The Old Fat Coach Podcast #26 – Guest, Scott Bolan

Scott is a great mate of mine – we have worked together on many projects.

He is always on hand to help his customers / clients.

I can’t recommend him highly enough!

A pioneer in martial arts and personal development, Scott Bolan is an acclaimed author, speaker, mentor and peak performance coach. Through his seminars, audio and video courses and coaching, he empowers thousands of people worldwide.

From humble beginnings in a broken home and poverty to worldwide success, Scott Bolan’s journey as a warrior began at the age of 8 when he embarked on a lifelong study of martial arts, philosophy and mental training. He discovered martial arts secrets could be used for mastery in every area of life with what is known as the Apex: the highest point which cuts through any obstacle. His revolutionary teachings and bestselling breakthrough programs have helped countless people achieve success. You can read more about Scott here.

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