Skill Appreciation

How many times do we as Martial Artists look at what someone is doing and completely fail to appreciate their skills?

Often we are so pre-occupied with our own “agenda” that we do not see what is right in front of us.

We judge it so quickly – Will it work for SD? Will it work in the Cage?

What we should really be doing is checking out the skills involved to do what the practitioner is doing. We should appreciate the hard work, commitment, dedication and practice that has gone into this end result.

You do not have to like it to admire it!

I remember several years ago, the great fighter Cro Cop mentioned something along the lines of… I do not like Violin playing… but I can certainly appreciate the time, effort and dedication that it takes to play to orchestra standard.

We should take this view and apply it across the range of MA Skills.

For example, Tai Chi. It ain’t for me… I have tried it so many times. I can never remember what move comes next. I am not the most graceful of fellas. So, I struggle to look any good at that art.

However, when I see the likes of GM Willie Lim move and demonstrate Tai Chi, then I can CERTAINLY appreciate the amazing skills that are being shown.

Another example is stick fighting. It ain’t for me. Put a stick in my hand and I am extremely dangerous – to myself only of course!

Then I watch Richard Cotterill in action and can only sit in awe of the skillset shown.

To make everything look this easy takes an amount of dedication, practice, determination, practice, skill, practice, a degree of natural ability and practice that few have the mindset to do.

Note the words practice above! That is the actual key you know…. Not so much to do with natural ability (though that can play a part) but how you practice.

Recently I have been researching how to become a better Coach. I have been practicing being a better Coach. To do that I am learning how to understand the skills being shown. To be more appreciative of how and why that person can do what they can do.

This helps ENORMOUSLY in teaching others.

Here are some youtube clips that I HIGHLY recommend you watch:

This is Lennart Green doing some amazing close up card magic:



This is Sir Ken Robinson talking about education:



These are fascinating and will give you an amazing insight into some incredible people.

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