Waveform Knockout

The Pressure Point Knockout is a MUCH MISUNDERSTOOD subject to say the least.

There is MUCH MORE going on than simply hitting the right place at the right angle.

The waveform movement that we teach is an integral part of achieving this – when TEACHING at LOW power levels.

Increasing the power and just smashing into the point will work of course…. BUT increasing the Power with the waveform and crashing into the point will DRAMATICALLY improve the effect we are looking for.

Some background information about this clip.

The Uke, Gavin (4th Dan Karate – and a former high level fighter), agreed to let us use his Dojo to film as long as he could be the Uke.

Previously he had attended many Seminars with ”Pressure Point Masters” only to be severely disappointed that nothing worked on him.

They had tried every which way to get an effect on him – and nothing worked.

Needless to say, he was rather pleased at the results when we turned up!

Look at the way his body is reacting after he has ”recovered” – he is still wobbly.

In this clip I am striking GB20 – One of my all time favourite places to strike – as it is one of the easiest, simplest and quickest K.O’s available.

Practice with care and consideration for your training partner.

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