Mindset For Pressure Point Training

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  1. Dear Russell,

    Your dedication is admirable and you are truly a disciple of the ancient Masters who spend a lifetime in pursuit of knowledge and till their dying day, they are still learning. learning never cease. If we stop learning, we stagnate and wither away.

    True secrets are only reveal to those who deserve to receive them.

    I understand and know where you are coming from. We share the same path in pursuit of knowledge. It is the journey that makes us what we are….. there is no final destination. Each is but a plateau to enable us to rest, evaluate and move to the next level etc.

    It is said that it is intelligence to learn from one’s mistake and we must indeed learn from our mistakes and short comings to improve. BUT IT IS PURE WISDOM TO LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES OF OTHERS and how they overcame their challenges.

    Om mane Padme Om.

    Matthias Chang

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