I need your help!

Over the last few months I have been watching and studying several clips of Steven Seagal teaching various UFC Fighters some tips and tricks to help with their sport.

Now, I will not get into an argument as so many seem to do about Seagal… he CLEARLY knows his stuff and is prepared to stand up and be counted.

I respect him immensely as a Martial Artist.

I have a great fondness for Aikido, as I have been fortunate enough to meet with and train with some AMAZING Aikido stylists, who use their skills / have used their skills week in and week out for many years on doors all over the World.

Anyway, back to my studies of Seagal and his teachings.

Obviously I can only go by what I have seen and heard on the clips. I do not know what was shown off camera or talked about off camera. So, Seagal could well have been giving out more and better information.

If he has not, then there is a TON of more information that these guys could take on board, especially Machida. Machida has the potential to be the BEST EVER at utilising PP’s and players correctly in a fight.

No matter what the result in a few weeks against Jones… I rate Machida’s skills as up there with the very best now…. but he could achieve so much more.

The speed with which he can take an idea from Seagal and then incoprorate it, is stunning. He absorbs the information so quickly it is frightening.

Anyway, here is my request from you.

I am prepared to offer my services to elite fighters absolutely free of charge as long as they agree to a few simple rules.

Be prepared to take on board new information that will help ENORMOUSLY and IMMEDIATELY

Ignore all the BS talk out there about PP’s. They are a SMALL part of what I can offer.

That’s it… that is the offer.

If you know any elite Fighters, or know someone who does or even a friend of a friend of a colleague… then get in touch with them and lets get this going.

I will be in the UK from December 20th to January 9th. That is a perfect time to hook up and obtain this information.

Back to Machida for one moment.

I think that with 2 weeks of training with me … He would be the best at applied PP Fighting that the World has ever seen. I think it would improve his fight game by 20-30% in two weeks.

I know that is a massively bold statement but I really believe it to be true.

At his elite level, just a 1-2% increase is BIG… Just imagine a 20-30% increase? That is ENORMOUS and has far reaching consequences.

Anyway, thats enough for now. Please get in touch if you can help.

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