bit hyperbole myself at times.. but this is a whole new level.

In the UK alone A&E departments get (get ready for this) an average of 63000 visits PER DAY – YES PER DAY. That is 23 MILLION PER YEAR!

Again no media, no mass hysteria.

200 people die a year in the UK from electrocution in the Home.

1793 people died in road traffic accidents in the UK in 2017 – media? mass hysteria?

24,871 has serious injuries from road traffic accidents in the same period. Media? mass hysteria?


Facts and Figures from the ROSPA

  • More accidents happen at home than anywhere else
  • Every year there are approximately 6,000 deaths as the result of a home accident
  • More than two million children under the age of 15 experience accidents in and around the home every year, for which they are taken to accident and emergency units
  • Children under the age of five and people over 65 (particularly those over 75) are most likely to have an accident at home
  • Over 76,000 children under the age of 14 are admitted for treatment of which over 40% are under 5 years of age
  • Falls are the most common accidents, which can cause serious injury at any time of life. The risk increases with age
  • More women than men over the age of 65 die as the result of an accident in the home
  • Every year over 62 children under 14 die as a result of an accident in the home
  • Around 25,000 under-fives attend A&E departments each year after being accidentally poisoned
  • An average of 13 children a day under the age of 4 suffer a severe injury from a burn or a scald. A hot drink can still scald a small child up to 15 minutes after it is made
  • More accidents happen in the lounge/living room than anywhere else in the home.
  • Every year more than 4,200 children are involved in falls on the stairs and 4,000 children under the age of 15 are injured falling from windows
  • Boys have more accidents than girls
  • The cost to society of UK home accident injuries has been estimated at £45.63billion (£45,630million) annually.

Using the Coronavirus logic we need to get a ban on stairs, hot drinks, living rooms, children under 14, adults over 75, boys and anyone with any substance that could be poisonous.

So, we need to ban many cleaning agents, bleach, tobacco, alcohol aspirin, painkillers etc…..the list goes on.

Or, we just have a little bit of common sense.

Yes, it is horrible that anyone dies – but we have to put this virus into perspective.

Let’s just hope that common sense will prevail – even though I just know it will not.

But, hopefully the fuss will die down (pun intended) as the virus disappears completely over the coming weeks.

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