the platinum training program

Who else wants to become a true Pressure Point Fighting Expert?

become an Internationally recognised OCFM Coach


All of our Platinum Members have seen a tremendous growth in their knowledge, expertise and abilities. They have been able to achieve far more than they ever thought possible, in a very short time frame.


OCFM Coaches are recognised, valued and respected the World over. This is no accident. This has been achieved through tireless hard work and dedication through over 20 Years of travelling, teaching and training with the best to ensure that our standards are the very highest and to gain that recognition everywhere!


This has happened and continues to happen with each and every one of our illustrious Coaches. As people within their own Art realise that the knowledge they have gained and can pass on is truly groundbreaking. You will be able to halp others achieve what you have achieved.


I am not about quantity of Coaches. I am ALL ABOUT QUALITY of Coaches. This is why we limit how many Coaches in training we take on at any one time. As such, the places for this Program are STRICTLY limited.

I need to know that you are the committed and determined individual that you need to be, to complete this program.

I will not even try to convince you as to how amazing this Program is, you either want it or you don’t and only YOU can decide if this Program is right for you.

Do you know the single biggest reason that people join my Platinum Training Program?

IT WORKS… Plain and Simple.. IT JUST WORKS!

Everyone that is a part of the Platinum Family has undergone an amazing transformation and VERY quickly indeed!

why will this work for you?

Simple.. you are just like us.. you are here because you WANT to improve what you are doing.

You want to become MUCH better at your Art.

Maybe, you have tried lots of other Courses… like some of our Members you found that they did not deliver on their promises!

my program delivers – in spades

You will never get stuck wondering if someone, somewhere will help you out.

You will ALWAYS have someone on hand ready to help and assist you to get to the next level.

More on that later.

What I am saying is that we know where you are coming from, we are just like you.

We look out for our own!

And that is why Russell Stutely Platinum Training Program Members become so good and so quickly!

Following all the hooha over this Program, all the talk on the internet, in forums and blogs all over the World, the fact that you are here, considering joining us, means that you are one of three possible types of people.


You know what this Program has already done and is currently doing for people all over the World.

You have tried my products and courses

You already know that my teachings will take you to the levels that you have always wanted to achieve in your Martial Arts career.

You have already seen massive gains in your skills and abilities.

You want to have access to the same incredible information and training processes as our Internationally recognised Coaches.

Your wait is over. NOW is the time!


Maybe you have heard about The Russell Stutely Platinum Training Program phenomenon, through a Blog, Forum, a friend or even a current Member.

You don’t have ALL the information yet.

You are still looking to catapult your Martial Arts to a level you never thought possible.

You don’t quite know who I am or that this Program is EXACTLY what you need right now.

You are just beginning to look for the success that you deserve in the Martial Arts.


You may know about the Platinum Program.

You may even have attended a few Seminars or even a Training Camp.

You may even have known about this for quite a while.

You may have watched countless DVD Clips, maybe you even own a few DVD’s.

You may have taken the FREE Course Trial.

You may have read all our emails and this site from cover to cover.

For whatever reason you are still sitting on the Fence.

You may have asked other people if this stuff really is as good as people say it is.

Maybe you even know an existing Member and still can’t quite believe how amazing this program really is.

Maybe you are thinking “It just can’t be that good can it? It can’t be all that people say it is?”… YOU want to MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE that this is right for you.

If you fall into category #1
Just go ahead and trust your gut.

You have seen the results of this amazing Program, you know it is the right choice… and you just want to join now.

For the rest of you (#2 & #3)
You have the MOST to gain by reading further.

We have built a continuous educational Membership Program that INCREASES VALUE for our Members, the longer they remain with us.

We invest in our students, just as they have invested in us… more about that later.

Maybe you were beginning to believe that there was no-one out there that could teach Pressure Points correctly?

No-one that could give you the keys to unlock those secrets contained within your Kata?

Maybe you were beginning to believe that there were no real answers?

That there is no instruction manual on how to really learn Pressure Points?

There is – You have found your new home

The Platinum Training Program is unlike anything you may have witnessed in the past. 

It is truly the absolute pinnacle of online learning and training.

Once you join, our Family of Coaches and Coaches in Training are on hand to help, guide and assist, every step of your journey.

You will be a part of our ever growing OCFM Family.

And….. as such, you will be treated like Family!

about the program

The worlds leading online pressure point fighting course

  • Over 350 Online Lessons
  • Over 60 Digital Download DVDs
  • Full Instruction Pack
  • Platinum Paperwork
  • Elite Members Area
  • Constant Support & Guidance
  • Members Only Webinars
  • Platinum Facebook Group
  • Much more...

Your course can be accessed 24/7 from ANY device with an internet connection:
Smart TV, PC, Tablet or smartphone.

You know what is UNIQUE about MY PLATINUM PROGRAM?

Not only do you get help from me.. but you get help from EVERYONE ELSE on the Program PLUS all my OCFM Coaches.

So.. no matter what happens.. someone else could have every DVD.. go to a ton of seminars… train with a ton of “PP Experts”.. but YOU will still COME OUT AHEAD as a member of MY PLATINUM PROGRAM….


It is real simple…

I can sum it up in one sentence: “None of us is as SMART as ALL OF US!”

This simple fact is what keeps MY PLATINUM PROGRAM light years ahead of anything else.

You are not just getting my expertise and knowledge.

You are getting the combined expertise and knowledge of EVERYONE on the Program AND all my OCFM Coaches!

By combining EVERYONE’S knowledge and expertise…. WE HAVE ALL BECOME MUCH BETTER.

By systematically developing and teaching MY PLATINUM PROGRAM I have become MUCH BETTER at what I do and MUCH BETTER at teaching YOU to become the BEST that you can be!

If you look at MY PLATINUM PROGRAM today.. it is bigger and better than ever!

The Sky is the Limit!

We are going… and now you are coming along with us!

What people say

what you will receive

This Program is totally unique in that it will provide you with EVERYTHING you need to become a TRUE Pressure Point Fighting Expert.

Become an Internationally Recognised Pressure Point Coach and be able to teach this information, Locally, Nationally and ultimately Internationally.

This is the moment that you have been waiting for – and NOW is the time for you to become the best that you can be.

Over 350 Lessons

Your lessons can be viewed on ANY Device with an Internet connection. Follow along step-by-step and see your skills grow exponentially.

Platinum Membership

Become a member of the Elite. Full access to the complete Platinum Program, our Family of OCFM Coaches and myself.

Over 60 Digital DVDs

Over 60 DVDs For IMMEDIATE Digital download to play on ANY Device.

OCFM Coach Status

Become a FULL OCFM Coach and be a recognised Pressure Point Fighting Expert all over the World.

Plus these FREE Bonuses

enrol a training buddy - FREE

I fully understand the difficulties in getting a good training partner/s. That is why you can now ENROL a Training Buddy for FREE! They will receive EVERYTHING that you get apart from the Hard Copy Material. You can even split the cost with them if you want!

Access to a private Facebook Group

We have created a PRIVATE Facebook Group, strictly for our Platinum Members. You will be invited to join this group and be able to chat with like minded Martial Artists across the Globe.

Platinum Only Webinars

We will operate several webinars throughout the year, where we can all chat and discuss training opportunities, techniques etc in real time via Video and / or Audio link. A treasured chance to meet and share information together!

free OCFM Registration

Once you qualify as an OCFM Coach, you will receive your First Years registration absolutely FREE of charge. Saving you $1000.00!

student of the year receives a $10k Value prize

The Student Of The Year will be invited to train with me for ONE FULL WEEK at my Private Gym - FREE of charge. This would normally cost $10,000.00 minimum!

Additional Qualifications

Pressure Point Defensive Tactics (PPDT) International Instructor. Be certified to to teach Police, Security and Corporates Worldwide.

How it works

The Platinum Program is split into 2 main sections.

  • Black Belt
  • Coaching Program

Everyone has to complete the Black Belt section first.

This ensures that you have all the tools necessary and that you are truly a Master of Pressure Point fighting.

After that the Coaching Program takes you a step further and “teaches you how to teach” and at the same time adds even more to your skill base, culminating in full OCFM Coach status and a 2nd Dan in our system.

Each lesson is laid out for you in the EXACT order you need to progress at the fastest possible rate.

Do not try and jump ahead or “think” you already know it… take the time to absorb the information, learn it, train it and own it…. before you move on.

We are here to kelp you every step of the way.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Platinum Training Program is quite simply the BEST Online Pressure Point Training Program on the Planet. It is being continuously improved and updated.

NO WAY! There are NO REFUNDS AND NO EXCHANGES. This a training course that has NO TIME LIMIT. You progress at your own pace. It does not matter if you take 6 Months or 6 years to complete.

After payment you will be taken directly to your Elite Members Area. This is where you can download all your Digital Files and have access to the Platinum Lessons. Shipping is fully automated and activated upon payment.

I know that some people will compare my courses to others out there. Bear in mind that there are several reasons my courses are far superior. One is that the competitors probably learned from me in the first place. The other being that my courses are the best value, the best presented and the ONLY courses of their kind available. They are truly unique!

You will have FULL and IMMEDIATE access to this course until and AFTER you have completed it and become an OCFM Coach. We NEVER withdraw your access.

That’s great. However you will still need to start at the beginning so that we can assess your current level, just like anyone else. Previous qualifications actually mean very little to us. It is your CURRENT STANDARD that matters.

We use the very latest in Internet and shopping cart technology. Russell Stutely Productions NEVER see your card details.

If you are the type of person that is looking to find a catch or something like that, then keep looking. There are NO CATCHES. It is this simple, we will do EVERYTHING we can to help you succeed. BUT… You have to put the work, time and effort into that as well. If you do nothing, then you will get no results. If you work hard then you will be amazed at what you will accomplish.

start today

The Platinum Training Program

$ 6995
  • Full and IMMEDIATE Access to the Platinum Training Program
  • Over 60 DVDs for immediate Digital Download
  • Exclusive BONUS Content
  • Enrol a FREE Training Buddy - They get FULL Access and ALL the Downloads - Value $3995
  • Facebook Group - Elite group, just for our OCFM Family of Coaches and coaches in Training. They are on hand for help and guidance, every step of the way. - Value $997
  • Platinum Webinars - Direct Video contact, Q&A several times a year. - Value $297
  • FREE OCFM Registration. After graduation, your first year of registration is absolutely FREE - Value $1000
  • Student Of The Year - A chance to become the Student of the Year and receive a full week of personal training with russell Stutely - Value $10,000
  • The full support of me and my team of OCFM coaches around the globe

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