Pressure Point Combat - 12 DVD Set. Hard Copy

Pressure Point Combat - 12 DVD Set. Hard Copy
Pressure Point Combat

Take charge of your safety and be prepared for any situation.

Order my 12-DVD set now and gain the knowledge and skills you need to defend yourself with confidence.

This comprehensive self-defense DVD Set is packed with expert instruction and hands-on training information.


Gain The Edge In Any Self-Defense Situation
With My Pressure Point Combat - Fighting Technique

Learn Pressure Point Combat

With Me, Russell Stutely, Your Martial Arts and Self Defense Mentor

It really is this simple.

I do not teach anything that does not work.

As a National Boxing Coach and someone who still spars regularly in Boxing, I can smell BS a mile away.

As a Coach it is my job to make sure that you are as efficient as possible in all aspects of your Art, whether that be for sports combat or more importantly, for self defense.

I have to ensure that when you attack, you are as defended and as safe as you possibly can be.

I have to ensure that when you defend, you are defended as well as you can be and at the same time are ready to initiate an attack.

This is achieved by an in-depth analysis of Body Mechanics, Body Dynamics, Body Physics, Balance, Distancing, Timing and many other aspects of the fight.

This enables a deep understanding of technique and the hows and whys of its workings.

Once this is understood and able to be applied, we can then add in the knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (ONLY as it relates to fighting) and various other aspects to increase the effectiveness of techniques.

It is up to the individual, in that moment of time when needed, to understand what can and can’t be achieved. To understand what has the highest percentage chance of success.

For example – you probably would not attempt a spinning hook kick on icy ground!

Common sense plays a huge part in your self defense and sports combat.

My systems are used by over 100 Police Academies worldwide and over 20,000 Security Officers per year.

Add in the 1000’s of Martial Artists and this is some number.

This is no accident.

It is because my systems work and they work FAST!


A great coach is a rare and valuable asset, as they possess a unique combination of knowledge, experience, and leadership skills.

First and foremost, a great coach must have a deep understanding of combat sports and self defense and its various techniques, styles, and strategies.

This includes knowledge of punches, footwork, defense, counterattacks, and combinations, as well as the ability to analyze an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a game plan accordingly, either prior to and/or during the fight.

In addition to technical knowledge, a great coach must also have a keen understanding of ringcraft / personal space, or the art of positioning oneself and one’s opponent within the ring/ area to maximize one’s chances of success.

This includes concepts such as balance, timing, movement, and distance control, as well as the ability to adapt to different fighting styles and conditions.

Great coaches are also able to effectively communicate their knowledge and strategies to their students and help them to develop the mental and physical toughness needed to succeed either in combat sports or for self defense.

This requires not only a strong rapport with one’s students, but also the ability to motivate and inspire them to push themselves to their limits.

Finally, it is worth noting that great coaches are difficult to find, as they require a combination of natural talent, years of experience, and a deep dedication to the sport/art.

This is especially true in the world of combat sports / self defense, where the demands on coaches are high and the competition is fierce.

Such coaches are rare and highly valued, and their contributions to combat sports and self defense cannot be overstated.

This is exactly the type of coaching you will receive from me.

Are You Looking To Take Your Martial Arts Training
To The Next Level?

Discover the power of pressure point fighting techniques and learn how to defend yourself like a pro.

My comprehensive DVD Set covers everything from the science behind pressure points to real-world application, giving you the knowledge and skills you need to defend yourself in any situation.

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel knowing you can defend yourself effectively in any situation.

My DVD Set is designed to teach you the most effective pressure point targets and techniques, giving you the upper hand in any self-defense scenario.

My students have seen dramatic improvements in their self-defense skills after just a few short hours of training this information.

Each lesson is taught by myself and I will guide you through the intricacies of pressure point fighting and provide virtual hands-on training.

You’ll learn the science behind pressure point attacks and how to apply them in real-world self-defense situations.

My Pressure Point Combat DVD Set will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to defend yourself with ease.

The Set is designed for both beginners and experienced martial artists, and it will provide you with the tools you need to take your martial arts training to the next level.

Unleash The Power Of Pressure Point Fighting:
Master The Art With My 12-DVD Set

If you want to become an expert in pressure point fighting, there are a few things you need to know.

First, pressure points are areas on the body that are particularly sensitive to pain and are an addition to the technique that you are applying.

When struck or pressed, they can cause a person to feel immense pain, lose consciousness, suffer a broken limb or even in extreme circumstances, they can be lethal.

Second, pressure point fighting is not about brute force; it’s about utilising the points within your techniques.

To do that, you must have a thorough understanding of how and why techniques work.

This is what I am recognised for in my teaching and explaining – and is exactly what you will receive on my DVD Set.

You will understand how the body works from a Combative perspective and how best to utilise the techniques shown and of course to massively improve your existing techniques too!

Finally, pressure point fighting is not just for self-defense; it can also be used as an offensive tool.

By targeting your opponent’s pressure points, you can disable them quickly and efficiently or even inflict serious injury if required – just be aware of the laws regarding self defense in your area.

I make no excuse for the fact that this is a learned skill – it does not take years to learn – if you utilise my methods, exactly as shown, then you can learn this in hours.

The more efficiently you train my methods, the better equipped you’ll be to defend yourself – and go on the offensive – should the need ever arise.

I explain everything in clear, concise and easy to understand English terminology.

Yes, I do know all the fancy jargon and science and to a very high level, but you do not need that to learn techniques and application.

I give you that information and you can learn that in your own time, the important part of training is being able to use the techniques NOW – Not in several years time!

That is what I absolutely specialise in being able to do – making you much more proficient in the shortest possible timeframe!

Discover The Ultimate Self Defense System:
Pressure Point Combat

When it comes to self defense, it really is very simple.

You need to ask yourself a couple of questions about your current training methods, and answer them honestly.

Q1. Are you confident in your current level of ability?
Q2. Are you confident that you know what technique/s to employ for any given situation?
Q3. Do you hit hard enough to K.O. an attacker with one strike?
Q4. If you answered yes to all the above – Would you bet your life on being right?

Those are horrible questions to be asked – I know!

If you hesitated for even a moment in answering them, then you need the information on my DVD Set Pressure Point Combat.

How You Will Learn

My method of teaching is quite simple.

I explain EXACTLY how and why each aspect works in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. At the same time, demonstrating the technique, slowly and deliberately to enhance the learning process.

There are many “subtleties” to techniques, that are frequently overlooked, but not with my methods. I have devoted a whole DVD Section to those, so that you can take them on board and start applying them instantly.

These alone, will massively increase the effectiveness of all of your existing techniques – and that is before we add in the Pressure Points themselves!

This step-by-step, follow along method has been proven to work for thousands of Martial Artists and self defense enthusiasts, just like you, all over the World.

This method of teaching and learning can be thought of as layered learning.

This means that once you understand and apply one of my principles, you can easily and effectively apply more and more to everything that you do.

Every single time you watch a lesson / technique, you will notice more and learn more and take your knowledge and skills to new levels, in record time!

What Is On The Pressure Point Combat 12 DVD Set?

Remember: Everything is based on my “Layers of Learning” principle. This means that each and every thing you learn on each and every DVD, should be added in again at the very beginning and added to everything taught thus far.

This simple, yet revolutionary method, accelerates your learning process, your ability to absorb information and apply it – and more importantly it rockets your skills to new levels, almost instantaneously!

PP Combat 12 DVD Set

The following Hard Copy DVD

DVD 1 Balance Points

Learn how the body is balanced from a Martial Arts / Self Defense perspective. This will transform every technique you know and every technique you will learn. You can literally send your opponent flying with ease.

DVD 2 Need To Know

When it comes to self defense, there is some critical information, that is simply, need to know. This must be at the back of your mind when executing any techniques in real world application.

DVD 3 Players To The Game

These are the constituent parts that make each and every technique work more efficiently. Once you can add 3 or 4 Players to your techniques, you will multiply the effectiveness tremendously. We have not met anyone who can withstand 5 Players.

DVD 4 Distance, Angulation and Timing

When it comes to self defense and executing a technique, it is imperative that you fully understand, the best position to be in, in relation to your opponent. Where you can hit and not be hit. Where movement for you is fast and easy, yet difficult and slow for your opponent.

DVD 5 Body Alarm Reaction (BAR)

Whenever you are faced with a real world situation, there is this factor called adrenaline, nerves and the fight or flight syndrome. Understanding the "shock" of a violent encounter and how to switch that around to put it into your opponent is huge. Study this well!

DVD 6 Goto Techniques

These are tried and trusted and heavily "field-tested" techniques that have been used and indeed are being used 24/7 by my customers, security officers and law enforcement officers all over the World. You can be almost certain that one of these techniques is being used whilst you are reading this!

DVD 7 Pressure Points Limbs

I take you on a guided tour of the best and most painful Pressure Points of the Limbs. You will be amazed at how often these will be available in your techniques. There is one on the leg that makes grown men cry with the slightest of taps!

DVD 8 Pressure Points Torso

I take you on a guided tour of the best and most painful Pressure Points of the Torso. These can be incredibly debilitating. There is one that makes the bad guy end up in a puddle of his own urine and excrement on the floor, writhing in agony! Train it safely - please!

DVD 9 Pressure Points Head and Neck

I take you on a guided tour of the best and most painful Pressure Points of the Head and Neck. These Points can be extremely dangerous and indeed lethal. I also teach you how to K.O your opponent with these points - with ease!

DVD 10 Non Operational Techniques

These are the most effective and instant fight finishing techniques that I teach to Law Enforcement and Security. You will learn how to end the fight - INSTANTLY!

DVD 11 Kill By Numbers

As the name suggests, these techniques are lethal. They are shown so that you understand just how effective and dangerous Pressure Point Combat can be. DO NOT USE excessive force when training these techniques.

DVD 12 Hit Like a Mule

Now that you have all the above in place, now is the time to learn how to hit incredibly hard and fast My striking methods you will DOUBLE or EVEN TREBLE your impact. Then go back and add this movement into every technique - you have just become a living weapon!

Plus The Following Digital DVD Download Bonuses


BONUS 1 Training Sessions Set Up

Learn how I structure training sessions as a Coach. You can apply these exact same principles when learning the various techniques and information the Pressure Point Combat DVD Set. This will help you understand HOW to accelerate the learning process even faster!


BONUS 2 My Training Session

You can watch or follow along to one of my own training sessions. This will give you an idea of how I train, in order to ensure that I am fight ready at all times. Do this 3 times a week alongside your own learning above and your fitness, conditioning and confidence will reach new heights!


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