Perseverance Is The Key

Quitting is never an option!

That is one of the maxims by which I live.

To persevere and keep going when other people quit is a true sign that you have the mental capacity to do what others will not.

This needs to be put into context of course.

There is no point in skydiving without a parachute!

As long as what you are doing is honest and true then keep going.

I have used this approach throughout my studies of the Martial Arts. If I KNOW that what I am being taught is the right way, then I will never stop till I have absorbed that information and ensured that I now fully understand that which I am being shown.

Take a moment to think back to your first few days in the Martial Arts, of all your fellow White Belts.

How many were still training when you got your Black Belt? Not many I assume?

Then think back to all the Black Belts that you have known over the years… How many of them are still training? Again, not many I assume?

You as a long term practitioner of the Martial Arts should congratulate yourself for this level of perseverance.

If you are thinking of quitting – DON’T!

Search for ways to improve your abilities, stretch your capabilities, make yourself a better Martial Artist.

If the Martial Arts truly is a lifetime of study, then KEEP studying.

DO NOT merely repeat what you did last week, last year, the last x no of years.

Look for ways to improve upon everything you have done in the past.

I will be 50 soon and still spar 2-3 times a week with Professional Boxers. I still push myself to be able to keep up with Fighters half my age or even less.

It is this kind of perseverance ( I am a bit stubborn I think ) that is required in order to keep growing. I still want to be able to do more rounds than these Pro Fighters, still want to be able to go at a pace that they can’t keep up with. I want them to say ”Lets take a rest” … never me!

I still want to improve my skills, get better footwork, body and head movement, better offense, better defense… every aspect of my training can be and will be improved upon.

I hope that this is what you too are doing in your training? Striving to improve as much as possible – in the most EFFICIENT manner possible!

It’s not only how I train – It’s also how I teach!

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  1. Your message goes here (Thank you for them words. I am 65 dont work out much thinkong that im to old. But with them words you said that your Bout to be 50 makes me want to begin again.

  2. There is a spiritual resonance in your teaching that I build upon, INTENTION. You continue to inspire me, and your practical comments above sound like my Krav teacher Moshe Katz, also of tremendous work ethic. God willing, I will be blessed working with you this spring in Las Vegas. Shalom. Bob

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