The Russell Stutely
Pressure Point Black Belt Course

If you truly want to become a Pressure Point fighting expert and have the chance to be certified and recognised as a Bona Fide Black Belt, then this is for you!

Get the "Behind Closed Doors" Secret Teachings Of MARTIAL ARTS MASTERY Directly From The Worlds Leading Pressure Point Fighting Authority!

Become A Force To Be Reckoned With, In A Customized Online Pressure Point BLACK BELT Course That Gives YOU The Skills To Control, Break, Or Even KILL A Bigger, Stronger Attacker When Necessary – At Will!

Unlock the Secrets of Pressure Point Fighting

Master the Art of Self Defense with Russell Stutely

Are you ready to transform yourself into a living weapon? Look no further, because you’re about to learn Pressure Point Fighting from the world’s leading expert, Russell Stutely.

As a true pioneer in the application of Pressure Points for Martial Arts, Sports Combat, and, most importantly, Self Defense, Russell Stutely has empowered thousands of Martial Artists and Self Defense enthusiasts worldwide. 

With a lifelong dedication to Martial Arts, he brings an infectious passion for correct teachings and technique to every training session, even in his late 50s.

Why Choose Russell Stutely as Your Mentor?

Russell will take your techniques to unprecedented levels of effectiveness. You’ll discover how to double or even triple the power of your strikes and precisely target the pressure points for maximum impact. His teaching methods are crystal clear, concise, and immediately effective.

Russell’s systems are not just popular; they’re essential training at over 100 Police Academies and hundreds of Security Companies, certifying over 20,000 Officers each year. He only teaches what has been proven to work under the most stressful conditions.

As a National Boxing Coach and an active sparring enthusiast, Russell can spot inauthentic techniques from a mile away. Your safety and efficiency in all aspects of your art, whether Martial, Sports Combat, or Self Defense, are his top priorities.

Your Journey Starts Here

Don’t miss this opportunity to become the best version of yourself. 

I am here to elevate your skills to the next level.

World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting
National Boxing Coach - Cambodia

It is my job to take your skills to the next level. That is EXACTLY what I specialise in doing.


The Benefits Of My Course

The Russell Stutely Online Pressure Point Black Belt Course has been designed from the ground up, with one purpose in mind.

That is, to take your skills to TRUE Pressure Point Fighting Black Belt level, in the most efficient manner possible.

We achieve this due to our extensive knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

As the Worlds leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach and my 20+ years experience of travelling the Globe, teaching this material, I am 100% confident in everything that I teach.

Every single technique has been, what you might call ”rigorously field-tested”.

You will be guided step by step along your journey to Black Belt Mastery.

Nothing has been left to chance. These systems have been proven for thousands of people, just like you.

You simply follow along, each lesson, step by step and you will be guided, helped and encouraged all the way.

We want YOU to become the best that you can possibly be, in the most efficient manner possible.

This course can be accessed 24/7 from ANY device with an Internet connection.

Simply login at your convenience from your Phone, Tablet, Computer or even your Smart TV and carry on with your lessons.

Start from where you left off, or simply browse the lessons available.

Take to the Gym, or train in the comfort of your own home, the choice is yours.

What People Say

Discover Excellence: Unveiling the Superiority of my Online Courses

Making the claim that our online courses are the best might seem bold, but let’s delve into why that statement stands strong, allowing you to form your own informed opinion.

Data-Driven Excellence

We don’t make claims lightly. 

Our assurance comes from meticulous analysis of data collected from our online customers, subscribers, current course members, and the myriad individuals who have benefited from our courses over the years. 

We scrutinize the teaching methods that yield the best results and continuously refine our approach.

The Science of Superior Teaching

Our commitment to excellence extends to the realm of online teaching itself. 

We explore and evaluate the most effective systems for delivering information, ensuring that our courses not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

Rigorous testing is at the core of our process – we scrutinize every aspect until we are unequivocally confident in its correctness.

Strategic Planning for Success

At the planning stage, we set our end goal: to provide the absolute best online course, tailored to the subject at hand – in this case, Pressure Point Black Belt. 

Drawing from the experiences of thousands of Martial Arts across numerous countries, we know the optimal lessons to teach and the most effective sequence in which to present them.

Precision Filming and Production

Filming and production are meticulous processes that can span weeks. 

We ensure correct camera angles, collaborate with professional TV film crews, and meticulously plan every detail. 

Every moment is captured with precision, analyzed for perfection, and refined for the highest level of clarity during instruction.

Thorough Testing Process

Our courses undergo a stringent testing process. 

From alpha testers to beta testers, we seek feedback from a select group to ensure that our courses not only meet but exceed expectations. 

Only when it passes with flying colors does it become available to you.

The Russell Stutely Advantage

What sets us apart is not just the process; it’s also the fact that your instructor and coach for these lessons is none other than Russell Stutely – the world’s leading authority on the subject. 

With my expertise, there’s little room for doubt when we proclaim that these are the best online courses available anywhere—period.

Embark on a journey of excellence. 

Start my online Pressure Point Black Belt Course now and experience the unparalleled quality we proudly stand behind.

Discover the difference today. 

Your path to mastery starts here.

What People say

As a former 3 Time European Heavyweight grappling champion and MMA Fighter, I have a good understanding of what works and what does not. Several years ago I met up with Russell. His Pressure Point systems transformed my existing skills. Since then I have become a Black Belt and gone on to International OCFM Coach status within Russells system. Join now - It just works and is so simple to learn.
John Andrews
OCFM International Coach
I have known Russell for several years now. I have a long and extremely deep knowledge of the Martial Arts for Combat and Self Defense. The Pressure Point expertise of Russell is quite simply head and shoulders above anyone else on the Planet. If you truly want to become a Pressure Point Fighting Black Belt expert, and real quick, get started now. He is the best.
Scott Bolan
Elite Martial Artist, Author & Coach
He knows what self defense is all about. I was voted one of the 20 most dangerous men in the World by Black Belt Magazine a few years back. I held several world records and am recognised as the worlds leading catchwrestling coach. I have seen it all in Martial Arts and the self defense world. Russell Stutely knows what he is doing - simple as that. His methods and techniques are superbly put together and are genuinely crippling. I consider Russell a true friend.
Tony Cecchinne
Catch Wrestling Legend
Perfectly constructed to enhance your skills. I first met Russell many years ago in Gozo (a tiny little island off Malta) and my skills were transformed. His systems can't fail to work for you. they are so easy to follow, that beginners in Russells system can outshine seasoned Martial Artists in ability and depth of knowledge. I reached PPDT International Status and OCFM Coach International status and have never looked back. Over 20,000 Security Officers have taken the Self Defense system (PPDT) that Russell taught.
Paul Mracek
OCFM International Coach

Here is one of the lessons from the course

This point, struck hard, will cause the bad guy to lose control of the Bladder and possibly the Bowels, whilst at the same time, dropping them, real fast.

This technique is being used with great success by Law Enforcement, Door Security and people just like you who are joining my Pressure Point Black Course.

More of what you will learn...

Punching: The REAL secret to hitting MASSIVELY hard. You WILL hit with amazing Power and impact, with each and every punch you make.

Balance: You will learn how and why the body is balanced. How to take that balance from your opponent and use this to your advantage. If your opponent has NO Balance… he can’t fight properly… if YOU are in balance you can hit with ALL of your available POWER and Impact.

Body Alarm Reaction (BAR): What happens to your body and brain during the stress of a REAL Fight… and more importantly HOW to use this information to YOUR advantage… truly groundbreaking material!

Locks: How to put absolutely crippling locks onto your opponent… to the point whereby you can literally snap whatever you have hold of like a pencil… truly life changing techniques

Strangles: How to put your opponent to sleep IMMEDIATELY. Forget struggling for a rear naked choke, the strangle is where it’s at!

Takedowns: Learn the MOST SLAMMING and POWERFUL Takedowns out there. Finish the fight there and then.

Neck cranks: Should I really say, neck breaks! These are simply Devastating – train with caution!

Pressure Points: Where they are, how they work, the whole “science” required for Martial purposes, No fluff, no fancy BS, just how and why at a Combat Level.

Pressure Point KNOCK-OUTS: How to practice them, do them and utilise them wherever and whenever you want! More importantly, how to revive someone who has been K.O’d!

Players: The tiny little secrets that make ALL the difference, between a stun and a knockout, between pain and blackout, between escape and submission, between losing and winning – what they are and how to utilize them in EACH AND EVERY move you make.

Plus… SO MUCH MORE it would take several pages to outline it all here.

How Does It Work?

This is an online training course that you take at your own pace.

You can be assessed a lesson at a time, a section at a time or indeed whenever you want.

We will assess you and let you know exactly where you are.

Each lesson is filmed in full Hi-Definition with multiple camera angles, either in the Studio or down at the Gym.

The lessons can be viewed on ANY device and have been optimised for viewing on all mainstream devices; Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop and large Screen Smart TV.

You can think of the course as 3 Belts long – Blue, Brown and that coveted Black Belt.

These can be considered as belt Modules if you like.

We have categorised them as:

Each module contains sections and each section contains your individual lessons.

They are set up in the order recommended for the quickest progression and learning.

We set the highest possible standards – and as such you will be required to meet those standards to become certified.

This is definitely NOT a Belt Factory!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Immediately upon completion of payment. Our system will automatically log you in to the Online Gym. Keep an eye on your inbox too, we will email you full details as well.

We got you covered. Our systems can be learnt so quickly and easily, due to our clear and concise teaching methods, that you will be amazed at how good and how quick you advance.

Have another look at those testimonials. Those guys are EXPERTS in their fields and yet they still took this knowledge on board and added it to their training. Sometimes it does us Black Belts good to be a White Belt again!

We have left nothing to chance. Our systems have been proven to work for over 20 years. We have continuously evolved and updated everything to make the process as easy to follow as ABC.

YOU are in charge of YOUR membership. If you need to cancel at any time you are free to do so, without penalty. All we ask is that you let us know when and why as a courtesy.

get started on your journey to becoming a pressure point fighting black belt


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