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russell-stutely-waveform-verticalOver the last 8-9 years the biggest misconception about what we teach has been on the subject of Waveforms. What are they? What do they do? Is it a punch or an elbow strike? The answer is that a Waveform is all of this and much more.

Quite simply, the Waveform, is correct body dynamics and body physics. It is a method of movement that could and indeed SHOULD be applied to each and every movement you make within the Martial Arts.

Of course, this is easier said than done in the heat of a ring fight or SD situation. However, like anything, with sufficient training, you should be able to achieve a true Waveform or very close in most situations.

Liken it, if you will to achieving a right hook, you may be able to hit real hard on the bags or pads, but landing it on a moving opponent is MUCH more difficult. So it is with the Waveform, so it is with EVERYTHING though!

At seminars we usually show the beginning of a Waveform movement, i.e how to utilise this movement to strike with MASSIVE impact. Usually we can double your impact and halve your effort whilst so doing.

The Waveform, however powerful you get it, should not be taken in isolation! It should be used alongside everything else that you already know. Add to it, your existing prowess, Players to the Game, PP?s, Balance Points etc to really make your MA come alive. Start, like anything, slowly and gradually build up the resistance of your training partner, till you reach the point that you can utilise the Waveform movement in sparring and then eventually to the point that you can use it in the ring etc.

To understand the Waveform correctly we must break it down into its constituent parts. Then we must add them back together to form the whole picture.

Any movement MUST be made up of one or all of the following, up and down, side to side, front to back and spiralling. By training these movements in isolation first, we can then understand how our own body works to a much higher level. Then, by incorporating all of these movements together, we can establish a powerful base from which to build our skills further.



Fig vert1

Hands start roughly belt high and knees slightly bent.

The body moving upwards, makes the hands move upwards.


Fig vert 2

The hands are now towards the top of their movement.
They ?lag? the body movement by
a split second at all times.

Fig vert 3

At this point the body begins to move down and
hands can be seen to ?whip? at the top of their movement.

Fig vert 4

The hands now follow the body on its
downward movement.



Fig vert 5

The hands are now towards the end of their movement.
The body has already reached the end of its movement.

Fig vert 6

The body now begins its upward movement.
The hands are now seen to whip at the lower
end of their movement.

Fig vert 7

We are now back we started.


This movement MUST be done in a slow and precise manner and kept as smooth as possible. It should also be a continuous movement and repeated without pausing or stopping anywhere along the complete length of the movement.

It should be done many times in succession, again with no pauses or stops. This isolation method of each angle of movement, will give you a base to go back to work on should you ?feel? that the Waveform is not working properly for you.

The first part we practice is the vertical Waveform. This is a TRAINING DRILL and is in no way yet combative. This is the beginning of learning in isolation.

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