Craig Burman – OCFM Coach

It is with the greatest of pleasure that today I can announce we have yet another member of the OCFM Family, Craig Burman.

Craig was at our recent OCFM Training Camp and there was able to ”top up” his skills and achieve full OCFM Coach status.

A man with a long Martial Arts career and varied background, he never rests on his laurels.

Always wanting to be better today than he was yesterday – a true OCFM virtue!

Please take the time to wish Craig well below.

WELL DONE Mate… you deserve it.

You can see our list of Coaches that are happy to teach (many are not listed as they wish to just teach their own students) over here – Click here to see the list.

Russell Stutely

Russell Stutely

World Leader Pressure Point Fighting, National Boxing Coach - Cambodia.
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