Mindset For Self Defense

Today was the last day of one full month of training for my latest Mentoring Client, Joe Landry.

It would take a 90 DVD Set to explain what we covered in the last 30 days – but I want to share some things with you from this mornings session.

I had mentioned several times during the Month that we should try out the ”warm-up” circuit that I always used to do. Having not done this for a few Months myself (been training a different way) I knew it was going to be Hell… Joe could only assume what it would be like.

Those that have trained with me on a regular basis before… will know exactly how much fun my warm up circuits are.

Many a professional fighter / PTI / MA Expert have left well before the end to find a convenient puking place.

With all the above in mind… and the 40C Heat and 100% Humidity I thought it wise not to do the full circuit.

We managed nearly half the circuit before deciding that discretion was the better part of valor on this occasion… The gym is not mine and it is extremely well appointed… having 2 puking lumps running across the mats … well… it ain’t that nice for the other people training.

Followed by several hours of movement drills for striking, takedowns, evasion, defense, offense etc it proved a very worthwhile day.

We also discussed the ”mindset for self defense”.

I have always said it is this simple.

  • If your mind is wrong and your body is not able…. then your chances of success are very much decreased.
  • If your mind is right and your body is able… then your chances of success are very much increased.

This circuit is one of those indicators.

The circuit is HORRENDOUS. It takes you into the deepest waters. It pushes you to your limit.
Then… just when you think it is over… it ain’t! There is MUCH more to do!

It is this kind of training that helps get your mindset right… think of it this way.

If you train hard like this… you KNOW many things….

  • The street thug ain’t putting his body through this kind of torture
  • The street thug ain’t pushing himself to the absolute limit on a regular basis
  • The street thug simply ain’t training like you do.

Every fighter knows they have that edge once they have endured tough mind blowing, body crumbling training in the gym.

Once you know you do FAR MORE than your opponent (street or ring / cage) you have that mental edge over them.

Will it guarantee success? Of course not – but it will give you a huge helping hand.

This is just ONE SMALL PART of the mindset needed… but an integral one nonetheless.

Other aspects include developing:

  • The fu#$% you attitude
  • The who the f$%^do you think you are wanting to attack me attitude
  • The I will f#$%^you up BIG TIME for this attitude
  • The get the f#$% off me I don’t want you anywhere f#$%ing near me attitude

If you train solo – these can even be done on the Heavy Bag… or even in shadows.

You can take an isolated incident / position etc and utilise those above attributes to help escape / counter and / or attack back.

All the above mixed in with CORRECT Fight training methods will give you the added confidence to KNOW that you are able to react and fight back with full intent, venom, ferocity and power.

Nothing is 100% – there is always a better fighter somewhere… but this will help you to be the better one on that day, at that time, against that opponent!

Suddenly and violently going from a calm, relaxed and well mannered individual to a psychotic fighting machine in the blink of an eye – is what is required for self defense once it becomes physical.

Only the correct mindset will enable you to do that.

It is easy to say it, easy to think you can do it…. but you HAVE TO KNOW.

The only way to know without going on the street looking for a fight… is to train it in the correct manner.

You don’t need to do it for the whole training session of course.

When learning something new, you need to be the normal calm relaxed guy… but SOMETIMES you need to be the Psycho… even in training.

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  1. This is a short post, the first I got, since only recently being introduced to you and your training. “Mindset for Self Defense” is, in my opinion, the best start I could get to your training. There are many lessons in the article. Thank you.

  2. Russell,
    Your short lectures are as great as your videos! Everytime I tune in to one of your lessons I get a great lift and it keeps my self defense mind working. I agree with the others. I wish I could get out there and train wit you in person! Thank you!

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