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It really is this simple.

I do not teach anything that does not work.

As a National Boxing Coach and someone who still spars regularly in Boxing, I can smell BS a mile away.

As a Coach it is my job to make sure that you are as efficient as possible in all aspects of your Art, whether that be for sports combat or for self defense.

I have to ensure that when you attack, you are as defended and as safe as you possibly can be.

I have to ensure that when you defend, you are defended as well as you can be and at the same time are ready to initiate an attack.

This is achieved by an in-depth analysis of Body Mechanics, Body Dynamics, Body Physics, Balance, Distancing, Timing and many other aspects of the fight.
This enables a deep understanding of technique and the hows and whys of its workings.

Once this is understood and able to be applied, we can then add in the knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (ONLY as it relates to fighting) and various other aspects to increase the effectiveness of techniques.

It is up to the individual, in that moment of time when needed, to understand what can and can’t be achieved. To understand what has the highest percentage chance of success.

For example – you probably would not attempt a spinning hook kick on icy ground!

Common sense plays a huge part in your self defense and sports combat.

My systems are used by over 100 Police Academies worldwide and over 20,000 Security Officers per year. Add in the 1000’s of Martial Artists and this is some number.

This is no accident.

It is because my systems work and they work FAST!

Great Coaches Are Not Cheap,
Cheap Coaches Are Not Great!

A great coach is a rare and valuable asset, as they possess a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and leadership skills.

First and foremost, a great coach must have a deep understanding of combat sports and self defense and its various techniques, styles, and strategies. 

This includes knowledge of punches, footwork, defense, counterattacks, and combinations, as well as the ability to analyze an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a game plan accordingly, either prior to and/or during the fight.

In addition to technical knowledge, a great coach must also have a keen understanding of ringcraft / personal space, or the art of positioning oneself and one’s opponent within the ring/ area to maximize one’s chances of success. 

This includes concepts such as balance, timing, movement, and distance control, as well as the ability to adapt to different fighting styles and conditions.

Great coaches are also able to effectively communicate their knowledge and strategies to their students and help them to develop the mental and physical toughness needed to succeed either in combat sports or for self defense. 

This requires not only a strong rapport with one’s students, but also the ability to motivate and inspire them to push themselves to their limits.

Finally, it is worth noting that great coaches are difficult to find, as they require a combination of natural talent, years of experience, and a deep dedication to the sport/art. 

This is especially true in the world of combat sports / self defense, where the demands on coaches are high and the competition is fierce.

In conclusion, the qualities required to be a great coach are numerous and varied, and include technical knowledge, ringcraft / spatial awareness, communication skills, and the ability to motivate and inspire. 

Such coaches are rare and highly valued, and their contributions to combat sports and self defense cannot be overstated.

This is exactly the type of coaching you will receive from me.

It is my job to take your skills to the next level!

To find out if you like what I teach and my style of teaching, simply take the FREE DVD below – No card required.


What My Clients Say

I can personally vouch as to the effectiveness of every one of Russell's techniques. His knowledge of Martial Arts is vast - I call him the "Encyclopedia".
Chann Seyha
Professional Fighter and Trainer
After purchasing all of Russells' DVD's, I went to train with him personally. Within one week I had learned more than the last 25 years of being a Black Belt.
Paul Mracek
OCFM International Coach

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