Old Mans Revenge Hard Copy and Digital Download

Old Mans Revenge Hard Copy and Digital Download
Old Mans Revenge Hard Copy and Digital


Infuse Your Old Man Style With A Deadly Touch - Pressure Points That Pack A Punch!

Ready To Become An Unstoppable Force In Combat?

Order Now And Unravel The Secrets Of Pressure Points Mastery!

Meet Your Instructor On This DVD Set - Russell Stutely

Prepare to be led by an esteemed authority in the world of self-defense and martial arts: Russell Stutely. With an illustrious career spanning decades and an influence that resonates globally, Russell Stutely is the driving force behind the transformative techniques and principles found in this DVD set.As we get older, we must get sneakier – this is a reality that we all have to face.

A Legacy Of Expertise:
Russell’s journey through the martial arts landscape commenced early, setting him on a trajectory that culminated in extraordinary expertise. A 7th-degree black belt in karate, his dedication to his craft propelled him to attain profound proficiency across various disciplines, including pressure point fighting, advanced striking techniques, and the intricacies of self-defense.

A World Leader In Pressure Point Fighting:
Russell Stutely stands as a pinnacle in the realm of pressure point fighting, a reputation well-earned through years of tireless dedication. As a world leader, his mastery of pressure point techniques has led him to instruct military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and martial artists around the world. His profound understanding of leveraging the human body’s vulnerabilities for self-defense has solidified his status as an unequivocal authority in this domain.

A Catalyst For Cambodian Boxing:
Russell’s influence isn’t confined to pressure points; he’s also a key figure in the realm of boxing. Serving as the National Boxing Coach for Cambodia, his guidance and expertise have steered Cambodian boxing to new heights. His commitment to enhancing the nation’s boxing prowess underscores his dedication to elevating martial arts in all its forms.

A Conduit Of Pressure Point Defensive Tactics:
Russell’s reach extends internationally as an instructor in Pressure Point Defensive Tactics. His expertise in these tactics enriches practitioners’ understanding of self-defense, equipping them with the tools to navigate even the most challenging scenarios.

A Maestro Of Cop Tactics:
Russell Stutely’s mastery isn’t limited to the martial arts community; it’s embraced by law enforcement agencies as well. His standing as a Master Instructor in Cop Tactics showcases his commitment to empowering those who dedicate themselves to safeguarding their communities.

An Honored Legacy In Martial Arts:
Russell’s credentials are punctuated by accolades, including recognition in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as the Instructor of the Year in 2000. His profound contributions have been celebrated with induction into the Combat Hall of Fame in 2001, solidifying his lasting impact on the martial arts landscape.

A Tapestry Of Expertise:
Russell Stutely’s tapestry of expertise is woven with remarkable accomplishments, including ranks of 7th Dan in Karate Jutsu, 6th Dan in Shotokan Karate, 4th Dan in Ryukyu Kempo Karate, 3rd Dan in Torite Jutsu, and 2nd Dan in Ju Jitsu. These ranks reflect not just his proficiency, but his dedication to honing his craft across diverse disciplines.

As you step into this self-defense journey under the guidance of Russell Stutely, you’re embracing the tutelage of a true luminary.

His influence spans continents, disciplines, and expertise.

You’re not just learning techniques; you’re imbibing principles that empower.

Prepare to absorb the essence of mastery from an instructor whose legacy is etched in every technique and principle presented in this DVD set.

Ignite the latent power within and rekindle your sense of security through the revolutionary journey offered by our groundbreaking 8 DVD collection, “Old Man’s Revenge”!

Fatigued by the perpetual vulnerability in today’s capricious world?

Longing to reshape the narrative and confront those youthful brutes who erroneously deem themselves invincible?

The moment has arrived to unveil the depths of resilience inherent in a seasoned individual! In the pages that follow, we embark on an expedition into the realm of self-defense tailored for mature gentlemen.

Together, we shall unravel the mystique surrounding karate, the art of pressure point manipulation, and the finesse of boxing techniques.

Prepare to metamorphose your grasp, turning it into an instrument of excruciating persuasion, while concurrently embracing the ability to administer knockout blows that will crumple even the most formidable opponent.

So, without further ado, let’s plunge into this captivating odyssey over a steaming cup of tea or coffee, forging a path brimming with revelation and empowerment!

A Comprehensive 8 DVD Set: A Cornucopia Of Pressure Point Wisdom For The Discerning Gentleman

Welcome to the realm where age is an asset, and experience an unrivaled advantage! 

Our meticulously crafted 8 DVD anthology is meticulously designed to empower mature gentlemen with a repertoire of potent pressure point methodologies. 

We empathize with the evolving nature of the human body as the years amass, recognizing that the strength and agility of yesteryears may not persist. 

Yet, worry not! 

Armed with astute knowledge and strategic training, you shall defy limitations as never before.

Within this all-encompassing assemblage, you shall be schooled by none other than the illustrious Russell Stutely, a venerated luminary in the field of pressure point combat. 

Under his sagacious tutelage, the panorama of striking acquires a new dimension, centered around precision and calibrated accuracy. 

You’ll be initiated into the art of discerning and targeting specific junctures on your adversary’s body—a symphony of calculated impact that defies the conventional paradigm. These methodologies empower you to optimize force while conserving energy, a paradigm particularly suited for seasoned individuals who wield sagacity as their greatest asset in self-defense.

But the trove of wisdom does not culminate here! 

These DVDs unravel the art of executing immobilizing locks, engineered to elicit excruciating discomfort while accommodating the physical nuances of a mature practitioner. 

The discourse extends to the domain of joint manipulation techniques, a repertoire that swiftly nullifies the most robust of assailants.

And what of rendering adversaries inert? 

Within these DVDs, you shall uncover time-tested strategies for dispensing knockout blows with the elegance of a maestro, unburdened by the constraints of age or physical disposition. 

Envision a reality where a solitary, impeccably executed strike propels any adversary into oblivion.

Therefore, should you be resolute in reclaiming dominion over your personal safety and resurrecting confidence in every scenario, our 8 DVD treasure trove becomes an indispensable arsenal. 

Prepare to unleash your dormant warrior essence, sowing apprehension among youthful aggressors who stand on the precipice of underestimating the magnitude of an old man’s vendetta.

The art of self-defense isn’t circumscribed by age; it burgeons through experience.

Empowering Self-Defense Strategies Tailored For The Mature Gentleman

As the years gracefully bestow their wisdom upon us, our physical agility and strength might undergo a subtle transformation. 

Yet, within this evolution lies the potential to harness self-defense techniques that are not only effective but tailored to the nuances of the mature physique. 

In the realm where personal security is paramount, a cloak of age should never be mistaken for vulnerability.

Stepping into the arena of self defense, pressure point fighting emerges as a beacon of reverence for its unwavering dedication to precision and technique. 

A symphony of strikes, blocks, and movements choreographed in harmony with the body’s innate strengths, pressure point fighting lays a solid groundwork for the art of self-defense—especially when sculpted to fit the contours of the mature practitioner.

Within this tapestry of defense, the principles that Russell imbues into pressure point fighting emerges as an invaluable gem in the arsenal. 

The essence lies in pinpointing specific junctures on an assailant’s body, rendering them powerless with calculated precision. This finesse, contrary to relying solely on brute force, levels the field against adversaries who boast youth and brawn.

Yet, let us not dismiss the realm of boxing, under the auspicious tutelage of Russell Stutely—a realm where speed, footwork, and potent blows coalesce to unleash formidable force upon an opponent. Age might have ushered in changes, but mastering the craft of proper punching technique transcends these shifts, facilitating impact and precision that belie the passage of time.

Within this transformative discourse, it would be remiss not to invoke the name of Russell Stutely—a luminary reigning over the domain of pressure point fighting. In the treasure trove of an 8 DVD set, his expertise metamorphoses into your mentor, a guide into the intricacies of pressure point combat. 

Through these meticulously curated lessons, the mature gentleman is bestowed with wisdom that promises to amplify his self-defense prowess manifold.

Let it be known, age is never an adversary in the realm of self-preservation. With unyielding dedication and steadfast practice of these time-honored self-defense methodologies—karate, pressure point fighting, and boxing—every seasoned gentleman possesses the potential to elegantly subvert the script, emerging triumphant against any would-be aggressor.

Reclaim Your Empowerment: Turning The Tide Against Young Adversaries

Have you ever been seized by a sense of vulnerability? 

Perhaps you’ve walked down a dimly lit street, your wary glances casting furtive shadows, as the specter of potential threats loomed. It’s an unfortunate reality in our world, where uncertainty takes residence around every corner.

But envision this: an avenue to reverse the dynamic, to transform the equation when confronted with the audacity of young aggressors who aim to intimidate or inflict harm. 

Yes, it’s true – armed with the right knowledge and honed skills, even the seasoned gentleman can metamorphose into a formidable defender.

Contained within this compendium of knowledge, an 8 DVD collection emerges, an arsenal tailored exclusively for the mature practitioner. No longer shall you feel the grip of helplessness or impotence against those who harbor malicious intent. These DVDs unveil a realm where you can amass skills, equipping yourself to retaliate with the impact and precision that truly counts.

Guiding you through this transformative journey is Russell Stutely, an eminent luminary in the realm of pressure point fighting and self-defense. With a masterful stroke, he dissects each technique, expounding upon its intricate facets. In these tutorials, your strikes assume an elevated potency, capable of rendering an adversary as pliable as a crumpled garment.

Yet, the wealth of wisdom doesn’t end there. These DVDs serve as an academy for not just impactful strikes, but also the meticulous application of locks, a symphony of agony and immobilization executed with the finesse of a seasoned maestro. Envision the prowess of subduing an aggressor, devoid of relying solely on physical strength or agility, a testament to strategy over sheer might.

And let us not disregard the quintessence of self-defense – the art of incapacitating an assailant with expedient efficacy. These DVDs unfurl the realm of delivering knockout blows with precision, granting you the potency to nullify threats quickly and unerringly.

Thus, permit not age to stand as a barricade between you and personal safety. Reclaim the mantle of protection, learning from the titan of pressure point fighting and self-defense. 

With this compendium of enlightenment, turning the tide against youthful aggressors transcends the realm of aspiration, nestling firmly within the grasp of any mature gentleman yearning for efficacious means of safeguarding his well-being.

Knowledge is the cornerstone of empowerment, and in this instance, it’s the might to safeguard your existence.

Unlock Your Self-Defense Potential: Embrace Wisdom From The Pinnacle, Russell Stutely

Are you a distinguished gentleman navigating the passage of time, seeking to fortify your self-defense acumen? 

The quest concludes here, as we present the quintessential solution – the tutelage of the paragon himself, Russell Stutely! 

Armed with unparalleled expertise in pressure point combat and a reservoir of experience spanning karate, boxing, and beyond, Russell Stutely assumes the role of the consummate mentor for those aspiring to defy the audacity of youthful aggressors.

Within the confines of Russell’s DVD set, a comprehensive education unfurls, encapsulating the entirety of self-defense essentials. From wielding strikes imbued with unparalleled impact and precision to seamlessly administering excruciating locks, this program stands as a testament to unbounded proficiency. 

A hallmark that beckons your attention is the art of rendering your opponents inert with ease, where your blows orchestrate their collapse akin to a cheaply tailored ensemble.

What sets Russell Stutely in a league of his own is his capability to disseminate techniques meticulously tailored for the elder statesmen. He comprehends their unique challenges, crafting each maneuver to harness their physical prowess while artfully mitigating any inherent vulnerabilities.

Procrastination finds no foothold here. Seize dominion over your personal security today by enrolling under the aegis of the industry’s zenith. 

Invest in the edification proffered by Russell Stutely’s 8 DVD compendium, a bespoke trove of pressure point revelations curated with discernment for the mature gentleman. Equip yourself to confront any adversary with unwavering confidence, deftly neutralizing the spectrum of threats that dare to cross your path.

Precise Strikes: Forging An Unyielding Advantage

In the realm of self-defense, a pivotal facet that can tip the scales lies in the ability to orchestrate strikes infused with unparalleled impact and precision. For the mature gentlemen, this prowess stands as an instrumental asset, especially given the potential limitations in raw physical strength.

Immerse yourself in the wisdom imparted by the 8 DVD compilation, a veritable trove of pressure point enlightenment designed for the elder practitioner. Within its immersive content, an array of techniques awaits, poised to empower you to wield strikes that resonate with devastating accuracy.

By directing your efforts toward specific pressure points on your adversary’s form, you engineer a cascade of incapacitation, availing windows of escape or counteraction.

Enter Russell Stutely, a virtuoso in the realm of pressure point combat, a name that reverberates with authority. With his guidance, these DVDs unveil an assortment of striking techniques that weave together efficacy and efficiency in harmonious synergy.

As you master these techniques, envision the transformation – you emerge as the orchestrator, the virtuoso, seamlessly channeling the essence of self-defense. 

Dismiss the notion that age could quell your capacity for defense. Seize the opportunity latent within this expansive DVD set and unfurl a tapestry of impactful strikes. 

Emanate an aura of intimidation that dissuades potential attackers, a testament that age merely embellishes your potential for forceful resilience.


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