State Of the Union – Martial Arts 2015

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10 Responses

  1. Another great video… thanks Russell.

    I have been teaching traditional yoshinkan aikido since 1992. Since studying with Russell in 2010, and getting many of his excellent dvd’s, I have included the unique principles (players to the game) into what I do.

    It has greatly improved my effectiveness and power. I highly recommend his products and seminars!

    I now also teach Self Defence Seminars several times a year that cover the amazing information that I have learnt and continue to study.

    Thanks again Russell… I appreciate it!

  2. Hi Russell,

    Just wanted to say thanks my friend.

    A great message and start for the year, clear, concise and importantly, sincere.

    Best to you and Mark my friend.


  3. You approach the subject like an engineer. I appreciate basic principles that apply in any situation. Must be flexible as each situation is unique, but interestingly, the principles you identify always apply. You have my attention and deepest respect….and of course I take every opportunity to learn from you.

  4. Master Stutely, I HEARD your State of the Union Address but do to computer failure could not SEE you. It was good and I agree that the martial arts are in decline relative to the UFC. With the input of people such as yourself and GM Moneymaker, I think the arts will eventually correct themselves. It is the sincere sharing of the arts that will improve it . I try to share by encouraging the healing arts also get learned along side the fighting arts. It is not healthy to walk around with a head full of destructive material. One should be balanced and know the healing arts, for a proper YIN & YANG balance.

  5. Great speech Russell, all very true. I tell my students much the same thing in that the traditional martial art is more for the aesthetics and health and flexibility as well as a little bit of history.
    I put it down a little simpler to 3 categopries. The martial art, with our fighting stance(usable) but no one is ever in the “front stance in real life. The sport fighting which includes no-contact,light contact, etc. even MMA. And then there’s real life. Obviously the difference between sport fighting and real life “There Are No Rules In Real Life”
    Your courses have been a great addition to my training and teaching.
    Have a great day!

  6. I concur in the lack of depth of knowledge and depth of understanding on the subject of Poomsae, Kata, Patterns, Forms in traditional martial arts.

    No one would engage in a confrontation using the traditional long stances, large circular movements, etc. found in the Kata. It was never meant to be so. In a flight or fight scenario, everything shortens up, allowing powerful techniques to carry through.

    Breathing practices in the Kata, including yelling, are to foster the habit of breathing in a flight or fight scenario when breathing wants to shorten when scared or intensely excited.

    The practice of mushin is very much practiced in Kata, or the ability to separate oneself from the outcome, and be in the moment to keep from “freezing up” in a flight or fight scenario.

    I’ve heard much with the “hidden/secret” movements in the Kata. I do know of multiple uses for many of the techniques in Kata. But the over riding benefit of Kata lies in the ability to develop power with the synchronization of the entire body in to a technique.

    It’s in the years of practice of Kata, Poomsae, Forms, Patterns, which allowed me to recognize the value in the Programs that Russell Stutely offers.

  7. Hello,Russell, A great communication regarding coaching of martial arts the contents are excellent ,and well doubt there will be good follow up from coaches of all martial arts .kind regards RON JONES 5th dan judo

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