Who else wants to learn the ultimate in
Self Defense?

Learn the system that is so Brutal, that it was IMMEDIATELY BANNED by the Police and Military.

Introducing the revolution in self defense training:

The Russell Stutely
Pressure Point Self Defense System

This brand new Pressure Point Self Defense System (PPSDS) from the Worlds Leading authority, is set to revolutionise the way you view and practice self defense.

I want you to imagine this scenario for just one moment:

  • Take the universally agreed best techniques
  • Then SUPERCHARGE that technique and make TWICE as efficient.
  • Then DOUBLE or even TREBLE the amount of POWER you can generate.
  • Then MASSIVELY increase the SPEED of your technique.
  • Do the above for EVERY technique you know PLUS the hundreds you are about to learn.
This material is so powerful, it’s almost unfair.
We can just imagine some airy fairy land snowflakes being offended at your new found abilities to absolutely destroy and annihilate any would be attacker.

This new world of violence demands this sad truth.

The only answer to violence - is better violence!

But hey, we are getting ahead of ourselves here.
Before we go any further, you need to know who is going to be teaching you this material and why they are the person you need to learn from.

russell stutely, your instructor

Russell is the Worlds leading Pressure Point Fighting Coach.

His systems are required learning at 100 Police Academies worldwide.

Over 20,000 Security Officers are certified each year in his systems.

Inducted into the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame AND into the Combat Hall Of Fame he has been at the forefront of TRUE Martial Arts, Sports Combat and Self Defense teaching for nearly 2 decades.

"I am 100% committed to ensuring that the Pressure Point Self Defense System is the most practical, efficient, deadly and easy to learn system on the Planet."

Russell Stutely


  • World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting
  • OCFM International Coach
  • PPDT International Instructor
  • Cop Tactics - Master Instructor
  • 6th Dan Karate Jutsu
  • 4th Dan RyuKyu Kempo
  • Fight Trainer
  • Boxing Coach

I have worked Security in many Countries on 3 Continents.

My systems are required learning at Police Academies around the Globe, with over 20,000 Security Officers certified each year.

I have had my jaw broke, teeth knocked out, ribs broke and still carried on fighting.

I know what it is like to have to dig deep to stay alive.

I tell you this not to sound like some kind of tough guy – but purely to let you know, that you are in the right place when it comes to Self Defense training.

what people are saying

Devastating Effectiveness

As an Instructor of multiple Martial Arts of many years experience, and as a former CEO of a Security Firm, I can attest to the absolute effectiveness of Russell Stutely’s OCFM technology.
It has at least doubled the effectiveness and power of EVERYTHING I do. As a practising Emergency Physician and Instructor in the Management of trauma, I can attest to the DEVASTATING CONSEQUENCES of these techniques to the body of any would be assailant.
Dr Eddie Emmanuel
OCFM County Coach

The Best Self Defense

If I was allowed to use the Self Defense techniques that Russell teaches, I would have destroyed Joshua.
If you truly want to learn the VERY BEST in Self Defense, then Russell is the man.
Listen... I have done hundreds of rounds of sparring with Russell... he is the real deal.
Nothing else out there matches what Russell teaches - it is SO EASY to use and apply. You NEED to learn this material - TODAY!
Paul Butlin
Former Pro Heavyweight - Area Champ

Learn From The Man

I first met up with Russell in the late 90's, when I went to his gym to see what all the Pressure Point Fighting fuss was about.
It was there that I found someone who TRULY understands about ALL the aspects of fighting.
He is the BEST Martial Arts Coach I have ever met.
Since that time we have taught together, trained together and done hundreds of rounds of sparring together.
Herol Graham
Herol "Bomber" Graham
Former 3 time, 3 weight Champ

Everything Just Works!

After buying all of Russells DVDs and joining his famous Platinum Program - I decided to actually go and train with him personally for one week. What a week that was - the amount of truly great information given was mind-blowing.
The way Russell teaches - it is so simple to pick up.
Since that week I have trained with Russell many times and have gone on to produce a Defensive Tactics program for Australia and OCFM Int. Coach status.
Paul Mracek
OCFM International Coach

easy to learn

Follow along step by step throughout each clearly labelled module. Takes the learning process to new heights.

extreme power

The new found power you will possess is truly frightening - for the the bad guys out there!

total confidence

Imagine the feeling of total confidence (without being over-confident) of knowing that you have the skills to handle any situation.


My incredible support team and myself are on hand to help you in any way possible.

How it works

We all know that every Self Defense situation is different.

There may well be and indeed usually are some common themes, but still, every time is different.

Knowing this and knowing how the mind works it is imperative to understand that you can’t have the standard “monkey see, monkey do” approach – especially when your life is on the line!

So, we have to teach this in a way that gives you sound principles along with each and every technique that you are shown.

In this way, you can adapt to any given situation – instantly!


How you will learn

The Pressure Point Self Defense System has been broken down into Modules that can be used as “stand-a-lone mini systems” or be used together to enhance the system even further.

Let me give you a simple example to make this more clear.

The Power Striking Module (where you will double or even treble your striking power) works great on its own.

The Pressure Point Knockout Module (where you learn how to KO your opponent with ease) also works great on its own.

Now, think how powerful this becomes when you merge that knowledge together and you can imagine just how incredible this system is.

Then imagine how incredible this becomes when you add the knowledge of many modules together – this is getting scary!

Let's take a look at the PPSDS modules

The Pressure Point Self Defense System is a training methodology that will “hardwire” the Worlds best Pressure Point Training and the most lethal, brutal and combat tested techniques for you.

You will learn the exact steps that will kick in on auto-pilot as and when you need them, even if you have not trained or practiced in years.

No matter what your current age, size or skill level – you will be transformed with this system.

Each Module is filmed from multiple angles either in the Film Studio or down at the Gym to ensure that the learning process is as fast as we can possibly make it.

Module: Goto Techniques

These tried and tested techniques are absolute "need to know" for everyone. Russell shows you multiple ways to deal with each scenario over several DVDs of pure magic.

Module: How Balance Works

To take your techniques to the next level, it is imperative that you learn how and why the body is balanced from a fighting perspective. Plus learn some great new techniques here.

Module: How Techniques Work

Once you understand this Module, you can ramp up the effectiveness of EVERY other Module. Talk about a Module that you will be coming back to every few days.

Module: Double Your Power

Imagine being able to hit like a Mule on Steroids! That is the kind of crazy power that you will have from this module. PLUS... You will learn some truly frightening fight stopping techniques.

Module: The Top 10 Attacks

We go through the top 10 attacks you are likely to face on the street. We show you the recommended way to deal with those attacks. This is serious stuff.

Module: Vicious Takedowns

If you are going to perform a takedown in a street fight, it might as well be vicious. These will finish the fight immediately. They will go down faster than a fat kid on a see saw.

Module: Limb Destruction

If a limb has a weapon attached to it, then you may have to destroy it. Learn the best and easiest methods in this module.

Module: Locks and Bars

Talk about pain inducing, fight ending glory. These Locks and Bars take pain and breaking to new levels.

Module: Kill By Numbers

It is a sad fact that in very rare circumstances, your only option is to kill the attacker. Learn these methods and use only when there is no other alternative.

Module: Pressure Points Limbs

Each Limb contains Pressure Points that WILL aid in the application of your techniques. Learn the best spots and how to use them - Priceless!

Module: Pressure Points Torso

We have all seen Boxers drop from a good body shot. Imagine knowing several areas of the torso where this can achieved with ease. You can even make them lose control of their Bladder and Bowels.

Module: Pressure Points Head and Neck

This is where you can cause the greatest damage of all. Learn them carefully and train with absolute caution. Trule deadly material.

Module: Pressure Point Knockouts

There is nothing safer in a Self Defense situation than an unconscious opponent! Learn many ways to knock em straight out!

Module: Training Drills

Learn the BEST drills available to absorb this information at hyper-speed. these are the EXACT drills I teach my personal Mentoring Clients.

Module: Fight Off The Ground

If it does happen that you are on the floor, then you need to know how to fight and get back up - quickly. This module shows you exactly, the easiest and best ways.

Module: Weapon Defense

It is a sad fact that weapons can and will be used. Learn the quickest, simplest and most effective methods to deal with them.

That is an incredible 18 Modules of brand new, bang up to date TV quality material.

Bonus modules

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BONUS Module: Fitness Training

Fitness is a lifestyle choice. I choose to stay fit. Follow along with my standard routine that keeps me in top shape for any given situation.

BONUS Module: Post Training Chat

Have a listen in as Russell and his top protege have a chat about training and what the Protoge has learnt in an incredibly short period of time.

The Pressure Point Self Defense System is the most effective, brutal and easy to learn system you will ever find.

Advance copies of the PPSDS were sent out to my main PPDT Instructors in various Police Forces and Military Units around the Globe.

I wanted their opinion on the usefulness of this system for the “guy on the street”.

I wanted to know if they were as confident as me, that this could be learnt as quickly as I thought…. could they learn it and teach it for example?

The response I got confirmed everything I knew.

To a man they ALL responded a resounding YES. It can be learnt quickly, it is the most effective system they have seen, they could teach it quickly, it will work in ALL the scenarios they have ever faced….. BUT… They can’t use it.

It is just TOO Brutal and TOO powerful.

They all said that they have seen nothing that even compares to the information in the PPSDS and that for civilians it is quite simply the best system we have ever seen. 

I have viewed the PPSDS several times over the last couple of weeks... there are so many hours of training, it took me that long. WOW.... it is incredible. It is literally too brutal and destructive for our Police Force - but for the civilian - it is everything they could ever need.... But I did not say that mate!
Name Witheld for Security Reasons
Police Trainer
You have surpassed yourself on this one mate. The video quality is as good as a TV production for a start. As for the content...It is literally WAY beyond anything I have ever seen... and I have all your stuff. Obviously there is some overlap in a few modules, but it seems completely new because of the way you teach... OUTSTANDING.
Name later
Police Trainer
We are already using your incredible PPDT System within our Force. This new PPSDS is simply the best we have ever seen. All of our guys are stunned by how good it is. No, how GREAT it is. Unfortunately, due to the killing techniques and the limb destruction modules, the top brass will not sanction all of the PPSDS. I have already told my Officers, if you need to use PPSDS, then use it.
Name Witheld for Security Reasons
Police Trainer
All of our top trainers sat around to watch the first few modules together, so we could critique etc. It was not long before we were all up and training the techniques. I can't begin to explain the fun we had in training the PPSDS. It is now the ONLY way we train, but we just tell the powers that be that we use the PPDT! Little do they know. Russell, seriously, from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU my friend. This will save lives!
Name later
Police Trainer

This is not for the PC brigade

If you fall into the category of the easily offended or you don’t believe in the use of force to stop an attacker in their tracks, then this is not for you and you should leave right now.

If you think it can never be right to break the limb of your attacker, knock them out cold, choke them to unconsciousness or even kill them should the circumstances dictate, then again, this is not for you.

The criteria at the top of my list when it comes to self defense, is that YOU get home safe and sound.

If that means your attacker spends 6 Months in traction – then so be it. If they had not attacked you – then they would have gone home safe too.

The information you will learn from the PPSDS will take your Self Defense skills to levels never before thought possible.


Optimised for ANY device

Will play on all cell phones: Android and those Apple ones as well. You MAY need to download to another device and copy them over for some strange unknown reason with some phones (like Apples – even though they are in Apple format!)

Will play on all Tablets: Android and those Apple ones as well. You MAY need to download to another device and copy them over for some strange unknown reason with some Tablets (like Apples – even though they are in Apple format!)

Download to any PC / Apple machine laptop or full computer and they will play automatically no problem.

Download this version to your main computer, save to a USB Stick and plug in to the back of your large screen TV – Tested up to 95 Inch display and is perfect Broadcast quality.

Add the hard copies of each DVD to your order with FREE International shipping.

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Choose your PPSDS Product

PPSDS Bronze

Digital Download
$ 97
4 Incredible Digital DVDs
  • Module: How Balance Works
  • Module: How Techniques Work
  • Module: Double Your Power
  • Module: Top 10 Attacks


Digital Download
$ 397
18 Incredible Digital DVDs
  • As Silver PLUS
  • Module: Kill By Numbers
  • Module: Pressure Points Limbs
  • Module: Pressure Points Torso
  • Module: Pressure Points Head and Neck
  • Module: Pressure Point Knockouts
  • Module: Locks and Bars
  • Module: Fight Off The Ground

PPSDS Silver

Digital Download
$ 197
9 Incredible Digital DVDs
  • As Bronze PLUS
  • Module: Vicious Takedowns
  • Module: Limb Destruction
  • Module: BJJ Self Defense