How To Hit Like A Mule

In this clip you will see a FULL instructional on the Waveform Elbow.

This not only teaches you how to do this devastating technique, but by taking those same principles, you can apply them to EACH AND EVERY technique you do.

Notice that I gradually increase the power for the sake of my training partner and stop when they have had enough.

Once you have this principle down… and have made it your own.. then the power generated will easily be double of that which you could generate previously.

REMEMBER: This is an instructional technique for you.

When done in motion the power is even greater (as long as you keep to the principles shown).

I have not shown you ”how” to get into the right position etc… assuming that you should know that anyway.

The exact same technique can be done ”square on” by altering your own body angle to the opponent.

Have fun with this and train it well… it is a real game changer!

Many people have been asking me why I put such valuable information out on my Blog for free.

Well, it is quite simple really.

I want people to be able to massively improve their Martial Arts and Self Defense skills.

Have a quick think about this as well…. If you think this stuff is valuable… just imagine how good the information is on our Black Belt Course!

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