McGregor The Quitter

Having watched the Mayweather – McGregor fight a couple of times now plus watching some clips on youtube that detailed what was going on in the corners between rounds, there are a few VERY important observations that need to be made.

McGregor is a quitter!

A bold statement to be made about a Double UFC Champion – but hear me out.

He is a fighter that is supposed to be trained to go 5×5 min rounds in the UFC.

Which, according to everyone, is far more exhausting and demanding than any Boxing fight.

How then. could this ”supreme athlete” be gassed after 3 pretty slow paced rounds of boxing… and then fully gassed after 7?

Then, in his own words ” was too fatigued” to fight?

It is called quitting – quitting in training and quitting when the chips are down in a real fight.

Look back st the first fight with Diaz…. he was ”fatigued” and nearly knocked out with strikes… at that point ”he quit” by going for a lacklustre takedown and got himself choked, where he could tap.

Now, back to the event with Mayweather…

McGregors body language after round 3 was that of someone who was ”tired” and close to quitting… and it got worse as the fight progressed.

His corner did him no favours by continually saying ”easy work” and ”well done”.

Floyds corner on the other hand, were telling him EXACTLY what was actually going on ”he is tired”… ”take him any time you want now”…. ”he is done” … etc etc.

Floyd was pressing the action from 4 onwards – making McGregor fight at a pace he could not withstand – this was the same guy that was going to plant his foot in the centre of the ring – and dominate Floyd and make Floyd gas and knock him out… anyone remember that?

Floyd has always been recognised as a ferociously conditioned fighter – so many top fighters and coaches have said that nobody trains as hard.

He pushes himself to the limits and beyond in training – he works at a pace (when he wants to) that is above and beyond what others can do, or are prepared to do.

A Boxing fight is aerobic with sudden and violent bursts of anearobic activity… have a look at MOST UFC and Boxing fights – and FAR TOO OFTEN, you will see BOTH FIGHTERS almost agreeing to a certain ”pace” to the fight.

This was the undoing of McGregor – as Floyd did not ”agree” – he took the pace to McGregors anearobic threshold and above.

So, how does this relate to quitting?

Well, it means that McGregor has quit in training too many times.

He has not pushed himself hard enough into that anearobic threshold.

I like this analogy that I stole from my mate Peter Consterdine… Imagine a 400m runner. The first 300-320m are run aerobially – and the last 80-100 are totally ANEAROBIC.

During that last part of the race they are producing Carbon Dioxide – their body is breaking down… but they still sprint to the end.

A real fight is that last 80-100m.

You HAVE to get used to being able to sprint that last 80-100m.

There are countless drills to replicate this for fighting – and the VAST majority of people (inc fighters) QUIT before or during these drills.

People like Floyd DO NOT. They never quit.

McGregors training routine must have been lacking this intensity – and probably always has, if the first fight with Diaz is any indication.

When you are a professional fighter and especially an elite level professional fighter, there is NO EXCUSE for quitting in training – or a fight. I do not mean tapping out etc… that is different.

It is YOUR JOB, YOUR PROFESSION – You must be in the best shape of your life, for each and every fight. NOT aesthetically (as most try to be) but both AEROBICALLY AND ANEAROBICALLY.

A superb example of this was the great Fedor – looked like a bag of the old proverbial aesthetically – but boy was he in shape for fighting.

To summarise:

McGregor must have quit in training.

McGregor quit in the fight.

It reminds me a little of the old story about bullies – they do fine when they are on top and winning – but when they get hit back… taken into the trenches…. they QUIT.

There is now a ”blueprint” for beating McGregor – if any fighters actually take note of what REALLY happened against Mayweather.

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  1. Russ, do you think there may have been more happening here, like in essence taking a “dive” for money for a clearly disgusting performance?

    I did not get to see the fight, but it must have been miserable thing to watch! If your comments are spot on, then you witnessed the pitiful end of his legacy to the sport….and to perhaps even his character, itself. Sad.


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