OCFM Training Camp 2016 – Report

This training camp took place in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

As such, it was a long way for everyone to travel and train… and for those that came, you have my eternal gratitude.

It is an honour and a privilige, that you would take this time and effort, just to come and train with me.

It was a great week, with great people.

We started the week as ”strangers” to each other and ended the week as a group of friends.

Everyone had a different background and different experiences, different goals, diifferent achievements.

But we had the following in common:

  • Desire To Help Each Other
  • Desire To Learn
  • Ability to leave the ego at the door
  • and much more

I was so pleased with the way everyone just got stuck in and trained.

No-one was trying to prove a point. Everyone was there to get as much out of the week as possible.

At this point I must say a BIG THANK YOU to Ian Quayle.

Ian was the youngest of the group and as such was the ”Volunteer” for many painful parts of the learning experience.

He was ALWAYS THE FIRST TO STEP UP – And never complained once. He is a TRUE Gent.

I can’t thank you guys enough for coming over: Ian, Craig, Carl, Tony, Eddie and Leigh.

In between sessions we had various chats about all kinds of subjects.

We put the World to rights several times. We even got Tony to say that word by the end of the week 🙂

It was incredibly Hot all week, over 40C and almost 100% Humidity – NO-ONE Complained once!

It was hard work at times, gruelling at others, dangerous on occassion.

And EVERYONE trained with enthusiasm, dedication and due care and attention for their training partner.

There were a couple of bruises throughout the week, but no injuries.

We also managed to have a couple of nights out and let the guys witness Khmer New Year Celebrations – crazy nights!

Again a BIG thank you to all you guys… you were great.

I loved every minute of that week.

Here is what some of the guys thought:




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  1. In God’s timing I will again have the high blessing of training with you. Look forward to it!



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