UK Training Weekend Review

First of all, I have to say it was a fantastic weekend of training with some great people.

EVERYONE worked so hard and put everything into the training.

That is the main reason that it was such a success.

There was a complete mixed bag of attendees from all styles of Martial Arts, Professional Fighters, Doormen etc etc.

All training together with a spirit of comaraderie, that was 2nd to none.

We covered a huge range of material throughout the weekend – far too much to go into detail here.

Suffice to say, that everyone received enough information to last a fair old time.

Not only that, due to the attitude and training ability of ALL those present we were able to achieve for the VERY FIRST time a 100% Pass rate AND Cover more material.

Everyone present received the following Certification:

1 Pressure Point Defensive Tactics (PPDT) Level 1 Instructor

2 Pressure Point Fighting Course (PPFC) Instructor

Huge congratulations to everyone.

To thank John Gaynor for his hosting of this event is not enough.

The level of hospitality was beyond anything I have ever experienced, anywhere.

Johns Family were there to support and help EVERYONE with constant refreshments and lunch BOTH days.

I do like a cup of tea, as many will know. So was able to take full advantage of the copious amounts available!

Bart helping out.

Bart trained with myself, Phil Raikes and Amit for a long time.

He has had 43 pro Fights now in Boxing and MMA and has retired due to knee injury.

It was great to see Phil and Bart on Sunday.

National and International Instructors

Lto R: John Gaynor, Steve Christian and me

Steve was graded to NATIONAL Instructor – PPDT Level 3.

Steve has been a long time Student of John and is one of those rare people, that just ”get’s it” each and every time.

Well done Steve – MUCH deserved!?

John (aka Whip) is one of the most talented and knowledgeable Martial Artists I have ever had the pleasure to meet and train with. His experience of making Martial Arts work is beyond reproach. Matched only by his teaching ability and sense of ……… timing 🙂

John is now an INTERNATIONAL OCFM Coach.

I can pay him no higher compliment than that – he is simply at the highest possible level.

That means Whip can now enjoy a cup of tea like the rest of the OCFM Internationals 🙂

John Andrews and Steve Kelly showing how true Martial Artists drink their Tea.

All the attendees can now be listed as PPFC/PPDT Instructors and will be up on the site asap.

Comments most welcome!

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12 Responses

  1. Well done to all and congratulations for achiving the high standards, as Russell doesn’t give such praise to just anyone. Special congrat’s to Steve and John for national and international coach certification. Should of come over for the UK camp as well as Cyprus….maybe next time! Look forward to catching up with all when next in the U.K. From down under, Paul

  2. A very big thank you to Mr. Stutely, instructors fellow martial artists from diverse styles and the caterers who all together made this a fantastic event.

  3. I really can’t thank you enough, The thing that struck me more than anything else was that Russell showed you what you could do rather than what he could do. I have several of the DVDs but as good as they are they can never replace the instructor in front of you telling you you’re doing it wrong and putting you right.

    At my age not much exceeds my expectations but this course was way beyond any of the high expectations I had.

    Thank you to my training partners and thank you to the staff at Stapleford Community centre who made me feel welcome from the moment I walked through the door.

    1. Stephen,
      Myself Steve Kelly and John Andrews will be organising another course in the U.K as soon as I am back to good health. I will pass on your comments to my Father, Mother, Sister and Niece who were the ones working behind the scenes preparing all your buffet and drinks both days. They were the ones serving everyone throughout the weekend. Much appreciated my friend.

  4. I’d always wanted to meet Russell and although the course seemed like a great idea, I was really unsure, having undergone shoulder surgery (which hasn’t really fixed the problem) and having a torn cartilage in my left knee (operation due in 2 weeks) I reckoned I’d probably struggle. However my partner convinced me that I was being a wuss and to just go and do it!

    Glad I did, really enjoyable and loads of food for thought. Recommended!

  5. Thanks for agreeing to fly in and carry out the course Russell. As always a pleasure to be in your company on and off the mat. Great training, humour, pain and information given to all over the 2 days. The certification to International Coach for myself was a total surprise and very much appreciated my friend. Im just glad I was alive to receive it and attend the course and assist in some way over the weekend. My family commented on how well mannered and lovely natured all the attendees at the course were. As we know….the best guys are always the most humble. Bow in respect to you bud and look forward to the next one. P.S Myself, Steve and John A, will sort another course in the meantime when I am back to good health. One last thing…. ‘Timing’. 🙂

  6. It was a brilliant course, thoroughly enjoyed it. Great to finally meet Russell having conversed with him online before. Also nice to make new friends. A big thank you to all the other OCFM coaches on hand who were a great help and inspire. A great bunch of people as well as great martial artists.

    John, please let me know when you organise the next course you refer to above. Thank you.

  7. In my old age, I have become quite fussy over what seminars I attend and Russell’s are up there at the top. Russell does not just teach, it is a rich and rewarding learning experience. Brilliant organisation John, great food and of course tea. Bring on the next one, cant wait So thanks to every one involved and great to meet up with some old friends

  8. Thanks Russell to you and to all of your instructors for a phenomenal training course!!! I have never before experienced such an event so full of professionalism, humour, happiness, and camaraderie. It was like everyone there had known each other for years, right down to the catering family who were wonderful, and I made many new friends. The training from you and your instructors was second to none, clearly shown and explained to your obvious ultra high standards. We also got a lot of extra information outwith the training agenda. It was great to meet up with you at last, and I look forward to training with you at the next event.

  9. A very big thank you to Charlie Wildish for putting together the DVD of the training weekend a great momento and bonus to the UK weekend course.

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