Power Or Not?

Power comes in many forms.

People often say that “knowledge is Power”.. should it be “the application of knowledge is power”?

That certainly is the case when it comes to developing true power in your Martial Arts.

Have you ever wondered about those stories of the ancient masters being able to perform feats of extraordinary power?

Hitting power that was truly remarkable?

Think it was a load of old stories, myths and make believe?

Almost certainly MOST of it was just that… myth and make believe.

I have seen proof of the de-bunking of so many of the “old war stories”!

In fact myself and colleagues have even been a part of the ”Myth-Busting” from time to time.

What is TRUE however is that MOST Martial Artists are not able to generate anywhere near the power that they should be generating for their size and strength.

Generating true stopping power is about delivering the MAXIMUM IMPACT over the shortest distance in the quickest time.

In simple terms.. HIT HARD, FAST AND FIRST

Most Martial Artists believe they hit very hard (of course some do).. BUT.. They could hit MUCH Harder!

It is bred into us from within our own organisations ” our system is the best” ”nothing beats (insert trad system here)”.

It is not the fault of our Instructors at the time, they were ”brain-washed”.

But at times like these, with all the information available today, it is THE time for us all to progress in our Martial Arts.

Never has it been easier to get the information required to grow.

One of our specialties is teaching people to generate true stopping power in their strikes.

This has been achieved countless times all over the World.

Even more times simply via DVD learning.

And now simply by our online training courses.

It is a small part of a large process, but an extremely important part.

Have a look at some previous posts, there are some video clips for you that show how to generate more impact.

Hope you enjoy them.


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