My Kind Of Training

My kind of training is a phrase that I often use when I see people training the way I like to see training done.

It is also a phrase I use in my own training.

Let me explain further.

I have been VERY fortunate in my Martial Arts career to have had some amazing training partners over the years.

This has enabled to indulge in ”my kind of training”.

My training partners thought they were getting a great deal, with all the extra training we did. However, it was me that was getting the great deal…. I was the one able to train the way I wanted with willing and very capable training partners.

A great example of this was when I was training with the likes of Phil Raikes, Bart, Amit and John Andrews on a regular basis.

We were all able to up our game VERY quickly.

The simple reason was ”my kind of training”.

Everything we did was to increase our skills and abilities in all areas of fighting.

We trained HARD and SMART.

Our fitness and conditioning training was right up there with professional fighters. In fact, several came to train with us at that time…. and they struggled to keep up with our ”warm-ups”!

This is not to blow our own trumpet… far from it. It is just to highlight the fact that when you train HOW YOU WANT TO, then you can achieve so many things all at once.

  • You enjoy it more
  • You learn quicker
  • You can apply it better
  • You test yourself and your training partners
  • You build a camaraderie that is never forgotten
  • You learn so much about yourself and your character
  • You KNOW who you would want beside you in a bar-room brawl!

And all of this is achieved whilst having more fun then you ever thought possible.

It removes the ”shackles” of training ”how it is always done”!

So many times, people have come along to train with us and we hear the same old stories.

In 10/15/20 years or whatever of training they can hit at X Power.

After an hour or so with us, they hit at 2X or even 3X Power!

They then say… ”yes… but it is not (Insert any TMA here) and my Master/ Sensei would not like me taking this back to the Club”.

This used to get to me a little bit… but now, I just ignore it… each person is on their own path.

My own path is my kind of training.

I know that training in this way helps others to improve at a massive rate of knots as well.

Also, rather selfishly, it helps me to improve as well!

Recently, some of my training partners / students have been coached in ”just going for the finish”. It does not matter if that is stood up or on the ground.

It seems ridiculous to ignore / miss / give up on a possible finishing lock, just to go to position – because that is how you were taught.

It seems ridiculous to ignore / miss / give up on a possible finishing strike, just to back off…. because in training you try a little combination, back off and then the other guy has a go!

But this is what I see ALL THE TIME!

We recently watched some amateur MMA / Thai and Boxing fights.

It was SO APPARENT that the training methods used were of the School of ”THIS is the way it is done” and ”THIS is the position you MUST try to get to” etc etc etc.

You could literally predict almost everything that would happen next.

My training partners saw potential finishes, one after another, that all of the fighters and their Coaches were blind to.

This is not knocking them. This is knocking that old method of training regime. The one where the Coach / Instructor / Master / Sensei says THIS IS THE WAY WE DO THIS and this is the way it MUST be done.

There is no room for thought.

No room for using the most important area of your training – your BRAIN!

It was obvious that no-one had questioned the whys and hows of what they were training. They just blindly did what they had been told to do.

YES… we all need coaching.

YES…. we all need advising and helping at some stage.

However, we should ensure that we are free to use that information and experiment with it…. learn to apply it in all areas of our arsenal.

Hint… this is exactly what we do with Players to the Game!

Anyway, enough of my rambling now… more later!



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