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The true underground, behind the scenes training,
that will make you an unstoppable force.

Let’s take the first step together and help you on your journey.
We are here every step of the way.

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One Step Ahead

Why We Are The Best

It really is this simple. We are the best because we provide the Worlds leading Pressure Point Fighting lessons, all in Ultra Hi Definition.

All lessons are with Russell Stutely and are uniquely designed to give you the best information in the most effective way possible. Nothing has been left to chance.

365 Days a Year

Our online training never closes

Your learning environment is open 24/7 365 days a year. It is designed specifically to be a true distraction free learning experience.

Your Instructor

Meet Russell Stutely

Russell Stutely

World Leader - Pressure Point Fighting
OCFM International Coach

A true pioneer in the correct application of Pressure Points for Martial Arts, Sports Combat and more importantly for Self Defense.

Through his online courses, Digital DVDs,Seminars and personal Mentoring he has empowered thousands of Martial Artists and Self Defense enthusiasts, worldwide.

A lifelong Martial Artist with an infectious passion for correct teachings and technique, he still trains at an arduous pace in his mid 50’s.

His systems are required learning at over 100 Police Academies and hundreds of Security Companies with over 20,000 Officers being certified each year.

three steps to success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Follow our 3 steps to success and you can’t go wrong!


Follow the lessons exactly as shown

Don’t try and skip ahead, follow the order shown for the best results


train them correctly and take advice

Make sure you take on board our suggestions and help from your Mentors


prove your ability

Show us that you have taken on board the techniques and principles shown

What People Say About Us

Platinum Clients

Features & Benefits of platinum membership

Power At Your Fingertips

Everything is available the moment you sign up.

Laser sharp focused lessons

To The Point

Hundreds of lessons in dozens of topics all in Hi Definition Multi-Camera angles. Every type of lesson you could ever need.

always open

24/7 Online Gym

The door is always open to your Online Gym. There is never an excuse to miss a lesson when we are open 24/7.

Member to member connections

Find a Training Partner

You can connect with fellow Members around the World and swap ideas and methods. Plus search for a Training Partner close to your location.

get certified

Be an OCFM Coach

As a Platinum Member you have the chance to become a fully certified and authorised OCFM Coach and be listed as such on our website.

3 for 1

Enrol TWO Partners

As the main account holder you can allocate TWO Memberships to friends / training partners so they can work alongside you.

free seminars

Free Physical Training

As a Platinum Member you can train for FREE at my own Seminars / Courses and Training Camps!


It is immediate access, even at 4 AM.

Once you are signed up and logged in, it can be done as quickly as entering their name and email address. Click send and our system will auto send them their login details. So you can do this within moments of signing up.

That is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. Everyone learns at their own pace. You are under no time constraints when it comes to this Program. Obviously the more work you put in, then the quicker you can complete. Most people take about a year to 18 Months. Our quickest ever was 6 Months.

No. The choice is entirely yours. Most people, in fact, do not want to be registered. They take the Program purely for their own desire to increase their skills.

No. A few of our Founder Members are in their 70’s.

Fantastic – well done. From my experience over the last 25 years around the World and having vast experience of other systems, I can guarantee that you will get enormous benefits from the Platinum Program. In fact, many of our Graduates and Members came from other systems in order to make Pressure Points work properly.

You will have the most to learn from this Program. If you truly want to be a high level in knowledge and skills rather than time served, then this is for you.

Having no grade in Martial Arts, could well be a blessing in disguise. You will have no pre-configured faults to correct. We have whole sections dedicated to self defense and everything we teach MUST work in a real fight. So, YES, this will definitely work for you.

No. The price is ridiculously low as it is.

Now is the time to begin your journey to Martial arts excellence

Let's confirm your Bonuses:

Add 2 Training Partners

Once you have joined, you can now add up to TWO Training partners to your account. They will have access to everything within the Platinum Program.
Some people have split the cost between them!

Free Seminars and Courses

As the Primary Account holder, you will also receive FREE Access to any of my own Seminars, Courses and Training Camps.
This is a LIFETIME FREE Pass!

The Archives

This bonus alone is worth far more than the full cost of the Platinum Program. You will receive FULL and IMMEDIATE Access to 140 Full length training DVD's for online viewing on ANY device.
Think of this like a "Netflix" of my training DVDs.

The PPDT System

You will also receive FREE and IMMEDIATE Access to my all new Pressure Point Defensive Tactics (PPDT) System at the International level.
Which means you can also qualify as a PPDT International Instructor!

Save $5000 Today

The price of the Platinum Program is on Special Offer with a $5000.00 discount for the next few days only.
This is limited to the first 5 purchases or the end of the Month, whichever comes first.

Only $1995.00

Platinum Program

One Payment - Lifetime Access
$ 1995
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • 222 Full Hi-Definition Online Lessons
  • 29 Training modules
  • The best online instruction ever
  • Elite Members Area
  • Direct access to myself and my team
  • Enrol up to 2 Training Partners
  • $5000 Discount - Applied automatically
  • Free lifetime access to all my Seminars and courses
  • The Archives - 140 Full length online DVDS
  • The All new PPDT International system
The Ultimate