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As a Coach, it is my job to present to you the very best training methodology I possibly can.

Whether that be for Sports Combat, Self Defense or just so that you have the knowledge for your own personal reasons.

To that end, I ensure that everything taught is practical, easy to understand, easy to apply and just as importantly, damned effective!

So, let me tell you more about this 6 DVD Set; Pressure Points Black.

Over the course of the filming we broke down the body into several component parts – and then I applied my secrets to EVERY aspect of the body.

Remember something important here: I am The World Leader – Pressure Point Fighting. I have learned from the true MASTERS in this game…and have honed my own skills through years of study and real-world experience that few Pressure Point guys ever experience.

So we looked at BLACK Pressure Point secrets for the head, arm, leg, torso and so on.

We wanted to stop at nothing to bring you this Ultimate Set.

I then applied the same secrets from over 20 years of studying Chinese Medicine to every aspect of the body…and then threw in some additional secrets to take the power of these Pressure Points up a notch – to this, new, higher-power ‘black’ level.

I understand the body – anatomically and physiologically – better than anyone else in the game.

I looked at everything you need to bring you up to ‘mastery’ level of these black Pressure Points secrets…body-balance-analysis…quadrants…and tons more material you’ve never seen before.

This is high-level Pressure Points stuff that YOU can use to immediately take-out whatever comes at you on the street.

But I want to emphasise something here, before we go any further…And that’s this: although this is powerful stuff, it’s not ‘MUMBO JUMBO’.

You know the kind of thing…stuff which sounds great but simply isn’t pragmatic.

Well, this is pragmatic Pressure Point material.

Stuff that actually WORKS on the street.

As a quick demo of this, you’ll see and hear the anguish of the people in the DVDs…showing you how real this is.

And here’s something else important… I make sure to ground everything for everyone initially, so even if you are starting out with Pressure Points, you will still get quickly up to speed.

As filming progressed I ventured into the realm of ”Technique Enhancers”. This is the kind of material that will make the Pressure Point material you learn even more powerful.

These technique enhancers are simple secrets that have been developed (and tested) over many years to ‘ratchet’ up the power of all aspects of Self Defense and Pressure Point Fighting.

Here’s one example: the technique of the heavy hand.

How would you like a 200KG hand?

Sounds impossible, right?

You’re right, it does. And, of course, you can’t suddenly develop a 200 Kilogram hand. Or can you?

Well, you’ll see some simple tricks I use on these DVDs to INCREASE the perceived weight of my hands…so hitting an attacker will feel like you’re using an iron bar to clobber him. 

Combine this ‘technique enhancer’ with the Pressure Point secrets you’ll learn – and, WOW…get ready!

There’s plenty more on technique enhancers too…stuff on body vibration (the secret to magnifying the power of a Pressure Point strike)…disguising your strikes…using the technique enhancer of body balance Points…and plenty more.

Now, once you’ve been grounded in these Technique Enhancers, I went through all these ‘black magic’ Pressure Points throughout every aspect of the body.

So I just started at the head…moved down through the arms, torso, legs…and just looked at the front and back of the body – everything!

Stopping at nothing to bring you the BEST EVER set we’ve put out for our customers who want the ultimate knowledge of truly dynamite Pressure Point secrets.

Anthony Blades

I Am Always Sceptical

“If you are anything like me you are sceptical of ANY Claims on the Internet. I first saw Russell's claims in the Martial Arts Magazines nearly 20 Years ago. I then realised I only lived less than 2 miles from his Gym. So, I decided to take a look. As a former European Champion, I thought I had pretty much seen it all. How wrong I was.
From the very first session I was amazed, shocked and more importantly HOOKED! Everything we did suddenly had NEW and MUCH MORE Painful meaning, with a lot less effort”. I have been training with and helping teach ever since!

ANTHONY BLADES - 7th Dan Shotokan

what is on this DVD Set


Learning how and why the body works from a fight perspective is paramount to your knowledge base.

This is the ”foundation” of what you need to know, in order to truly make everything else work MUCH better.


This is a ”bring up to speed” DVD that adds an EXTRA DIMENSION to everything that you do.

In fact, JUST the information on this DVD will TRANSFORM your skills in just a few short hours of learning.

Take the time, to watch this DVD multiple times – as it is PACKED with information.
Each time you watch it, you will find another Gem to add to your arsenal.


Watch and learn as you are taken a guided tour, with DETAILED EXPLANATION AND DEMONSTRATION of the weak areas of the body, from Head to Toe.

Not only are these areas detailed for you, but you are also shown the VERY BEST way to attack them, for the VERY BEST Effect.


When it comes a Self defense situation, there may well be times when a takedown is required, or even some standing or ground grappling.

In that situation, you need to know what to do, to win immediately, or get into the best position to win.

This DVD takes you through all those scenarios with DETAILED instruction.


From data collected from Police Forces throughout the UK, USA and Europe and from Home Office statistics we know the Top Ten Attacks you are most likely to encounter on the street.

We go through them one by one detailing the best way to deal with them, utilising the knowledge gained so far. 



Once you are armed with the information from the first 5 DVD’s, you need to know how to apply all of that into any technique.

This DVD contains some tried and trusted techniques of absolute devastation.

Practice with extreme care!

More of what you will learn

  • TRUE ‘Black Magic’ Secrets: How to hit a Pressure Point and keep the ENERGY from that Point inside the body. This is for maximum pain and the ability to drop anyone. This is serious stuff
  • How to split the biceps of your street attacker (ideal for grab attacks). You’ll know what to do to cause excruciating pain to your attacker with these black Pressure Point strikes to the arms.
  • ‘Black’ secrets of joint release: this involves ‘tricking’ the brain into loosening up the joints so that they are easily broken. Not for everyone. And only to be used in emergencies, when your life is in danger.
  • How to work tendons, triceps and more parts of the arms with Black Magic Pressure Points. Any arm grabs, attacks and such like become MUCH EASIER when you hold these Pressure Points secrets in your arsenal.
  • How to apply a black Pressure Point to the ankle …ideal when you’re floored. Remarkably, of all the famous Martial Artists that I have met, NO-ONE has ever stood up to this black Pressure Point! It’s a fight finisher. Full details revealed!
  • How to use ‘opposite effects’ Pressure Points on the opponents head to drop like a sack of King Edward potatoes.
  • How to use my Numbering System with your partner to ensure you don’t cause excessive pain to each other, if you decide to practice on someone else
  • Instant Knockout Points to use on the head. Geez, these ‘black’ Pressure Point secrets are g-o-o-d and super-powerful!
  • How to instantly spin an attacker’s head using a black Pressure Point in the attacker’s CHIN. Great for just controlling someone, when you want to ‘play’ with him
  • Why most boxers hit UP when they strike…when you’re actually best off hitting downwards (you’ll see the devastating results ‘live’!). These kinds of ‘black’ strikes are seriously powerful…no matter how big your opponent!
  • How to apply black Pressure Point strikes to the torso – not much power required with these Points – and you’ll see the participants look on in disbelief!
  • My secrets of ‘compound maximisation’. This is incredible. You’ll learn how hitting TWO Points simply doubles the power of each black Point. (you won’t believe this until you see it. It’s ‘Black Magic’ type stuff!)
  • How to apply my principle of Linkage…so you’ll be apply to link two (or more) Pressure Points together. The result is an opponent who is left as a pile of quivering blubber

A fair warning: this material does contain swearing from the participants involved.

At one Point, you’ll even see a participant refuse to carry on. He simply couldn’t take it any more!

We’ve never had that on ANY previous shoot that we’ve done, by the way.

Were we done with just these ‘black’ secrets?

Far from it… Prior to filming the Set, we also looked at some Home Office stats.


Well, we wanted to see what kind of attacks the Home Office have reported as the most carried out by scumbag muggers on the street.

We took these ‘Top Ten Home Office Attacks’…and I just had to address them, showing how anyone learning these black pressure point secrets could demolish a street attacker who even TRIED one of these attacks on you!

So not only will you get all these black pressure point secrets…not only will you see them demonstrated ‘live’…with full technique enhancers…but you’ll also see them ‘lined up’ against this list of Home Office common attacks.

So you’ll have every angle covered.

I’m talking about bottling (make the coward drop and think twice about EVER doing that again, to anyone), ‘football kicks’ (common from Neanderthal idiots who don’t know the first thing about, well, anything), slasher attacks…even ‘bullies’ headlocks.

I will SHOW YOU exactly how to use just ONE ‘black’ pressure point strike (in fact, that’s what this is really all about) to take out any of these kinds of cowardly attacks.

It doesn’t matter how big, armed or grizzly he is…they ALL drop when you use these ‘black’ pressure point secrets on their body.

They have no other choice! It’s the way they’re ‘wired’.

To round everything off, we also looked at tested FINISHING moves based on pressure points – ways to use these black pressure point secrets to finish the fight FAST.

Our idea here was to give you a ‘final crescendo’ of devastation – culminating in these black-magic-like finishing moves, based on my ultra-powerful black pressure point secrets.

Every move in this section has been done in REAL-LIFE…with ultra results.

Needless to say…these BLACK FINISHERS are only to be used in the most dire of circumstances.

I’m talking multiple bullies who are eager to mush you into hamburger, or a similar kind of scenario that warrants extreme action (and only extreme action; the law, as always, says that you only use defence which is relevant to the situation).

That applies across the board with this or any other material.

You ONLY use what’s required to defend yourself adequately.

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