They Just Don’t Get It

It often amazes me how so many people fail to understand what seems so completely obvious.

Even top ranked Martial Artists have said /written some of these things.

Anyway, my thoughts below:

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6 Responses

  1. Hello Russell, my Aikido has improved a lot since studying with you. I have integrated many of your technique enhancers to great Effect. I have also conducted many self defence seminars… Bar, pressure points and power generation have been well received –
    thanks 🙂

  2. I know what you mean many people are shown a technique and think they can perform the technique. That is bad you have got to break down the technique and practice in section buy section. This is the responsibility of the seninge. So I am in total agreement with you. Yours Sifu Brian Rushby.

  3. I wish I could win the lotto… I would spend the vast majority on it learning the Russell Stutley Open Circle Fighting Method!!!
    Everything you mention (in all different media-modes) makes sense.
    I have a very young (new) Fam’ – as soon as I can I will be buying your PP resources – thanks Russell

  4. I totally agree with you Russell, there are things that you must know ahead of time. Of course your opponent is not going to stand still while you apply a pressure point. You must create the opening while you are sparring. You must dance around and EARN the opening. Once you see the opening SLAM.

  5. Good Rant(oops, I mean instruction)! I am studying other street fighting and combat ideas or systems while I am being wowed by your teach make a difference when I need it because of injuries I suffered in the Air Force or just being a stubborn idiot. To me it seems obvious-layers of skills!

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