Waveforms – Horizontal

It is critical that you understand these basic movements, BEFORE you train the waveform movement into your Martial Art. These movements may look a bit daft to start with and you may feel a bit of a fool practicing them. However, I can assure you, that should you follow these drills, then you will be amazed at your increase in Impact and Power.

Also, please remember that these drills are in ISOLATION and are used solely to understand the basic mechanics of the whole movement. They are a part of a whole and should NOT be considered on their own or out of context.

This movement can be utilised to perform extremely powerful and impactive Slaps and backslaps. Again, it must be stressed that the movements detailed in the photos has been made larger for clarity. You must try to ?shrink? this movement down and to ?blend? it into your own natural movement.

Many Karateka have said to me that these movements do not resemble what they are taught in their Karate. My reply is usually ?do you hit harder and feel it is easier to do?? They answer ?Yes, much harder and much easier? I then reply ?What is the problem with doing this instead then? You have ?X? years of Karate practice behind you and hit with ?Y? power. You have an hour or two of waveform practice and you now hit with ?2Y? power. You have doubled your impact. Is it not worth considering keeping this movement within your arsenal??

Some carry on with us and have become great Coaches in our OCFM system. Others drift back to the comfort zone that they have become to rely on. It is time in this era of mass communication and the ease in which we can train and learn from each other to free yourself from the shackles of any one way to achieve a goal. If something works better, then why not use it?



The hand starts out to one side. The body begins to rotate in the opposite directions and the hand ?lags? behind.


The hand is now being pulled along by the body movement.


As the hand begins to reach the ?end? of its movement, the body is already at the end of its movement.


The body now begins to reverse its movement back to where it started. The hand is now seen to whip at the end of its movement.


The body leads and the hand follows


The body is at the end of its movement, closely followed by the hand


The body begins to come back to where it started and the hand is seen to whip again at the end of its movement.


As can be seen from these photos there are two ?whips? occurring here, just as in the vertical waveform.

This should be practiced from both sides and then with both hands together. Again, this is a DRILL to attain the correct movement. Remember, that you must make this a continuous and smooth movement that will be done many times with no pause and no stopping. Again, any time you feel that you are losing your waveform power, go back to these simple drills to re-inforce the correct movement within your body.

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