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  • 2020 All New Platinum Program / Founder Members
  • The Assassin Academy
  • The ALL NEW Pressure Point Defensive Tactics system

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All new Pressure Point Defensive Tactics System

The full online course and all downloads are available here.

2020 Russell Stutely Store

All DVD and Digital download purchased in 2020 from are here for you. Remember you have lifetime access to these products.


  • Total Destruction
  • Pressure Point Training With Russell Stutely
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  • 2020 All New Platinum - Founder Members

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    All DVD and Digital download purchases from are here for you. Remember you have lifetime access to these products.

  • Pressure Point FREE Course
  • Pressure Point Fighting Course (PPFC)
  • Pressure Point Defensive Tactics Course (PPDT)
  • Pressure Point Black Belt Course (PPBB)
  • The Platinum Training Program
  • The Pressure Point Self Defense System

    This system was considered SO BRUTAL that it was immediately BANNED by the Police and the Military.

    The Assassin Academy

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    How To Beat The Big Guy

    Gracie BJJ Self Defense 3 DVD Set