Russell Stutely on the Snap No Tap Podcast

On Sunday, I was asked to be on the Podcast for Tony Cecchine.

Tony is a Catchwrestling legend and a great friend.

It was an honour to be on there and great fun.

If you can get to the end of this Podcast you will have done well… I do talk a lot!

Enjoy and let us know what you think – and get over to see Tonys stuff at

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3 Responses

  1. Gents, i just got done listening to all that (in several instalments) and it is great stuff, thanks!

    So many little nuggets of wisdom earned through experience and summarised so well the phrase encapsulates the principle so all can understand.

    What I particularly liked about it was the set up as though the viewer is part if a conversation ‘down the pub/bar’ where much more is revealed because you are both riffing off each other. It’s like because you both know your subjects so well some of the things you could say are so obvious to you you might not think to say them but yet because your both expounding on each otherwise points it draws out more of your knowledge and ideas building on what each has said that those things you might not have thought to say come out in the conversation. Joe & Nico add to that great too as they asked the very questions that came to my mind whilst listening that then lead the conversation to some really interesting sub topics or anecdotes you might not have thought to cover.

    Made for a long episode but so what!

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Glad you liked it Dave…. we had no idea that we had gone on for that long… time just flew.

      It really was an honour to be a part of it.. Tony really knows his stuff.

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