No.1 Problem Martial Artists Face?

I can’t remember how…

…but some time last week, I had a thought about the biggest problem Martial Artists face.

For some people – this may well describe you.

Or, it may not…

So what’s the number one problem people face when trying to further their Martial Arts knowledge?

Well imagine that you’re standing on one side of a river. And imagine that your aim is to get to the other side…the other shore.

(The shore you’re on now is where you are now – the ‘other shore’ (US) is making Martial Arts experts by the dozen).

What to do?

Well, you’re offered all sorts of different ways of getting to the other side of the river (OTHERS).

One guy offers you a catapult – to ‘catapult’ yourself over to the other shore.

Another guy offers you a special water-safe pogo stick.

But, none of these really suitable. They are ‘OK’. But they aren’t going to give you the consistent results that you want.

So what’s the best way of crossing to the other shore?


You build a bridge!

The bridge is solid, dependable and dead easy-to-use…ONCE it’s built.

But you do have to put some effort into building your own bridge first of all.

OK…let me spell it out.

The catapults and pogo sticks are ‘trick techniques’ and ‘shiny objects’ that you can buy that promise to help (OTHERS PROMISE THIS).

They may have some value, but they aren’t 100% by any means. They certainly can’t guarantee a safe crossing to the other shore (i.e. becoming a true expert in your field).

And the bridge? (THAT’S What we provide)

The bridge is your own knowledge, built up over a period of time.

So what’s the number one problem people face?

In short, they try to catapult themselves to their goal – the other shore of learning some tricky techniques and a limited understanding – without building their own bridge first.

Instead, they believe one fancy technique or product will get them to one shore in one fell-swoop.


Most people see a ‘result’ (a trick technique) and want to immediately catapult themselves there…withOUT having first built their own bridge (i.e. without first having built up
sufficient knowledge/experience ‘in field’).

The results are haphazard at best.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t fancy using a pogo stick to get across a shark-infested river.

I’d rather wait a bit longer, and build my own sturdy bridge – based on solid knowledge of how and why techniques work. How the body works. How Pressure Points can be applied in real situations.

And the final benefit of building your own bridge?

Once it’s built, it’s built! You can use it as much or as often as you like.

No more ground work. You’ve ‘built’ your own knowledge base that can last a lifetime, and be used on demand.


Question for this glorious Monday morning…

Are YOU trying to ‘catapult’ yourself to the other shore, without building a firm foundation first?

Most people are.

And most people end up drowning.

The beauty of the way I teach is that I ”force” you to build your own bridge.

I provide you with the raw materials, the building plans, the foundations and the experience of a work crew around that you that will never let you down.

I meticulously check your work, every step of the way, and advise EXACTLY what you should do next.

I do this till you have built the best and strongest bridge you could possibly build.

Then, over time I help you to maintain that bridge and fortify it still further.

Whilst giving you all the tools to help others build their own bridge too.

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8 Responses

  1. Hi Russel, Your style of training is by far the best bar none. I have been practicing your two courses for about six months and Iam very satisfied.You are totaly correct about building the foundation before anything else. Thank You Bob

    1. Hi Russell, I have been reviewing your tapes repeatedly since March of 2014 and love them. I practice twice a week for 2 hours with two other ukis. We practice both the basics and the K.O.’s every class. I agree the basics are the key. I am not very computer savvy but I persevere anyway. Thank you for the courses and thank you for the constant follow-up calls from Mark and you.
      Jon in N.H.

  2. I know what you mean. I find that in dojos training is limited. The way I find that making that bridge is very difficult. I have founded my way by a life of dedication.

  3. russ is the man, the one to go when you want to upgrade your skills, his knowledge is so extensive that he can make difficult subjects really easy for everyone (me included, that is to say!)
    I am proud to call him a master and a friend

  4. Guro Russell,
    What you are trying to teach in your metaphor may be lost on many people. This is due to there lack of understanding about martial arts and how they came about. The reality is not any one martial art is the best it really gets down to the practitioner and their proficiency. Without a foundation no one will be any good they will nothing more then a collection of techniques. I see this with many MMA fighters today, and the great ones started with a solid foundation and then built upon it, as you said a bridge to the other side. A good example what you are talking about in Ronda Rousey, a great judoka before see became an MMA fighter or Junior Del Santos who was skilled boxer and Jujitsu fighter , they both bridged the gaps as far as fighters went. Good blog post. Thanks, Mataw Guro Marc Lawrence

  5. Russell,
    I have a good friend who is a Professor of Business. He is going to speak to an association of martial art instructors about the business of running their small business this week. I used to be his boss when he was working with start-ups as well as teaching, so I am well aware of his abilities. He asked me to speak as well at the function, but I had a schedule conflict. I did pass him this article, and told him as long as he quoted you as the author in anything he uses from it, you won’t come to his office at his university and give him a personal demonstration in pressure points. He is not and has no interest in martial arts, but was he greatly impressed with what you have written. So much so, he will start his hour long talk with this article. He also said these same principles apply to any business endeavor. This is high praise from someone who has worked in both the world of Business and taught at the university level. I’m sure personalizing his speech with references to things directly related to their field of business along with best practices from the academic world will hold their attention. And you may acquire some new followers!
    Again, excellent post. It also goes to show you know a lot more than the art of where and the technique to effectively strike an opponent. You also effective in getting your message to students etc.


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