Told You Fitness Is Worth It

Getting and staying fit is really worth it.

I should know – nearly collapsed today after a grueller.

I did the warm up I already told you about… and then thought… hmm… not feeling too good.

I know… rather than do one round on the bag…. because I don’t feel that good… I will only do 15… can’t manage 1!

To put that in perspective… when we say one round we mean 59 minutes non stop on the bag.

When feeling good, that is one round, when feeling ok… we do that in 2 or 3 rounds.

When feeling like this… we split it into 12 or 15 rounds.

So, 15 x 3min rounds it was.

Well… in 40+C Heat and close to 100% Humidity….. this was not nice.

In fact it was FAR from nice.

But… a deal is a deal… so it had to be done and done properly.

The ”cool down” alone took about another 45 minutes.

Then a relaxing shower I thought.

Somehow, that did not work out too well.

Rather dizzy from the heat – so a bit of a sit down by the ring and another 1.5 litres of water required.

Told a mate of mine about the ”ordeal”… and the reply was ” well, you are getting on a bit now.”

Bloody cheek.

All OK now though – several hours later.

Top Tip coming up…. make sure you are properly hydrated BEFORE you try the sessions we do.

I should follow my own advice on that one.





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