Mentoring Success

I am so pleased to announce that Joe Landry has just completed his Mentoring Program with me.

Joe has just endured one full Month of training with me here in Cambodia and lived to tell the tale!

Joe has been Certified with the following:

  • Pressure Point Defensive Tactics (PPDT) International Instructor
  • OCFM Full Coach Status

We will soon list Joe on the site etc.

I encourage people to get training with Joe at their earliest opportunity. Not only is he a great Coach – he is also a great Guy… a true OCFM kinda guy!

Here is a little chat with myself and Joe… yesterday at my place:

3 thoughts on “Mentoring Success”

  1. Congratulations Joe. Hard work and dedication pays off in the end. Welcome to the group of OCFM & PPDT Instructors. We are all here to help others. Any help I can give just let me know. Now relax and party!! Then its back to training 🙂

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