Pressure Point Self Defense

Pressure Points Self Defense

Pressure Points Self Defense, is actually the incorrect term.

What it should be is Self Defense utilising Pressure Points CORRECTLY.

Have a look at the clip below to understand what I mean:


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2 Responses

  1. I agree. The essential point of pressure point fighting is knowing what to hit for maximum effect. It’s effective application largely depends on the speed, accuracy, timing of delivery and of course the heart of the fighter. In the real world, we have to be street smart by avoiding confrontations but fast enough to hit hard and exit a confrontation quickly. I have gained a lot of knowledge in all the materials that I have acquired from you and I have passed the essentials to my children, my friends, and employees not for them to be warriors but confident individuals who can face adversity in the streets without loosing their heads in panic. Not everybody has the time and resources to study in a dojo. A little knowledge of pressure points and a strong heart goes a long way. But nothing really beats actual real training and how I wish you could put up a school here in my area.

  2. I often think about pressure point systems and working them in with whatever martial art or fighting system which has been taught. I am sure there would be certain advantages over untrained person. Having said that, I think the element of surprise would also equally be of some advantage incorporated with pressure point attacks, accurate targeting and hard hitting, would that work in a street brawl? Going back and looking at Bruce Lee who oozed confidence and appeared to know he could walk the walk, talk the talk, I wonder if his one inch punch struck a pressure point which in turn knocked his opponent backward? I do think that if you have the confidence to utilise martial arts it would work, would the style need to be modified? Over the years, I have met and trained with some interesting and devastating practitioners who have been quite impressive in a dojo and I wonder sometimes whether the art shown would actually work, when you actually chat to these individuals and find out they are hardened security people, street fighters, UFC Fighters I think otherwise so imagine adding pressure points and I would think there lies an ultimate fighter. I would like to finally add, most of the pressure point training I have experienced has been to date via DVD more recently Steve Burtons Dim Mak and of course yourself.

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