OCFM International Coaches

This is a great day for me.

Following years and years of intensive training and development two great friends and training partners have completed everything required for OCFM International Coach Status:

  • John Andrews
  • Steve Kelly

These two guys are the epitome of a true Martial Artist.

Only OCFM Coaches and Coaches in training know what a fantastic achievement this is.

As we move forward with OCFM in the UK – John and Steve are the ‘goto’ guys.

Steve for the ‘Striking’ and John for the ‘Grappling’ – that does actually make sense to us lot 🙂

The OCFM Website will be updated shortly with the new details.

I just want to say publically that John and Steve are two of the best MA’s I have ever had the privilige to meet and train with – It is EVEN MORE of a privilige to be able to call them great friends.

Thank you – to you both 🙂

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