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Laser Focused Pressure Point Targeting

The ultimate guide to the secret weak areas of the body

Discover the TRUE SECRETS of Pressure Points with the worlds leading coach – Russell Stutely

Pressure Point Fighting

I have been teaching this subject for over 25 years around the World.

The reason for this is quite simple, I have a passion for the Martial Arts and for Self Defense and I want to ensure that everyone has access to the very best information at all times.

If you are anything like me, then you want to be the best that you can possibly be.

That may not mean being a Sports Fighter of course, that is for the young, fit, conditioned athletes, that are willing to dedicate their lives to a short, painful, but hopefully lucrative career.

I have trained extensively with Elite level Boxers and Martial Artists and therefore, I am fully aware of the sporting aspects of the Martial Arts.

I have trained and worked with Military, Law Enforcement and Security Officers in several Countries on 3 Continents.

I tell you this, not to blow my own trumpet, but to let you know and fully understand, that my methodology and background is that of – This must work when the proverbial hits the fan.

I have zero time for wishy washy nonsense.

My systems are required learning at nearly 100 Police Academies, with over 20,000 Security Officers Certified Annually – this is no accident.

It is because what I teach works and works damned fast.

Everything MUST follow my simple rules:

  • Easy To Learn
  • Easy To Apply
  • Easy To Teach

If you truly want to take your knowledge, skills and expertise to new heights and become a TRUE Pressure Point Targeting Self Defense whizz, then you are at the right place.

I have worked with Professional Fighters to increase their speed, timing, distancing, punching power and much more.

I have hundreds of rounds with Professional Boxers at the highest levels under my belt.

I have had broken ribs, my jaw broke, teeth smashed out and still carried on fighting.

I have worked Security in many Countries and have first hand experience of real World violence.

I know how the Criminal scumbags attack and how they pick their victims.

I tell you this, not to blow my own trumpet, but to let you know for sure, that you are indeed in the right hands when it comes to getting the right information about defending yourself and your loved ones.

The CORRECT USE of Pressure Points within a fight is THE BEST way to massively increase your chances of success.

This CAN be done in just a few short hours of learning my material.

Utilising Pressure Points in this manner will guarantee a massive increase in your ability.

My Pressure Point Courses, DVDs and Seminars have proven this for the best part of the last 20 years.

It really is this simple, If I do not teach it, then you do not need it.

There should be zero hocus pocus when it comes to learning how and why Pressure Points work.

I show you EXACTLY how to use them in the MOST effective way possible.

I have taught people, with zero prior experience, to be able to utilise my information in just a few hours. Police Officers, Security Officers and Joe / Jane Public have done this time and time again.

It does not matter what your current ability level is, I GUARANTEE that I can and will massively increase your skills and ability to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Your coach

My name is Russell Stutely and I have been helping people just like you for over 20 Years, to massively increase their skills – virtually overnight!
My systems are required learning at over 100 Police Academies around the Globe with over 20,000 Security Officers per being trained.
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  • World Leader – Pressure Point Fighting
  • National Boxing Coach – Cambodia
  • PP Defensive Tactics – International Instructor
  • OCFM International Coach
  • Cop Tactics – Master Instructor
  • 6th Dan Karate Jutsu
  • Multiple Dan Grades in Various Arts
  • World Combat Hall Of Fame – Inductee of the Year
  • World Martial Arts Hall Of Fame – Instructor Of The Year
  • Over 25 Years Security Experience on 3 Continents and many Countries
  • Helped 1000’s of people, just like you, to achieve their goals

what people are saying

everything just works

I was fortunate enough to meet Russell nearly 20 years ago as a Young Fighter.

What Russell taught me has helped me to have long career (at 40 I still fight MMA) work Security and be extremely confident in my Self Defense capabilities.

If Russell teaches it – then you can be sure it just works. In fact EVERYTHING JUST WORKS if it is Russell teaching it.

Mike Zawadski - Film Director and MMA Fighter

proper self defense

I trained with Russell in Cambodia a few years for a whole week at one of his famous Training Camps.

After years in the Martial Arts and the Self Defense Industry myself I know what works and what does not.

Russell is at the top of the game – it is PROPER Self Defense. Train with the man and learn more than you ever thought possible.

Craig Burman - Self Defense Instructor

different on the street

As you can see from the Photo, I fought the former World Champ, Anthony Joshua. As a former student of Russell (who first taught me to Box) and someone who has sparred HUNDREDS of rounds with him – let me tell you this.

If it was a street fight and I was using what Russell has taught me – Joshua would not have stood a chance.

If Russell tells you it can be done – it can be done.

Paul Butlin - Former Area Heavyweight Champion

Pressure Point Targets - The Limbs

No-one expects their limbs to be attacked in a self defense situation.

Almost everyone leaves them vulnerable or does not mind making them vulnerable in order to protect the head and neck.

Now.. imagine what it is like to KNOW that you can drop them like a bag of potatoes with one simple strike.

Here is a small sample of what you will learn from this Digital DVD Download

Pressure Point Targets - The Torso

Everyone expects to be attacked to the head in a fight.
We all know that right? BUT NO-ONE expects to be attacked to the body.
When you are armed with this information you will be amazed at what you can to anyone – and super fast as well.

Here is a small sample of what you will learn from this Digital DVD Download

The truth of the matter is that this information is CRUCIAL to your self defense skills and the protection of you and your loved ones.

Remember this: Most Self Defense situations DO NOT include the use of a fire-arm.

That old story of “I will just shoot them” does not wash. You are deluding yourself and putting your own life and /or that of your loved ones in danger.

Today, you are going to receive a wealth of information that could well be instrumental in saving your life and that of your loved ones.

Let’s face it, if you are not there to protect them, they become easy prey for the vulture like scum that are out there, waiting to pounce on the weak and ill-protected.

It’s practically impossible to put a price on that knowledge and the protection of your loved ones isn’t it?

Due to the years of travelling the World learning, over 20 years of security in various Countries, the incredible value of this material and the time and effort of putting it together for you, I was originally going to have to sell this for $97 to cover my costs.

But if you act today, then you can get all of this material at a deep, deep incredible discount.

It is patently obvious that I am super serious about how much this information will help your self defense skills.

I can promise you this…. there is nothing out there that matches this information.

And today I want to make an incredible addition to the sweetest of savings I am going to give you.


My optional super offer announcement

You are going to be amazed at this special opportunity I have put together for you.

Whilst it is critically important to understand the Pressure Points on the Limbs and Torso – especially as they are so damned effective and painful.

In a Self Defense situation you also need to know how to finish the fight in an instant – one strike and done.

That’s why I have put this special deal together for action takers.


Pressure Point Knockouts

Just imagine the feeling of power that you will have, knowing that you can drop anyone quicker than a fat kid on a see-saw.

Nothing stops a fight quicker than rendering your opponent unconscious – plain and simple.

Here is a small sample of what you will learn from this Digital DVD Download

This is serious need to know information and can be yours for just $97.00   $64.00 right now.

I consider this a real no-brainer when you consider the level of safety that will be in place for you and your loved ones, once you have absorbed this information…. but it is your choice if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity or not… either way, do not worry, because….

Now, I know that you will be keen to get started on this information as soon as possible.

That is why it will all be available for you IMMEDIATELY after purchase.

We have put together a “Secret Area” for you where you can:

  1. Download them to your favourite device – They will play on ALL devices

Either way – we have you covered.

PLUS – If you lose your downloads, switch devices or your laptop blows up… NO PROBLEM, simply log back in to your “Secret Area” and download again as many times as you like!

Please choose one of the options below

Now just go ahead and choose your package below and you will be started in just a few mouse clicks, right after payments.

And remember you will have unlimited access at all times from any device, anywhere in the World.

The Limbs

The torso

The super offer

Pressure Point Targets - Limbs

The grip destroyer

The arm strike body drop

police unit special

the point to remember

the leg dropper

complete arm destruction

the destructive leg turnover

Pressure Point Targets - Torso

The lung collapser

The chest destroyer

The tickle spot drop

The arm weakener

The bladder and bowel release

The kidney blowout

The striking bonus

Pressure Point Knockouts

secret sleeper targets

drop anyone, any size knockout point

the most dangerous point in existance

point clusters to guarantee a K.O.

The ONLY safe way to practice


REMEMBER: Your downloads are available IMMEDIATELY after purchase from your “Secret Area”.

You have unlimited ACCESS 24/7 and can watch on ANY device.

Single Digital Download.

  • PP Limbs

Single Digital Download.

  • PP Torso

THREE Digital Downloads.

  • PP Limbs
  • PP Torso
  • PP Knockouts

Remember: This material will be available IMMEDIATELY after purchase from your “Secret Area”

These are ONE-TIME ONLY payments.

There are NO RECURRING PAYMENTS of any kind.

You will have UNLIMITED Access to your Downloads 24/7.

Let me remind you once again, exactly what you get in this “Super Offer” we put together for you.

You will receive 3 Full Digital Download DVDs with a combined Value of over $230.00 for just a measly 64 Bucks!

This makes buying the offer not much more than an IQ test.

The super Offer

You will receive:

  • Pressure Point Targeting – The Limbs (Value $67.00)
  • Pressure Point Targeting – The Torso (Value $67.00)
  • Pressure Point Knockouts (Value $97.00)

I want to pass on the Super Offer and just want to purchase one download only.

Pressure Point Targeting - The Limbs

This is DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Only and is a ONE-TIME Only payment. There are NO recurring payments or extra charges.

Plus you will receive for FREE the option to view online 24/7

Pressure Point Targeting - The Torso

This is DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Only and is a ONE-TIME Only payment. There are NO recurring payments or extra charges.

Plus you will receive for FREE the option to view online 24/7

No thanks Russell – I will pass on this incredible deal. I understand that it will NEVER be offered to me again and that I will be losing about $180 by not taking this deal. I promise not to complain about it afterwards and try and get it for this discounted price. Take me away from this incredible deal <<< Click this link

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